Robstens and Krisbians ~ Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Beware; not everthing is what it appears to be

Well I had two different blogs all written out and ready to post and then everything I have to say just keeps pointing in the same direction so I am just going to write about the heart of the problemKrisbians, Robstens or Sheep whatever you want to call them, they are one in the same, fucking batshit crazy.  It seems that everyday I read something new from the sheep or they are showing their maniacal behavior towards the epic love that is Robsten or Rob and Kristen.  They just can’t seem to get enough of them, to the point that they need to project their sexual fantasies and basically live vicariously through two people that they have never met and for the most part probably never will meet.  Don’t get me wrong, I have not met them either and I have a snowballs chance in hell of  ever getting the

Why in such a rush to marry them off? You know what they say about married couples...

chance to cozy up in their love nest and sing songs by the fire while sharing hot pockets but I guess now days you just never know what can happen, so I keep hoping and praying it will happen just about as much as I plan on having Rob’s love child.  Oh wait isn’t Kristen supposed to pop that kid out any day now?  I mean she has been pregnant longer than most Indian elephantsIs this what Rob meant when he said the best day of his life was with an elephant??  Just kidding don’t rake me over the coals for that one.  Elephants have a gestation period of around 22 months and to my calculations that is about the time the initial pregnancy rumors started.     

Whose idea was it for this photoshoot? I would have shot them, yeah let's put a $1000 dress on a girl and make her look like crack addicted trailer trash. Fuck Kristen, you're too good for this one.

I suppose you are all wondering where this blog is coming from and then  again maybe not but sit down and shut up because I am gonna tell you anyway.  I just got done reading Kristen Stewart’s interview with Flaunt magazine and I don’t know if I would actually say that in the interview she came off as Mother Theresa but when I read it for the first time I gained an infinitesimal amount of respect for her but then I read it again.   You know every time I read something that she says I try so hard to look at the positive in it.  I know you Krisbians don’t think that I do, but I really do (I even tried with this horrible photo shoot).  I felt  so guilty when I read the article the first time because of some of the stuff she says people say about her which I have said  in the past, so I went to some of my friends

Now, see how pretty she looks here? You don't have to compromise and look trashy to look edgy

and I asked them if I was a terrible person.  Before you start thinking you know jack shit, NO they weren’t Nonstens that I went to, they were just people that know me really well, know what kind of person I am and the way I think.  I showed them the scans I had of the article and they read it and pointed out how full of herself and what a whiney brat Kristen sounded like (their words) but this blog isn’t really  much about Kristen or the lack of respect I have for her.  I think I have made how I feel about her fairly clear in some of my posts and NO I do not hate her or want her to die as some of you idiots have commented before and in fact that is exactly what prompted me to write this blog.  Sure I have written two “I hate Robsten” blogs and kind of touched bases on why I feel the way I do but right now we are going to get to the root of the problem…. I HATE SHEEP.     

This isn't funny or cute, it's sick

 Before you all get up in arms and call PETA, I’m not talking about that kind of sheep and no sheep will be harmed in this blog (well maybe mentally).  I of course am talking about the blind followers of the Krisbian religion and for those of you who have no clue what that is, it would be the people who worship Kristen Stewart.  Before you go and say “this broad is fucking crazy“, let me point out a picture made by a fan and also a little bible verse if that’s what you want to call it dedicated to their Messiah.    

Our Kristen, who art in heaven, Stewy be thy name. Thy kingdom come, haters will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily K and forgive us our twattering as we forgive those who twat against us. And lead us not just into temptation but deliver us from Ruth: For K is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and EVER!
Amen sista friend.

This is what true love looks like, not staring at your feet and scowling all the time

No matter what they want to believe, it is not the Nonstens or non believers that are mentally ill.  That statement above is just one instance that makes my skin just want to crawl right off of my body.  I don’t care what perception that the Krisbians have of the Nonsten site, NOTHING we have ever said comes close to the stuff that they say.     

