Kristen Stewart: Rape as a Spectator Sport?

“What you don’t see is are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction”. “The photos are so…I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped.”

Kristen gives a big collective FUCK YOU to every rape victim and survivor out there with her caustic remarks to Elle magazine ~ 4 days later, still no apology

Today I don’t even know where to begin.  The other day something was brought to my attention that not only shocked me but made me sick and horrified me.  Someone brought me a quote that was made in an interview by Kristen Stewart to Elle magazine.  Now you are probably asking what anyone could say that could be that bad and wonder why I am being so dramatic.  Here is the part of the quote that stuck out in my head concerning how it feels when she is chased by the paparazzi ‘The photos are so…I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped.” So basically she is comparing being chased by photographers which is a part of every celebrity’s life, like having to view someone being sexually violated.

Me not too many months after “it” happened and I tried to pick up the pieces. Don’t judge the hair…it was the 80’s 😦

After reading that statement I immediately started crying and shaking.  I started having a full blown panic attack and found myself in a blind rage.  You see 24 years ago I was the victim of sexual assault.  As hard as this is to write it is important for people to hear and it is cathartic in a way because it is really not something that I ever talked about with anyone but my ex-husband whom I met about a year after the incident and now I have spoken to a few close friends because of this thing that Kristen has done.

With those flippant words that seemed to mean nothing to Kristen, she brings something back up to the surface that I managed to bury a long fucking time ago.  You know how they say what lies beneath?  Well, it has always been there but I managed to deal with it because I am strong.  I know this seems over dramatic but with her words I don’t feel strong anymore, I feel angry, weak, hurt, emotional and broken all over again.

No one EVER wants to talk about it

Yes, I am one of the millions of women that felt she could handle it all on her own.  Of course this was after having a complete meltdown and trying to kill myself right after it happened.  Clearly I didn’t die, but I did manage to bury all this pain and try to deal with it on my own like so many girls my age did because seriously, who wants to tell anyone about something so disgusting and demeaning?  For some reason we all think it is our fault or at least I did.

When I read those words, it put me right back to Christmas 1986 and it felt like the moments right after I was attacked and I feel so sick.  I’ve actually lost sleep the last two nights over it. I woke up no less than 5 times and I even got up and threw up once.  I thought if maybe I closed my eyes and thought of good things, everything would be OK but all I saw was that bitch mocking everyone, y’know rolling her eyes and the annoying shit she does all the time sans the bitchface? After 24 years you would think that I could hold this together but I couldn’t. I just kept crying and crying.

Now for all of my critics of this blog that call me a Kristen Stewart hater that say she shouldn’t have so much power over my life, you are probably right, she shouldn’t.  Honestly, I am not sure that it is HER that has the power but her stupid and sickening words that seem to have power over me right now and it is almost as bad as being raped again.  I won’t lie; the fact that she said those words though does make it worse.

I think it would be a tough call if I had to choose who was the better actress

I am going to tell you why it makes it worse.  I am sure you all think you have it all figured out, don’t you?  It is all about Robsten or Robert Pattinson or their Krisbian psycho fans?  NOT EVEN CLOSEShe is a raging hypocrite. When she was something like 13 she starred in a movie called “Speak” about the very subject that she made such a flippant remark about.  She played the victim of this heinous crime and she actually did not do a bad job, and considering it was Kristen Stewart that is saying a lot.  For a wooden actress that rivals Pinocchio in talent, she seems to be fairly convincing in this movie.  Of course this is before she decided she was just too good for all of us “retards” and had her head so far up her ass it will take the jaws of life to get it out. The thing is, not only did she make the movie Speak but she also made a PSA for date rape on college campuses a few years ago, so what the fuck was she thinking making an asinine comment like this?

It must be just so insufferable having someone take your picture while you buy smokes in the store. I don’t see anyone shoving a camera in her face, they are a respectable distance away.

