I made the news? Nah, only Lamebook….

Well tonight I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. As you know I am a bigkinky-3 proponent of our first amendment and the right of freedom of speech but something happened to me yesterday that was so hurtful that I don’t know how to feel about it at this moment.

I was the target of something called Lamebook. Lamebook generally takes stupid and silly things off of Facebook and harmlessly makes fun of them and for the most part no one really gets hurt. Until then I had never heard of this site and so when I got a message in my inbox with a link that said I was famous and made it to Lamebook I was curious to say the least.

When I got there I was horrified. They had things from my profile posted with my comment sections and full screenshots of my site there for everyone to see. The worst things of all were their comments. There were people there picking me and my site apart.

Somehow pictures like this in a photo album made me a target to be called either a whore or not hardcore enough, fuck people make up your minds!!

Somehow pictures like this in a photo album made me a target to be called either a whore or not hardcore enough, fuck people make up your minds!!

Well those of you that know me, also know that there’s not much that will bother me. I like to think I am pretty tough about most things, I mean I have lived through 3 brain surgeries, 7 weeks in the hospital almost dying 5 times, my son being struck by lightning and my husband leaving me for another woman after 20 years of marriage just 2 weeks before my birthday with all this happening in a period of less than 2 years! If I can make it through THAT, you would think that some stupid website would not be a problem, but for some reason it WAS a problem.

It hurt me and the things that they were saying and the problems they were causing were just more than I could take. People don’t understand that just because I swear and talk about sex doesn’t mean I am a robot with no feelings, this stuff hurts me just like anyone else. They said everything from I was a whore to a bad mother, but when they called my son spawn of a whore? Yeah, that was just too much. There was other stuff too that made my skin crawl, to the point I think I would have rather sat and read every OK magazine article about Robsten than read through those comments and you all pretty much KNOW how I feel about Robsten, but for some reason like a drug I kept going back to Lamebook for more, I couldn’t stop reading what they had to say about me.

I messaged the Admins of Lamebook to take the whole thing down, which they finally did but not before a lot of harm had been done to me causing great anguish over this whole thing. I feel physically ill when I go to my homepage and find yet another male friend request from someone wanting to “get to know me better” all because of the pictures and comments that

WOW...so kinky, smack my ass and take away my birthday, they called me a whore and bad mother because of this

WOW...so kinky, smack my ass and take away my birthday, they called me a whore and bad mother because of this

 were posted on Lamebook that were just a harmless joke between a few good friends.

Now those in the LB comment section feel that because my profile was open to the public, that it gives them the right to come in and be hurtful and malicious towards someone who has done nothing to them. I suppose on some level I was wrong thinking that my profile would never be found, but seriously who was ever going to look for it? No one in their right mind has a name like Sugar Lipps, the only reason I have it, is as a nickname of course and I let people know the name and how to find me so they don’t have to go through the trouble of doing a friend request to see my profile. THAT is why my profile was open, not to mention I wanted my notes to be open to the public in case someone might actually want to read anything I have to say. I didn’t know until last night that you had the option to have some things private and some things open, I just thought everything had to available in order for people to find you but still did not feel that anyone would ever visit my site just to purposely try and hurt me like this.

After one of my close friends heard of all of this and went in to the

OMG a sexy picture lock me up and throw away the key

OMG a sexy picture lock me up and throw away the key

comments and jumped to my defense seeing how upset I was, she had one commenter ask her to introduce me because I was obviously a slut and another decided because they had found me that they could judge me by not only my profile pic but now because they made the rest of my profile public for everyone to see I should be judged on EVERYTHING in my profile.

So here is where for the thousandth time I guess I can explain why I had the album and the comments in the first place. This started a while back when I started making some of my statuses that used the word FUCK in them *oh my* and some of the people who I had as “friends” seemed to have a problem with this. Instead of commenting and saying “hey this is wrong” or not funny or whatever, they were little pussies and wrote me nasty messages instead. Boy for “christians” they sure ripped into me, last time I checked forgiveness was the main principle of christianity…my bad for being wrong on that one.

One by one I kept deleting friends and until finally I did a big sweep and got rid of over 70 friends at once a few weeks ago but not before posting every semi-offensive thing I could think of. I guess this is where the free speech argument comes in. Some would say it is alright to post anything but I drew the line and in this case I just felt like it was my right to say what I wanted and post what I wanted as long as I was not being hurtful towards someone else. I never said anything about anyone in my statuses that could be construed as rude or nasty towards someone in my friends list or anyone else. The only person that could have possibly been offended but would never see it would have been Rob Pattinson and the things I posted were not even mean they were just, well how do I say it…sexually flattering.

The thing about me is if you push me, I will most definitely push back andkinky-35 every time you do I will push harder. I don’t like to be judged because no one here knows anything about me and until they walk in my shoes for even a second then they have no right to even speculate anything about me. Most of them couldn’t survive what I have and if I choose to have salacious photo albums and sexual talks with my friends just to push people’s buttons that is my right. We never hurt anyone and up until Lamebook, we were under the radar. I still feel sick by the whole thing and like I said for some reason this got to me in a way that nothing has in a long time.

Well, I went out into the kitchen last night and I was trying to keep my feelings to myself but my 19 year old son could definitely tell something was wrong. When he asked me what was up I burst into tears and told him what was going on. After he got extremely angry at the whole situation and said just as I had, that they had no right to go and slander my name even though I had a public profile and that I should take legal matters if need be, I told him I had already contacted the site admins to take it down but the damage has already been done and then some.

lips9His advice is the same advice I would give anyone, which is don’t change. Do the same things I have been doing. He said he was proud that I do what I do and I am not afraid to speak my mind and stand by what I think and feel. He also said that I shouldn’t let these closed minded people judge me and as for the comments about my children I should be proud that I raised open minded kids that can think for themselves and are not drones like most of American society, he said I know better than to think they are any of the horrible things that were being said. This of course made me cry once again and want to agree with him but why do I find myself changing and hiding my profile from everyone feeling ashamed of something I shouldn’t feel ashamed of?

