Another KStew Hate Blog?? Nope Just One About American Idol

Y’know for being such a hater, I could have used a really fugly picture but I didn’t. Think about that for a minute Robstens

Most of you that know me well, know that recently I have rarely written about anything other than my Nonsten beliefs and my hate for Kristen Stewart…isn’t that right Robstens??? At least that is what I get accused of left and right.  Of course it’s NOT true but I had to throw that in there just to be a bitch for any of my readers that hate me because they just know I am a Twinkie eating cat lady in love with Rob Pattinson that wishes death upon a poor, sweet, defenseless teenage girl, but seriously guys??.  Seeing as how I am not in a particularly “hateful” mood I thought I would write about something else that is a huge interest to me, American Idol.

Jennifer Hudson May not have won Idol but I think in the long run she was the real winner

I have pretty much been watching Idol since its inception way back in 2002.  Six years out of the eight preceding years I have either called the winner or runner-up from the first audition because let’s face it I am JUST THAT FUCKING GOOD.  My only two picks that didn’t come close, where Jennifer Hudson who of course went on to win an Oscar for her role in Dream Girls (can I call them or what??) and Chris Daughtry who has had a massive career over winner of season 5 Taylor Hicks who???

The most important year to me had to be season 7 when David Cook was competing.  David auditioned 1 week before my husband told me he was leaving me for another woman after we’d been together for 20 years.  I watched David all season long and met some of the most amazing women I will ever know by accidentally finding a chat room while I was looking up info on him when my daughter asked who he was.  David changed my life forever when my whole world felt like it was falling apart and I couldn’t go on. I had my Cook girls there to help me through it and I still have them and to this day we all love each other like we are sisters and would do anything for each other. Here’s David singing one of the two performances that have made me a fan for life 🙂

Although they don’t act like it on the show Simon and Ryan are reportedly close friends outside of work 🙂

So enter this season, like any other season I was excited to have something on TV to watch seeing as how everything else is basically just crap.  I watch auditions because well, who doesn’t they are hilarious for the most part and I can usually spot the winner and also the ones that will make it in the top 12.  I was close this year but don’t get me started.   I have noticed one thing this year.  First off I have to say that the judging is whacked .  The only two judges that make any sense are Simon who always does and Ellen (with her crazy little food analogies) who has no musical background at all except for the fact that she loves music and will get up and dance to anything anywhere (I adore her).  Randy is just a fucking idiot and if he boo’s when they mention Simons name as they are introducing the judges one more time I swear I am gonna hitchhike to LA and kick his fucking ass.  You don’t mess with my Brit boys damn it, I love em all. Kara and her over inflated ego of having some worthless background in music in Nashville has just gone way around the bend.  The only thing she has going for her is her wicked eye make up from week to week (it does make her look kinda hot though).

I am only going to talk about the contestants from this week on because to tell the truth with my memory problems from brain surgery, I couldn’t tell you much about any of them except that I really tried my hardest not to pay attention to a few of them that were in the top 12 that didn’t deserve to be, like I said don’t get me started.  Back to the current contestants.  My thoughts as of 4/21/10:

Crystal Bowersox bringing the world to tears (or at least me) with her rendition of People Get Ready  

Kara pointed out to all the cougars in the world just what a little hottie Casey James is. This was his most amazing performance to date.

I think you know that my favs for top two are (or maybe you don’t) more   than likely Crystal (to win it) and Lee (runner-up), that is how the talent lies and that is how it should be.  As far as Casey goes people discount him as just another pretty face but he does have the blues/southern rock thing going and to tell the truth I am not sure why they haven’t given him wireless mics yet so he move around the stage, since all they ever fucking bitch about is how he doesn’t what??? MOVE AROUND THE FUCKING STAGE!!!!  He tried to the other night for the first time so I give him a big fat  A+ for effort not to mention he looked really hot doing it.

Here’s Lee Dewyze, my pick for Idol runner-up singing the song that officially put him on the map in the competition ~ Treat her like a lady

Siobhan in her outfit, I can’t find one showing her shoes that makes her look like a futuristic wood nymph 😀

Siobhan I am on the fence about.  I really think her run could be up, she has an amazing and unique voice but at the same time she just screams and when she does she goes off-key so her signature thing that she loves to do, actually hurts her just like Simon said.  I have to say that her outfit the other night was sick, even if she did look like a futuristic wood nymph.  Then there is Aaron, MY GOD, that kid should have been gone a long time ago.  He is over rated and as a previous DJ and karaoke business owner “Aarons” come a dime a dozen.  They have pleasant voices and can hit a

Aaron might be a cute little 16 year old but he is not ready or talented enough for the life that winning this competition will bring

few of the notes but have huge areas where they are flat.  Aaron does a fairly good job at mimicking the songs he is trying to sing and that’s a big trick while singing Karaoke, so you know this is probably how he got a lot of his training but he just doesn’t sell it to me.  I would never buy an album from him in a million years. As for Tuesday night, he might have hit that big note at the end but the rest of the song was downright painful.