 They want Robsten to be real so badly that they have been projecting it since day one and doing everything in their power at first to break up a seemingly very happy relationship between Kristen and Michael Arangano so they could live through the fantasy of Edward and Bella.  For anyone to give me some bullshit story saying that Rob and Kristen belonged together from the start, HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW??  She was with someone for 3 years that she said was the love of her life and you guys had to go and

OMG!! Is that a little smile I see? It's not even at a work function, I knew you had it in you Krissy 🙂

say he was ugly, controlling and abusive among other things.  None of you knew this guy but I’ll tell you what, your  “Messiah” knew him and loved him and that should have been enough for you.  If breaking the two of them up wasn’t bad enough, I read on one girls Twitter a few months ago the most DISGUSTING thing.  She and her friends insinuated that Kris and Rob had an affair while she was with Mike and  she got pregnant and had an abortion to hide it all because Summit would not allow the two epic lovers to be together because it would ruin the movies..  OK that is where I draw the line at not only just calling them a bunch of sick fucks but also kind of understanding why Kristen possibly feels the way she does sometimes and why it seems like she hates her fans although she shouldn’t hate all of you and that is what pisses me off about her.  There’s only a very small group of assholes that feed the frenzy or at least I hope there are just a handful of them.    

This is one of the more tasteful manips so they can live out their sexual fantasies through "Robsten" I have seen. At least they didn't give her a giant Pamela Anderson size rack like they usually do

You know I actually feel pity for Kristen having some of you fans.  You think that you are doing her a service by being so vocal and fighting the good fight but what you are doing is crazy and you have caused more than one fan to just start to loathe her. You make her look ridiculous when you threaten people and tweet some of the stuff you do, take for instance the grown woman (yes I said grown woman) who wrote out a whole twitlonger tweet of a very explicit sexual fantasy of Rob and Kristen’s time in London right after Budapest.  This might not have been so bad, although it would have been bad enough, but she mentioned in great detail Rob’s genital size, shape and other lovely details. I am not going to go

Once again this is one of the tamer pics the sheep make to live out their Robsten fantasies, I'm a little afraid to know what they DO with the pics after they make them.

further because even someone like me that NEVER gets embarrassed by anything sexual as you can tell by reading my blog about sex, is just a little mortified thinking about it when it concerns real people especially Rob. She further went on to describe in great detail their sexual exploits from felatio to sexual positions and how he manually helped Kristen achieve climaxThis was all on TWITTER for the whole world to see. It took about two seconds for the Nonstens to find that little jewel and want to throw up over it.  Jesus, its one thing to post that shit on a private site that has that kind of thing on it but Twitter??  I had to laugh for a second at some of it, I mean besides the intrusive bullshit because this was obviously written by someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with sex that was projecting their own sexual fantasies on “Robsten” and she had seriously read too much fan fic herself.  Anyone with actual knowledge of sex wouldn’t have written anything that way, it was like she picked a copy of penthouse “forum” and wrote directly from that.  Now I know why I have never read fan fiction in my life and the fact that it was about two actual people still just makes me sick.   

Like I said they make gun threats against people who don't worship Kristen. I removed Twitter names so I didn't give the little bitches the attention that they crave. click on pic to enlarge and read it

Then there are the hateful vengeful Robstens.  These are the ones that threaten others with guns because they don’t feel the same way that they do.  To them defending Kristen’s name whether warranted or not, is like guerrilla warfare and they have a take no prisoner’s kind of attitude.  Once again this is the kind of thing that actually tarnishes Kristen’s name to a lot of people that are on the fence about her. I still can’t believe that someone could even fathom making gun threats like this but they have made threats to bomb Summit for not letting Robsten come out so I guess anything is possible coming from these people that claim to be loving and peaceful and are constantly accusing the Nonstens or non believers of being haters and ready to kill their “BB” as you can read in the screen cap I provided from Twitter. Then there are the tweeters that say stuff like “I swear I’ll kill Summit if we don’t get R’sten pictures at Eclipse premiere”! She’s obviously not the brightest bulb in the bunch.  I guess she doesn’t know that making a death threat is a crime punishable with jail time. Then there’s of course there is the genius that made the bomb threat a few months ago:   