You know we all know that Kristen Stewart must have a sucky life making millions of dollars and living a life that so many would kill for as I have stated before.  So what, she has a few fucking cameras shoved in her face and they chase her down, but I guarantee her they DO NOT equate to watching one person putting a knife to a woman’s throat while another holds a gun to them, then watching them as they have their head slammed into a wall so hard they are almost rendered unconscious but yet conscious enough to know exactly what is happening to them as they are being pinned down and someone is forcing themselves on them, during all of this they are being beat into submission and having the most vile violent and unspeakable things happening to them while someone else watches.  The paparazzi say some shitty things to get your attention and they take a picture.  If they chase you it is because you won’t stop and let them take the motherfucking picture.  Kristen has the disposition of a piranha, the

Look even the piranha knows how to smile for the cameras

only difference is I think the piranha might smile more so the papz would probably just take the picture and leave so it wouldn’t have to “endure viewing someone being raped”. The reason they chase her is her own fault, you know her little cat and mouse game of “keeping something for herself” which is actually more like “Keeping NOTHING for yourself and keeping her ass in the limelight”.  For her to equate any part of the paparazzi being anywhere near her to watching a rape occurring is vile, contemptible, selfish, stupid and ignorant.  The fact that her fans are so dumb to defend her shows how much of a negative influence she has on them.


It was bad enough when she made underage drinking and smoking of cigarettes AND pot seem cool to these girls but now they are defending such an odious remark and saying that the word rape in any context is no big dealI don’t give a shit if you asked to be a role model girlie, you are fucking stuck with it and now you need to own it.  These are 12 – 14 year old girls that are thinking rape is not a big deal.  Well guess what, when it is them being pinned down or grabbed at knife point and slammed against a wall by the neck until they are almost unconscious, they might think it is a little bigger deal than they make it out to be (they only think it is nothing because of the way you said it).



  It is not something that just happens and you get over it just like that.  You never truly get over it but you can learn to deal with it.  For me I could barely be near a man for the next year and God forbid if one touched me.  I have to say honestly, I am still afraid to be someplace by myself if it is just me and a man that I don’t know and I am startled by the slightest thing and panic when I do get startled. I am sure that anyone that has read many of my blogs or more precisely my blog about sex is going to raise an eyebrow after reading this because to some people it just won’t add up but until this wound was ripped back open; I had made peace with it.  Like I said in the blog, I had a man that made me realize that sex was not sickening or evil and I could enjoy having it.  I thank God I met someone like my ex-husband who was able to deal with what I had been through because I don’t know if I could have ever gotten to the place that I am today or was a few days ago (before this bullshit happened) sexually had it not been for him.  Now it is like everything I have been able to deal with, how normal and alright with myself I had been able to become FINALLY, is just thrown out the window with one stupid remark because that old wound has been ripped open by some stupid little girl with no concept of what she speaks and whose mouth always has to be running to see what kind of reaction she can get out of her “fans”..

Kristen needs to apologize and I am not talking about some fluff piece statement that someone writes up for her, she needs to go up in front of god and everyone BY HERSELF in front of all those “rapists” via press conference and give a formal apology for her words, because that is what we all deserve as women whether we have been assaulted or not. The problem is that Kristen Stewart does not see the wrong in her actions.  She never does, she thinks that she is perfect and above all of us peons, so why should she apologize to any of us?  I mean we are just victims of the atrocious crime in which she equates her sad existence of dealing with a few guys running after her with camerasWell Kristen if you truly think that,  you are a sad excuse for a human being. There is no defending this and no matter what anyone says or no matter how her team tries to spin this, she said the words, she

Dealing with this is like watching a woman get brutally attacked huh? I ALMOST wish you would have to witness this kind of torturous crime so you would know to shut your fucking mouth and not try and get attention with your little “catch phrases”

meant it the way they came out and she is a bitch plain and simpleShe did it to get attention and I don’t think she realized just what kind of attention she was going to get.  Well Kristen for a fameseeking whore, you got exactly what you wanted in this interview but it just didn’t go quite the way you expected it to now did it?  Now if I was ever accused of this being Kristen Stewart Hate site, guess what…whether anyone wants to believe it, it never was before but…it now is.  I will never again try and look for any good in her, I will never pity her for the fucked up obsessed Krisbian fans she has because in my eyes she actually deserves them and much worse.  She went WAY over the line this time and if she ever needed to be held accountable, it is right at this moment, a fucking group of CIA “cleaners” couldn’t make this mess go away. She fucked herself, Summit Entertainment, The Twi Saga and more than likely Rob (because he is linked to her whether he likes it or not) plain and simple. It may not be fair to the rest of them but this time, I am glad it is finally coming back to bite her in the ass, quite frankly.  Anyone that