He may be a great guy but that’s just not enough anymore

Big Mike.  What can I say about Big Mike except, this isn’t the fucking Miss America pageant and we are not giving away the Miss Congeniality award, it is a singing competition and no matter how nice the guy is he has not been consistently good.  The reason America wanted him to go home a few weeks ago is because he blows and NOT in a good way.  Mike may be a big teddy bear and the sweetest person, but his singing is hit and miss at best these days and his run is over or at least it should be.  You know the guy has a great story.  His wife was 9 months pregnant and had a baby while he was waiting to find out if he made it into the top 24, talk about major ratings if they let this guy through (this is almost as good as PR’sten).  In his benefit, he is a good singer but he hasn’t been lately and that is why I am sick of America voting for him for whatever they are but it cannot be because he is delivering on the songs.  Case in point below:

Big Mike’s version of Hero.  The second song he tried to sing this season that David Cook season seven’s winner sang and knocked out of the park.  Why would someone try and compete with him? Although I have heard worse karaoking (that’s not a compliment by the way) I just don’t think he chose a good song or delivered it particularly well. Mike, I will say this one time…STOP FUCKING SING DAVID’S SONGS, YOU WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS HE WAS/IS, GOT IT??? GOOD.

David Cook with a little help from David Archuleta singing Hero, this is how it’s supposed to be done.  Cook had the right kind of voice and the talent to pull it off, whether Archie was there to help or not.

Cutie “Teflon Tim” Urban could have been a walking toothpaste ad, he was so sweet

Last but not least Tim.  Ah, Tim, Tim, Tim. I love Tim, not because he has been the best singer but he has got to have the best attitude than anyone on that show. Week after week he has been beat down by the judges and squashed like a bug and yet he kept smiling that gorgeous smile.  I always wondered when we were going to look up and see that little sparkly shine come off his teeth like you do in a tooth paste commercial he just always had that perfect smile.  How could you not love someone who has such a great outlook even though they just KNEW they are going home this week, and yet they never do go home?  Maybe because they have such a great smile and personality and it is genuine the people just love him too much to want to see him go or maybe that it is because he is Vote for the Worst’s candidate this year to try and sweep the competition.  Tim has a good voice, he really does.  He doesn’t seem to have as many pitch

Lee Dewyze, insanely talented and my pick to be in the top two

problems as some of the others did and in the last few weeks he had consistently been getting better (finally).  I wish the other night he had chosen something just a little more inspirational considering he had been a  missionary and obviously as a strong Christian you would think he would have chosen any number of different songs.  One of those songs would have also given him that extra emotional connection that he tends to lack.  Had he made a different choice there is a possibility he would still been here with us next week but who knows.  The voting audience is so fickle not to mention fucked up. So there you have it, my opinion on everyone  based on the other night’s performance and NOTHING ELSE (no other performances), Aaron or Big Mike should have left.  My thoughts on the overall performances,

Crystal Bowersox, after this last week how could she not win it all?

that’s a completely different story. Unfortunately I am afraid the outcome of this is that we are going to have a lovable teddy bear or an Archie 2.0 (David Archuleta, wanna be without the talent), Crystal and Lee as the final three which two of those definitely belong there but if I had to choose the one that should stay with Crystal and Lee I would definitely choose Siobhan  and just tell her to stop screaming or at least work on her pitch when she does.  Then again given the fact he has never had a bad week I might even choose Casey.  The judges just can’t take their heads out of their asses long enough to see he’s just doing what he does best and that’s play the guitar and sing.  He is really good at what he does and even though I doubt he will win the whole competition I can’t say he has ever done anything NOT to be in the top 3 but the idea of having Aaron, some teenager’s wet dream, staying in the competition with no talent makes me ill.  What scares me even more is we could have another situation like we did last year and in years past where the best man doesn’t win….worst of yet Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard but most recently would be the upset of Kris Allen over Adam Lambert. At least Kris Allen had talent even though polls later showed he basically won because American is homophobic and couldn’t muster the thought of a gay American Idol.  As far as this year goes, when it all comes down to it, Lee or Crystal should win.  My choice is Crystal but Lee is great, there is no denying he definitely has the “it” factor.  Regardless of which one wins they will both have careers after the show and I would at least download both of their albums because they are both talented yet very diverse in their music. I guess you can decide for yourselves by watching the videos and commenting below.