“oh summit better leave them alone before I bomb they studio Lmfao 🙂 Ugh I want them to come out and say they datin den again Joke or not this is also a crime and can equal serious jail time. <— This was her actual tweet, I would slash my wrists if my grammar was that bad.  (For the record I actually have all Twitter names for every tweet listed in the blog as well as IMDB, and other posters names but did not want to post for various reasons)  

If you look under the word SPECIAL, you will see that they have helped Rob and Kris pick a baby name out. Isn't that just cute and totally fucking creepy.

Yeah and they say that Nonstens need psychiatric help.  I am sorry but that is just sad and pathetic.  Just so everyone reading this knows I realize that not all of you are crazy and I hope that those of you that aren’t completely deranged  will understand now why I write what I do.  It is really not about hatred for Kristen, I swear.  I just don’t like her or her attitude and that is not a crime but what I do hate is the fandom that surrounds her.  These people make photo manips with pictures of  “Robsten” and their fictional baby which they have already named for them.  They are all ready to pick out china patterns and flower arrangements for their wedding.  You think I am kidding but I am not, this Robsten thing is really more of a sickness than people realize.  These two are NOT Edward and Bella, they are two people and just because I don’t see an epic affair does not make me the crazy one, after all I haven’t named their baby yet or contacted Monique Lhuillier about a wedding dress.  The

So the sheep are just so sure that she will be wearing this on her ring finger any day now. Hell maybe she will but if she is it is probably just to fuck with you sheep. I think she totally gets off on it.

latest?  Kristen has a ring on her right hand middle finger that looks like a wedding band.  They claim she and Rob secretly married in Budapest on her birthday because he was seen in a tux. For the record he was filming a wedding scene for the movie Bel Ami and even one of the sheep’s own, a fan of Kristen’s said she’s had the ring for a few months now and Rob was working in Europe when she got it.  They won’t believe it though; they only believe what they want.     

This isn't cheating, it's called working. Besides it's only cheating if Rob and Kristen admit to a relationship and call it cheating

Well I have made my point before at the horrible things they say about Rob or how many times they have threatened him because he has “cheated on Robsten” which is just the most asinine thing I have ever heard of but still they do it all in Kristen’s name, yet they harp on us for thinking Rob should not be Kristen’s friend, which is stupid and completely untrue.  So as Rob’s friend/possible lover what makes you think she

OMG, Rob is cheating on kristen again...wait, no he's not. What's there to cheat on?

wants you guys to stab him for doing his job with Emilie De Ravin, have his plane crash in the Pacific for not bailing on his work and not coming home for Valentines (even though he was in London and he was flying over the Atlantic, smart ones) death via taxi or any other kind of harm to him?  You also say vile things about Nikki Reed and Taylor Lautner. One question, why so much hate towards Nikki? Is it that she possibly dated Rob in the past and so she delayed the epic love affair that wasn’t?  There is just one problem with that theory, Michael. Kristen was dating him while Rob and Nikki were “buddies“.   The things you say and the names I have seen you come up with for her on Twitter are disgusting.  I wrote about some ofthe things you say in one of my blogs but I won’t mention the Twitter names because they are disgusting and it pisses me off to no end.  The reality is, I am sure she is a better person than any of you could ever dream of being.     

I rememebr when these pics came out women all over wished he was 18 years old but not me, hey I may be a cougar just not THAT much of one. He was just a baby

Then there’s Taylor.  Poor Taylor, he’s only guilty of having a brain, speaking clearly and acting professionally, being nice to his fans…oh yeah and ALWAYS smiling. You call him things like failor, failcob or a well oiled machine (I think that was it). You think he’s a cockblocker for your beloved Robsten whenever he has to go on Press tours or talk shows with Rob and Kristen and wish death upon him but he is doing his fucking job people whether you like it or not, so get over it.  What, is he just supposed to quit the Saga so it is all about Edward and Bella and never promote his work?  I swear that is how you all act.  For that matter I think you would all be happy if Rob quit, the way that some of you talk, so it would just all be about Kristen since none of you seem to like Rob at all. To prove my point about this, keep reading just to see the lovely things Kristen’s fans have to say about her “beloved”.   