I realize Kristen had the right to say what she did under the 1st amendment as I have the right to write this blog. The difference? My comments are not hurtful to MILLIONS of victims of a brutal crime, they are aimed at one spoiled girl who clearly doesn’t care enough to think before she speaks IF she didn’t just say it on purpose to get a reaction.

reads this please turn me in to @Twilight like you all constantly threaten to do, I am truly begging you to. I will gladly let them see how much hate I have for her this time, it’s not like I am outside of my 1st amendment rights anyway. Let her come to my site and read what she has done to me and so many others with her vitriolic comments and if by some chance her “boyfriend” Rob comes here and thinks I am the most disgusting piece of filth on the planet which I am sure you Krisbians will no doubt think, LET HIM because if he defends her words in any way shape or form, then in my eyes, he is the biggest

I pray to GOD he could never defend these vile statements, women all over would hate him for it 😦

douchebag on earthIf you fans don’t like it, you can fuck right off because it is doubtful that any of you know what I have suffered through in my life.  No one that has been through this kind of violent act can make excuses for her words no matter how obsessed they are or lust after her. As if having to have three brain surgeries and having my kid get struck by lightning in the last three years wasn’t bad enough she had to go and dredge up something I thought was dead and buried long ago and there is nice cozy place in hell waiting for you, Stewie.

For the record, I have no plans on writing about Kristen Stewart from here on out.  There is a possibility I might because she is a relevant subject and does so many stupid things it is hard not to find something to write about but to me she is lower than pond scum and therefore not worth wasting my precious time writing about unless something life shattering happens in the Robsten world.


* I just now read another quote from the article and now I don’t know whether to laugh or get pissed again.  Is there any end to this girls woe is me pity party complex?? Here’s the quote:

“It really bothers me when people write nasty shit about me and the perception is that I don’t give a fuck. It could not be further from the truth,”

Sure thing Sweetie but it is OK to call your fans RETARDS among other things…GOOD TRY KRISSY.

I’m dedicating this song to our favorite bitchface since she loves to have her picture taken so much.  See Kris, you can still express what you are feeling without actually saying anything.  The most controversial and outspokan woman on Earth didn’t even have to call it rape.  She showed how intrusive and annoying it can be but in the end she also showed that you all love it and it’s what keeps you in the spotlight.


  1. Oh hun! I am soooo sorry! That comment was uncalled for and ignorant. She needs to think before she just speaks. Well said sugar! If anyone thinks Kristens words were ok or justified they need serious help & are complete morons! Rape compares to NOTHING! As a victim of sexual harrasment myself, I can only imagine how rape victims feel right now! Your in my prayers hun!


    • Thanks Koree but the thing I am so worried about are the young girls that are saying it is no big deal because she said it. They have NO IDEA just how big of a deal it really is but because they worship her they think it is cool that she said something like this and find nothing wrong with it.


  2. I was actually away from the boards this week and am just now getting caught up. I can tell you that as a rape survivor, the instant I read those words, I felt sick. I’m talking stomach twisting, bile in my throat, heart pounding sick.

    I’ve never had anything against Kristen Stewart until that moment and now I’m not sure I can ever forgive her for making light of that kind of situation. I will say that I hope to God she never has to live through it.

    And I’m signing this anonymously for privacy purposes.


    • And I just realized that my pic over there gives me away. *sighs* Oh well. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of anyway.


  3. The passion coming from your post brought me to tears. There was NO place for her comments in any conversation! She has no concept of what a sexual assault victim goes through and for her to compare the paps hounding her just shows her ignorance. She seriously needs so shut the F up!
    Between all the exposure she has been getting over the last few weeks, NONE of it has made her look very good. She comes off as whiny, bitchy and ungrateful. Now we can ad hateful and ignorant to that list.
    Nans…hang in there through all of this. I know it cannot be easy, but do not give her the power to take away all you have accomplished in growth and life over the years. You are a strong woman with a lot to give. You are in my thoughts!!