And just because I think it is obvious I have a little soft spot for David Cook, I am posting this.  Here is the second song that I think defined David’s run on Idol…..This is concert footage from his home town singing his version of Lionel Richie’s “Hello”.  The footage from my two concerts sucked really bad 😦



  1. oh nans i truly enjoyed reading this! you know how i love American Idol lol.
    i definately agree with your thoughts for the final 2 although as you know i absolutely love Lee and want him to win BUT i can’t deny the fact that Crystal has bad talent! she’s good. as far as the 3rd spot (between siobhan and casey) i have to go with Casey for sure. i’ve just never been a siobhan fan. As far as last yr with kris allen and adam lambert, i equally loved both….so i was i would of been happy with whichever one of them won. also i’m totally with you about big mike….i love the guy i do, BUT he really needs to STOP SINGING SONGS DAVID COOK SANG…SUNG? whatever you get the idea.


    • Well, I know it seems like I am showing him hate but it’s not that. The guy seems like a total sweetheart, it’s just that the competition is not about that. It is about who is the best singer and he just isn’t it. As far as Lee goes, I would be quite happy if he won. Of course my first pick is Crystal because I adore her and once again I called her to win from her first audition. Like I said, I have only been wrong a few times but usually I get them in the 2nd spot 🙂 I just pray that the little kid goes home. I even had people that are my on line friends argue that he was good last week and I am like are you fucking kidding me? This is someone that I think said she is a singer?? Not really sure about that though but I do know that if he hangs on and Casey goes this week it will be a travesty of massive proportions.


  2. NANS!! wow, I was reading this and nodding the whole way through haha seriously..we are on the same page about this season.

    *sigh* watching Lee’s performance of “treat her like a day” gives me chills…very reminiscent of David Cookie not so much in style, but just the fact that he took that risk and competely changed the song to suit him. I miss ‘THAT SEASON” haha..(my favorite season! u made me nostalgic! I miss the Cook Chatter days).

    TIM URBAN the Turban lol. I didn’t care for his performances, but again like you said he has a great personality. Very commercial, adorable, and if I had to choose between the 2 Tweenies, I definitely would choose Tim over Aaron. Aaron makes me feel uncomfortable because he’s always so nervous plus his voice doesn’t impress me. Archie was similar, but at least the kid can sing and made good song choices (most of the time haha) and was alittle more likeable…that’s just my opinion.

    The way you feel about Sibhan is how I feel about Big Mike. I like him better when he’s more held back like during “ready for love” and “a woman’s worth”..those 2 performances still pull at my heart’s strings. He’s trying too hard when he performances with a full rock band with strings and stuff..makes him look cheesy too. BUT I totally agree..I don’t know if he’s trying to gain some David Cook fans by singing songs he’s sung, hope he realizes it aint workin!! It irritates me lol. He also seems to be getting somewhat cocky. I dunno maybe it’s just me.

    I’m excited to see a Lee/Crystal finale. If Siobhan can get it together, I’d love to see her pull through and get that 3rd spot. She’s been struggling badly and the judges are sick of pushing for her. I have a feeling she’s gonna be voted off very very soon. casey might get lucky if Siobhan continues to struggle. He’s good, he’s just not very memorable. All his performances sound the same to me. But he DOES have a good voice, I will admit that.

    I’m gonna go youtube all of David Cook’s performances now and continue reminiscing hahaha

    Sry I just wrote a novel lol.


  3. Can’t find anything big to disagree with you about. I feel sorry for Siobhan because I feel like she’s not getting good advice from the judges. They just seem to never have anything good to say to her. Like Tim, lately they’ve just been beating her down. I feel like they’re trying to break her down for some reason, and it’s getting to her. I think she feels like she can’t do anything to please anyone. Having said that, I can’t say she’s ever been a big favorite of mine, though I do agree with you that she’s got a fantastic voice. But from the beginning, the top 3 for me have been Lee, Crystal, and Casey – not necessarily in that order. I don’t really care for Mike at all. IMO, it’s time for him to go. I was disappointed he didn’t go last week instead of Tim.

    I expect to see a Lee/Crystal finale, too, and I hope Casey is #3. Love his voice and I really like listening to him sing. Plus he is really a good guitar player. And you’re so right – he looked HOT when he moved away from the mic last week.

    One other little minor thing. I would pick up on this since I’m from David’s home town. You said that the video of him doing Hello on the tour was in his home town. Nope. That was taken in Oklahoma City. His home town is Kansas City. He was living in Tulsa when he tried out for Idol, but he was raised in Blue Springs, MO, which is a bedroom community right outside KC, and still calls KC home. In fact, he owns a house here.


    • Damn, how could I forget where Davie is from *face palm* Yeah one of the Cook Chatter girls that I spoke about in the blog is actually from Blue Springs. She knew of Daves mom but she didn’t know them personally or anything I guess. I actually looked at video from both KC and OC and the second was better because it had the close up view. So were you around when he came back for the Idol tour in KC?? You know that granite plaque they gave him on TV? They said it was from cancer survivors but it was actually from a brain tumor survivor, like his brother (at the time). It came from me, my husband hand etched it and we sent it off as a group gift from the Chatter girls. There are pics in my FB “stuff” album of it.


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