Here are some delightful things that the Krisbians have said about Rob, which in my eyes is kind of crazy considering he is after all in their minds one half of Robsten:    

Rob doing promo for Harry Potter long before he knew Kristen running hands through his hair

Some idiot on Rob’s IMDB board actually had the nerve to say that he was copying Kristen in everything he does (that’s rich).  One girl said he runs his fingers through his hair, dresses like her, wears the same shoes, bought the same Kindle among other things.  This is laughable at best seeing as how he is the one that has been dressing like this since he came to America, had the Kindle first and the shoes?? Who knows and who cares but I suspect that Kristen got hers afterwards because she likes to fuck with you guys.  My favorite quote though was this:    

“plz the only reason you picked up a guitar Rob was b/c Kristen picked up a guitar in Into the wild. I mean you said you watched that movie & loved her in it so yeah basically Rob you COPIED her by playing the guitar!”    

Rob playing guitar and performing long before he met Kristen

Rob learned how to play guitar when he was something like 5, right?  Well Kristen is 20, so I guess she must have started filming Into the Wild, when she was about 1 years old if we use this person’s logic.  I swear some people are beyond moronic and need to stop.  Kristen Stewart did not start every fashion trend, she is not the only person to read a book or buy a kindle. She is also not the only person to run her hand through her hair or wear Adidas and most importantly PLAY A GUITAR.  I do not understand the thoughts behind statements like these.    

a pic from the DETAILS shoot; believe me it could have been worse and I think it's kinda hot

Then someone had the audacity to make a comment attacking Rob AND his parents because of the Negro comment made in the Details interview which was done by Jenny Lumet whose grandmother Lena Horne is a woman of color.  Jenny is actually the one that brought up the word Negro but all anyone remembers is Rob’s response. It obviously was not too offensive if Jenny left it in the article.  This same woman who made the comment below was also freaking out about the explicit pictures of Rob and nude women in the magazine claiming that it was a disgrace and hurtful to Kristen.  Personally I thought they were very tasteful (and extremely hot) and could have been a lot worse.  I guess she forgot about Adam Lamberts pics just a few months earlier with his face burried in the naked models crotch and biting on her nipple. Here is what she had to say about Rob:        


Well, this is courtesy of a Rob fan who made a manip of Lambert's shoot in Details with Rob's head attached. I think this might have been a little more offensive to MOST people (but not me, it's still kinda hot)

It doesn’t surprise me that Rob would make that comment. He looks like a bigot. Robert is not educated, he never stepped foot in college, his hygiene is poor. His parents look like alcoholics, He has issues with alcohol and god knows what drugs. He is the classic case of white trash. People who hate people for the color of their skin are people who come short as humans so therefore the only way they can feel good about themselves is to put other people down. If every one was white then they would find another reason to hate, perhaps judging people by their height or by hair color or eye color. People like that make me ashamed I’m white. Rob you can put lipstick on a pig but it will always be a pig.    

 I have never been as angry at someone for making a post like I was at this one for going after his parents.  Complete ignorance and hurtful behavior achieves nothing but that is clearly what a good majority of the Robstens stand for.  If it is not the way they feel it should be they attack anyone or thing that they think stands in the way of “Robsten”.  It’s sick really.    

When someone from Nonsten (you know us evil murderous folks) went to Delaney and KStew411 who the majority of the “sheep” go to for their Robsten info, said that we were not violent and were not threatening Kristen like we had been accused of, did they go to their followers and assure them that we meant no harm to her?  Of course not, they just kept tweeting to the masses as though they had never heard a word.     