  4. Sugar Lipps I know you from the site, I am registered there too.

    I cried after reading your post.
    KS is NOTHING. She doesn’t deserve anything she has. She crossed the line of being simple a mediocre actress and an unfriendly person, to show that she’s much worse than that. She’s an evil and mean person, and she need to apologize for what she said. She won’t do that.

    She can escape from the “justice” of men, but she won’t escape from the justice of GOD.

    I’ll send this link of your blog to everybody I know and I’ll post in internet communities.



  5. And to all the shippers and krisbians that continue suporting her, after that: you all are mean and evil as she is.


    • Thanks Ana, I know who you are and I love you!! Your english is getting much better by the way ❤ The sad thing is, the Krisbians ARE still supporting her and they think what she said is acceptable. As horrible as I think they all are, this is just one thing I wouldn't wish on anyone. NOT EVEN THEM.


  6. Well if it makes anyone feel any better I heard that several news organizations (even those “rapists” <— as she calls them, over at TMZ) have been notified of her abhorrent comments. What they do with that information is anyone's guess. I am sure if they speak to her "people" they will try and spin this into nothing and make her look like the angel she is NOT even close to being but hopefully someone will call bullshit on it. Does anyone know how to contact Summit by email? I couldn't find a way nor could I find a direct email address for Elle. Maybe I am just not looking in the right places?? I really want to complain about this whole thing. She NEEDS to apologize and be held accountable FOR ONCE.


  7. This blog SHOULD be shown to Kristens management, Summitt and anyone that needs to see what a role model KS is. I am so sickened with this interview and her comparisons that I actually want to meet her, why? So that I can ask her to her face what possessed her – preferably in front of a very large press gathering. The problem is this would never happen because for some reason people think she can walk on water.
    I gave similar comments on another board and have been responded to, by Kristen fans in a way that makes me feel sick for society. Of course, and as your blog states, this is because I’m “jealous of her relationship with Rob”, “a 12 year-old stuck in a fantasy”, “need to get a real boyfriend, job/concentrate on school, and get a life”, all these people include the statement that there is NOTHING wrong with comparing this hideous crime to the paps and as a result this means I am also a “hater” and “bitch”.
    Just for the record I live with my boyfriend, I have a very successful job, I’m in my thirties and feel like my life is just fine – but thanks for the concern.
    Although I wasn’t raped, I was sexually assaulted, and comments like these do bring back supressed memories. Now Kristen isn’t the first person I have seen who has compared a vile act to their life. I remember a celebrity here in the UK who was “quoted” as saying something similar (in this case a racist remark). This celebrity, upon release of the footage, already had a statement prepared which spoke of a mis-quote in the footage. When it was proved, via the playback tapes, that no mis-quote had occurred, she then went to great lengths to rectify the situation, to the point where the other person involved became a very good friend to her.
    I believe Kristen should now do something similar, it is the only way she will prove she has a heart and brain located somewhere in her body.

    Many thanks for your blog and sharing your experience, I understand how traumatic it must be.

    As for those that will read and leave the real ‘hateful’ comments. Remove your Kristen inspired rose-tinted glasses first. Read without prejudice, then maybe you will actually see what has angered so many people.


    • Thank you, I know all too well about the hate. I really DO want Kristen’s management and Summit to see this but I can’t find info on how to contact them via e-mail. I think @Twilight on Twitter is Summit but I am not sure and I don’t just want to send some random person my blog. Her fans do tend to turn me in to them a lot though so maybe it’s worth a shot.

      I am really hoping that this message just keeps getting spread around t omore and more places like rape survivors forums etc. so people are aware of what a hateful disgusting remark that was made. Like one of my friends commented earlier, why couldn’t she have compared them to stalkers? I think it would have been a much more appropriate analogy but it would have required her to either think before she speaks or not just say it to get a “rise” out of people (that is what I personally think she did).


  8. Prayers with you hon, I know from other boards how badly affected you have been by this thoughtless comment. Sexual assult of any kind is not something to be trivialised by a thoughtless celebrity.

    Hang in there Nans, I know the wound has been ripped open, but I am sure you will come through this stonger, you are obviously a survivour and my heart goes out to you.