The truth is that I feel less ashamed that people will see what I have on my profile than that people will see the comments that are on the Lamebook page. They are vicious and make me out to be something I am not. Since when is it a crime to have fun and joke with your friends, whether it is in a sexual manner or not? Since when is it a crime to post pictures of things that some people might find offensive, I did afterall warn people and I actually did that as JOKE as well. None of the pics in this album are anywhere close to being THAT offensive, trust me. I could name off plenty of sexual practices if need be that would raise an eyebrow or two…should we start with Bukkake? Yeah guys you’re right, I’m not hardcore but I still know what hardcore is.

I don’t personally think I should have to hide who I am but now I am forced to because I am being attacked by people who don’t even know me, that don’t give a crap about me and clearly get off on hurting people. I could see it if these were cute and silly little comments but when they say “her whole profile makes me sick and so does she”, and “she is a whore and her brain surgeries obviously didn’t work”, that’s just wrong. They said we were broadcasting our sexual fantasies all over the internet and other things, but it’s kind of funny that before Lamebook posted me no one seemed to notice how my friends and I would make fun of each other and talk dirty seeing who could out do the other with our lewd comments. No one ever visited my site and no men ever tried to friend request me wanting to get to know me better for sexual reasons.

The Lamebook commenters called us frigid and jealous although I am not quite sure who we were supposed to be jealous of. They went on saying wemarilyn-monroe-quote were trying to be sexy which did make me laugh because that is the FARTHEST thing from the truth but then talked about how I must perform horribly in the bedroom which really pissed me off because quite frankly how the fuck would they know and unless they are in line to FUCK me, which I have no intention of having sex with anyone any time soon because I am still married and going through a divorce (this WHORE doesn’t commit adultery), so why would it matter to them. One person said my photo album they posted on their site wasn’t hardcore enough the other said my whole profile was just too disturbing for words and called my friends and I bitches. One person said I was kinda hot so if they were being serious at all at least somebody was nice for a millisecond.

They said something about fake lesbians which is quite hysterical if you think about it. I don’t remember once saying that I wanted to go down on my friend, maybe kiss her but nothing more. So all men out there that have been or have wished they have been involved with a Ménage à trois, are every one of those women involved in them, lesbians because they kiss each other or do even more? Yeah, that’s what I thought, but you all sit and judge me and my comments which once again were more of a joke and fun time that we have in the middle of the night talking, say we claim to be something we never said we were. If I was a lesbian or anything else I wouldn’t fucking be afraid to say it but I never claimed to be at any time.

The whole reason for this note is to inform people out there that their space can be invaded JUST LIKE THAT. We are now all forced to hide ourselves away like timid little mice because some assholes that have nothing better to do than sit around and jack off while making fun of people and trying hurt them in the worst possible way ie: targeting their children for their own sick pleasure, whether it be just because they are heartless or they get off on it for some type of sick sexual gratification. I don’t know why they do this and really don’t care but all I do know is that it is wrong and people are getting hurt or at least some of us are.

One last thing: Someone basically referred to me as an attention seeking whore and if THAT was the case I would certainly have more than just a facebook page, but aside from that all that you achieved from the Lamebook post is to do exactly what you were accusing me of, giving me the attention that you all accused me of seeking that I actually never wanted in the first place.

* Words to live by ~ it is not what we say, but what we live; It is not what we do, but what we are.

Until you know me, know how I live or what I am all about, you have no right to judge me, you may think you know by looking at stupid pictures and stupid comments I post but you don’t know anything about me.

By the way the pic below is JUST for the Lamebook folks ~ thought you’d

 like this one {{HUGS}}

Peace, Love and Happiness to the people who actually matter to me ~ Nans

Well, in the last day I have gone from WHORE to nun just like that!! Nothing like a little repentance in the wee morning hours!  Time for confession I guess ~ Forgive me Father for I have sinned it has been 42 years since my last confession. I accuse myself of speaking my mind, posting offensive pictures on facebook, talking sexually with my friends and successfully seducing you 100's of times in the confessional booth and I ask for penance for these horrible sins.

Well, in the last day I have gone from WHORE to nun just like that!! Nothing like a little repentance in the wee morning hours! Time for confession I guess ~ Forgive me Father for I have sinned it has been 42 years since my last confession. I accuse myself of speaking my mind, posting offensive pictures on facebook, talking sexually with my friends and successfully seducing and banging you 100's of times in the confessional booth and I ask for penance for these horrible sins.



  1. hey, i absoloutely love these pics, screw everyone else who said horrible things to you, they probably watch hardcore porn on the internet and wank off to it, fucking hypocrites!! fucking asshole douchbags calling you horrible names, they don’t know you and they think they have the right to judge you. you keep doing what you’re doing and dont let them haters get in your way…..yasmeen…xxx


  2. very goooooooood


  3. سيكسي


  4. Very nice post!


  5. Thanks everyone for your nice comments!! I am not sure why this blog is getting so much traffic this week seeing as how this happened 2 years ago but I am glad people can read about what assholes those freaks at Lamebook are and what damage they can have on a persons psyche.


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    • I do plan on writing more very soon, I just have to take care of some personal issues notto mention get control over the spam and other stuff with my site, it is crazy :/


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