I spoke of Delaney in another blog about her legal troubles with Summit Entertainment and she loves to play the victim and somehow suspects and has told everyone that the Nonstens are behind her troubles.  Her arrogance and stupidity is what got her in trouble but she will never admit that.  I suspect this is why she is constantly trying to rally the sheep and incite hatred but she also incites violence whether she knows it or not which if it anything comes to fruition because of it, it will cause a whole different set of legal problems for her.   

Some of the tweets in response to hers are below (I think it is fairly obvious what the tweets from her would have had to have been to get these kinds of responses):    

“Can that get reported or something? Hey, you never know if those psychos are planning something. They seem delusional”  “do you mind telling me what site it is? thanks…”  “The ppl on that site are fcked up…Do R/K know how crazy some of Rob’s fans are?”  “Why would anyone threaten Kristen? :/”     

"The Awful Truth" is that a grown man is obsessed with something as dumb as Robsten

Here are some little jewels that came from Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth board (he’s another sweetie pie) that were aimed directly at some of our members of Nonsten and the funny thing is they are moderated before being posted.  Apparently these lovely things are alright to post but none of my responses have been able to pass moderation and they have never been this offensive.  I suppose they wouldn’t post them because they mention I am a Nonsten and Ted is Pro-Robsten all the way.    Here are their idea of acceptable posts over at E! online’s The Awful Truth: 

“You lie with pigs, you catch their grunt. Deny it all you want, but you, my dear, are a pig. because like pigs, you dwell in the mud. Some of your compadres admitted to whining to Summit over Delaney releasing those pictures. Go back and play in the mud pig. You guys probably didn’t realize the bad publicity he was mud pig. Go back to your filthy site and wallow in the dirt and vileness you guys spew there.”    <— no one admitted anything because we didn’t do anything.  Delaney told them we did it.

If we run out, we can borrow some from the fat Nonstens. Vibrators are their only outlets. We can feel the love instead of devoting our lives to hating a teenage girl whose dating the real version of our rubbing pillow. How are you guys at Nonsten? Have you rubbed your RPattz pillows raw yet?”  <— I am almost afraid to ask what exactly their “rubbing pillow”  is.

Hi fatty! Let’s talk about how one of you and your fat whales threatened to physically hurt Kristen if she showed up at Rob’s RM premiere. It’s well known that you big FAT cry babies got in touch with Summit over Delaney’s Eclipse pics. She got those pics from someone cough*Rob’s management cough* to help clean up his image. And that is why nothing will come from the lawsuit. So laugh yourselves to death. I’m sure Delaney is laughing over it too.”   <— blaming Rob’s management for releasing pictures to clean his image for what?  He didn’t do anything wrong except piss off Robstens for “disrespecting” Kristen by posing with naked women.  (It was awesome, way to go Rob, you need to do that again REALLY soon)

From Roberts IMDB forum: Kristen’s fans have taken over and no fan of Rob that is not a fan of Robsten can post without being attacked:
“He isn’t talented and he can’t even sing and to be honest he is ugly and stupid. If he wasn’t an actor he would be selling fast foodI don’t think that anyone really wants to work with him, but EVERYONE wants to work with Kristen. I hear they all laugh behind his back, I heard that too“After BD he will be jobless and Kristen will have an Oscar”      <—- I really don’t think I should say anything here because it would be really mean towards Kristen, OK yes I will…Oscar, before Rob, seriously?? Yeah right. Rob won’t have jobs? What jobs does Kristen have right now??? Oh yeah, possibly one if they get funding. Who does this bitch think she is?  Here is another little jewel, make sure and look at the last line in the screen cap:

The bottom line was what I was most concerned with but yet they are always accusing us of threatening to hurt Kristen. Pot meet Kettle. Click on pic to enlarge.

The Nonsten/Robsten “battle” (which I don’t see anything as a battle, I just don’t share their beliefs) has been compared to the Shiites and Sunnis, we have been likened to Hitler and Satan for not believing in Robsten and we also had someone think that having Rob and Kristen apart is like the holocaust to some people.  I am sorry but that is ignorant, fucked up and disgusting.  The day that I care more about whether Robsten is more real than actual genocide happening, someone needs to just go out and shoot me and for the record,  I will go willingly if that day ever comes.    

 This is what we deal with on Twitter all in the good name of Kristen:   They are actual unedited tweets ( I actually know how to speak and spell English for the most part) 

For those of you Nonstens who say try want to kill Kristen I will also kill you so watch what u say and watch your back you fukin bastards”  “ I’m sorry if this sounds crude but really… Nonstens should suck my Robsten dick. Oh yeah, i went there.”  “Oh Nonstens don’t kill yourself! Oh, yes, DO IT! It’s a benefit to the World”      

Two of the most disgusting and vile comments that they think are cute just to try and hurt us: (all it did is disgust me and make me feel embarrassed for Rob and Kristen that they actually have fans like this)

One of the funniest comments Ive ever seen. Every time Rob makes Kris come, another Nonsten dies.” LMAO.”  “Yaaaaas all ye fuckin Nonsten  eat shiiiiit, why the fuck would K be in Budafucking pest if it wasn’t to suck off Rob, hahahahahahahaha!”  (God, on the first one they couldn’t even spell cum right, fucktards what are they 12?)    

I don't think you guys understand. It doesn't matter whose right or wrong about Robsten, these tweets would be mortifying to anyone they were about

I am still not sure what anyone on the Nonsten site supposedly said to garner the kind of attention that we get, especially the threats.  I have been

Kristen looking like she could use a good shampoo

a member since the beginning of September and the only thing I remember was someone joking about throwing soap and shampoo Kristen’s way when she showed up to some event looking like crap (God knows they have said a lot worse about Rob’s hygiene).  It got blown out of proportion by a shipper saying we would throw tomatoes at her if she showed up at the Remember Me premier and one of our girls said she wouldn’t waste the tomato.  Then they said we wanted to hurt her and how they got that idea, I have no clue. This all led to the threats against US with guns.  Now if joking about throwing shampoo means we deserve to get shot, then please tell

Watch out my tomato might try and hunt Kristen down and kill her *rolls eyes*

me what do some of these Krisbians deserve with their threats to Rob?  Oh that’s right; it is only bad if it is aimed at Kristen because Rob doesn’t matter in the Krisbian world unless he’s part of Robsten.    

Anytime anyone opens their mouth and even says anything about  Kristen whether it is clearly a joke or not they are accused of having some nefarious plot to kill or maim her.  Just because some of us thought it was distasteful (which it was) of her to show up and take attention from Rob’s movie premier and draw all the attention to the “Robsten”

Kristen Stewart "keeping something for herself" including all the attention that should have been on Emilie De Ravin and Rob at the Remember Me premier

phenomenon, obviously that equated   to a death threat in the Robsten/Krisbian world.  Go figure. They also somehow thought we would show up to the Oscars and try and kill Kristen.  Now not only is this completely ludicrous but also totally impossible.  Does anyone think that someone could even  get close enough to any of these stars to cause any harm to them (not that we would ever want to)?  Besides it was you Krisbians that threatened Taylor Lautner for being the one to take Kristen to the Oscars and not Rob (once again he was supposed to drop everything to stand by his true loves side).  I think this was a double whammy; you threatened both of the boys if I remember correctly.        

Kristen looked really happy but she also looked really butch.

The sheep go on a hateful rampage whenever you speak your mind about your opinions about anything concerning Kristen or Robsten. They get pissed off and assume that we have some sick delusions of being with Rob although we don’t know him. The ironic thing about this is not only do they show incredible hate towards Rob if he is not showing just the right amount of Robsten love towards Kristen when they deem it important, but they start campaigns to make his movies fail and spread horrible rumors. They freak out when some people insinuate they think  Kristen might be gay yet a lot of female sheep make sexual comments geared towards Kristen; mind you these are women with Twitter names like KStewsButt, KStewsmouth, Kstewvajayjay, InKstewsPants and ImHorny4Kristen. Although the comments are sometimes subtle, the innuendo is there. The reality is that you fantasize and lust after her like she is a goddess for some unholy reason.    

So this is what you all love, lust after and worship, but do you even know why?

What I don’t understand is the love, lust or what it is that you feel and makes you worship herShe is just a person.  God knows Rob is an outstanding person but I certainly do not worship him and I do not consider him my Messiah because that is seriously fucked up guys, anyway you look at it.  I get it, you like her; you think we should all see something in her but we don’t so now whatI don’t tell you all that you should fucking die a horrible death or threaten to shoot you because you don’t like Rob apart from Robsten.  Please don’t tell me that you do like him or that I am a shitty fan of his because I don’t like his “true love” because that is a load of fucking shit.  Number one they are not conjoined twins so therefore I do not have to like her to like him and number two I have read so many things from you sheep whenever things are not perfect in the Robsten bubble to suggest that you absolutely hate Rob with a passion when he is not with Kris that if you claim otherwise you are total hypocrites.    

The most famous, sought after and private actress in the world..yet all she does is give a little smile and a wave and the papz get out of her face. Take note of this Kris

I also get so sick of you all making excuses for her behavior and Kristen doesn’t seem to give a fuck about any of it, so it really rings hollow to me when one second she is going on about how much she loves the fans when not too long ago she was calling us retards (yes I was actually a fan not too long ago) and fienders, although she has a point about the latter.  She whines about her horrible life and acts like she is the only star in Hollywood that has ever been chased down by a cameraman or had to deal with crazy fans.  The funny thing is the rest of the actors for the most part have learned to deal with it.  You can all sit back and say well they are not Kristen Stewart or part of Robsten and I will fucking laugh in your face and say get real.  There are much bigger stars out there than Kristen Stewart and they seem to manage everyday with the papz and

This is actually one of the better ones, at least she's not sporting the infamous bitchface

fans.  You see, it’s called a little smile and a waveOh yeah, Kristen doesn’t smile…scratch that.  She needs to quit looking at her fucking feet and let them take the picture and leave.  Believe me they will get bored soon, there is nothing that special about KStew or Robsten that garners papz 24/7.  Other actors and actresses do it everyday and believe me they are much more famous and more sought after. I think that other movie stars have found a way to deal with the papz and balance personal and professional careers and are still none the worse for it.  Are there gonna be crazies out there?  Of course, (look in the mirror sheep) they will never go away but you just have to chalk it up to being part of your job no matter how much you hate it. Either deal with it or get another fucking job, plain and simple.  It is the price of fame and you guys need to quit calling everyone (not only Nonstens) who gets on her about her attitude haters.    

Wow she MUST know about you, look she's wearing a shirt in your honor with sheep on it...must be love.

So I am wondering if Kristen knows about you guys or even gives a shit about you.  Is all the hatred you spew towards anyone that does not love her even worth anything or are you just doing it in hopes that maybe just maybe one day she will come and reciprocate that love for you and reward all this hatred?  I guarantee, no matter what a little self absorbed brat I personally think she is, I certainly do not go around and spread hate everywhere all over the internet or threaten people when they have different beliefs than I do (I keep my opinions on my own site).  You may not agree with what I say about Kristen but I have never once said anything that is actually that hateful about her.  You all perceive that I hate her because I don’t kiss the fucking ground she walks onCalling her a spoiled brat, thinking everything she does is all about PR or saying I don’t believe in an epic love that is Robsten does not equal hate.  I just think she needs to stop whining about how hard and horrible her life is.  She makes enough money to feed a 3rd world country for a year with each movie she makes, not to mention people like me that can’t work due to medical conditions that have kids would be happy to make a fraction of what she does and we’d be smiling ALL THE TIME, not to mention just to be in Rob’s presence as a friend or whatever, I don’t think I could ever quit smiling, you would NEVER see a scowl on my face.   She needs to quit being a hypocrite saying that she has to keep something for herself when she actually keeps NOTHING for herself and it is also time to grow up.  She is not a teen or little girl anymore she is a grown woman and she needs to act like it and be accountable for her actions.  No one expects any more from Kristen Stewart than they do of themselves or at least I don’t.  So if you see me as a hater, then so be it but I still guarantee that nothing I say compares to the shit you Krisbians spew and I don’t threaten to kill anyone for hating Rob, I just think it is foolish and I won’t lie, it upsets and concerns me a little when I see the threats and heinous shit you write about him but not so much that I go on a crazy rampage either.  

Somewhere back in reality Rob and Kris are out doin their own thing but for now the sheep are getting off to shit like this, but there is far worse out there than this.

I can pretty much guarantee without a doubt that none of this vile shit you do impresses Kristen or Rob and if I was either one of them, I would seriously be creeped out by some of the shit you sheep do but that’s just me.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they would be all that impressed with me either (except for speaking my mind and speaking the truth).  I mean where do you guys draw a line between reality and fantasyThe twitter sex fantasies, the manips (yes I have seen the sexual ones that are even more explicit that the ones posted) and then there is the hatred towards ANYONE that doesn’t agree with you?  you go on attack whenever anyone is critical of Kristen, tweets something about her or says something you believe to be untrue because it doesn’t fall in line with the Robsten fantasy.  You can’t claim EVERYONE is a hater and you may think you know what is happening between them but seriously none of us really know the truth, we can all only speculate and no matter how much you want to argue this point you can’t.    

I wanted to add something to this because my son’s girlfriend asked me how old you sheep could possibly be after reading some of this shit and she said that she didn’t think any of you have any real concept of what love was or knew the difference between love and obsessions so here you go, here is some light reading and hopefully you might learn something from it…somehow I doubt it.


So, I just did a basic Twitter search looking for something else last night and found these insane quotes from sheep.  It just further goes to prove my theory that the Robstens are truly insane…    

“Robsten on Oprah, this was the best day of my life”   <— If this is the best day of someone’s life I think they need to re-evaluate what their life is really about.

“Oprah and Robsten are truly a gift from God”  <— A gift from God?? Really….There are really just no words for this one, I’m sorry.



  1. I’m impressed, I have to say. Really hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you will have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is excellent; the difficulty is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about. I am very pleased that I stumbled throughout this in my search for one thing relating to this. Reply


    • Thanks, I actually wrote this blog from some personal experience and then so much info I saw on the web. I felt like people were getting so out of control over something that really is basically an unsubstantiated fairy tale. Honestly I haven’t kept up with the Robsten circus to know what is and isn’t happening these days nor do I care anymore. They were so over exposed in the media, I could care less if I hear that name ever again 😉


  2. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to
    me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!


    • I would be delighted to have you back to read more, I took a long break from my writing but plan on writing much more in the near future 🙂


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    • Thank you, I try and by all means if there is something you want to read about, feel free to write me a comment and tell me. I will see if it is something I know, am interested in or can research to write a quality blog about 🙂


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    • Thanks and yeah I DO try and add media to the blogs when it is called for. I really don’t want the blog inundated with pics and videos that don’t fit the subject matter at hand but I will take your advice and see what I can do in the future. Thanks for the constructive criticism, I hope you come back and read more in the future 😉


  5. Do you accept “applications” for official letter writers?


    • Are you asking if I accept guest writers on my blog? Honestly, I never have before, it is just me BUT now that a few people have asked me, I am considering it. I can’t promise anything but feel free to send me an email with ideas for a blog with a small writing sample and I will see if it’s something that I feel fits with the whole feel of the site. Like I said I can’t promise anything but I am always open to new things and seeing as how I have fallen so far behind with the blog in the last months it night be nice to have help every once in a while. You can email me (nan) at


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