  9. Kudos to you, once again Nans for putting together such a real picture of what that vile, nasty, spoiled brat truly represents! I agree with you 110%. Not only about how wrong and hurtful her callous comments were, but how I too am sick and tired of her not being held accountable for her actions! I think what is even more infuriating is being put in the position of defending my own feelings and the feelings of my friends because those sheep and Krisbians want to victimize Kristen Stewart because others people outrage! I wish I could see one thing about her that deserves such blind devotion.
    I am sorry for what you have experienced, and I am most sorry that you have to endure further attacks from those who worship at the alter of this crazy, unbalanced, idiot! You have been victimized once again. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope you are able to make peace with all of this once again.
    I too think she needs to offer a sincere apology to every woman out there, but I will not hold my breath for that. So, I will not throw another dime of my money in her direction ever again. I will NOT be seeing the rest of the Twilight movies, or anything she has a hand in. I also agree with you that if Robert Pattinson comes out and defends this woman or agrees to be linked to a Robsten PR jaunt to assist with damage control, I will be done with him as well. I wish I knew how to contact Summit. But, you should email Stephenie Meyer on her website and request she forward it to the PTB. Just a suggestion.


  10. well spoken nans dear, i too was sick to my stomach over this, as a past victim myself, there is no excuse this time, and she needs to be put on a leash period. doubtful anything will happen, but i don’t think a public apology for her careless words is to much to ask, it’s not like this is the first time she’s even done it for christ’s sake. i made the mistake to go over ted’s site yest, and reading her fan’s defense of her, made me even sicker, the hate and filth they were spewing was disgusting, i just don’t understand why they do it, why they feel the need to defend her so violently. it’s not like the bitch will ever thank them for it…..instead of showing love and compassion for fellow women who HAVE been thru it, they show hatred. summit is going to lose a TON of money over this, and so will rob if he continues to associate himself with her, the internet is a powerful tool and word will spread quickly and people will boycott her movies, including twilight. stupidity, utter stupidity all around. take heart nans and don’t let this stupid immature little girl ruin your progrss, she isn’t worth it.


  11. hey nan. i loved the blog. *hugs* i told a friend of mine about what the shrew said. she was pissed too. i can’t believe her fans are ignoring it and are saying ‘well i was raped and wasn’t offended so why should you be?’ um, no. if you were raped or assaulted sexually in any way you SHOULD be offended b./c she is making her experience with being photographed on the same vile level as sexual violation.

    i sent a letter to chicago tribune and chicago sun times 🙂

    love you girl. stay strong. oh..and that 80’s hair. god damn lol 😉


  12. My heart hurts for you Nans I cried through this post I feel your pain pouring out form your words and the is NOT acting like Kristen Stewart did. This should be shown to all her management and especially Summit who has her portray a character admired by millions of young naive girls. Kriisten is NO role model and should not even be put into that category. I hope by talking and writing about this it helps you with the healing process once again. Sorry this ungrateful brat had to put you through that once more. We all support you and love you:)


  13. I cried when i saw her statement to think a WOMEN would say such words with out thinking, I have tried to give that girl so many benifits of doubt but I am done with her. I’m glad someone else feels the same way.


  14. I am just going to say that I hope you all know that there are several definitions of the word rape.

    # Eurasian plant cultivated for its seed and as a forage crop
    # force (someone) to have sex against their will; “The woman was raped on her way home at night”
    # the act of despoiling a country in warfare
    # destroy and strip of its possession; “The soldiers raped the beautiful country”

    The fourth one definitely applies to her comments. She is being raped of her privacy, technically.


    • that 4th definition is not what she meant and you KNOW it. stop defending her and just admit that what she said was insensitive and ignorant. she is known for using words out of context. she’s not being stripped of anything. boohoo someone took a picture of me at a gas station waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. poor little old me. someone took a picture of me walking into a hotel. waaaaaaaah. someone took a picture of me at the airport. waaaaaaaaaaaah. if she has such an issue maybe her management team should stop tipping off the paps when she will be leaving/arriving at airports or when she is out and about. there are people who are way more famous than her and they don’t bitch about being famous in every interview like she does. wah wah wah. being photographed is in NO way like being violated physically in the form of rape. and she meant it in the sexual way and no other way – why? b/c she thinks she is smarter than she is and uses words incorrectly all the time.


    • @Ummmm

      I really can’t believe you are THAT ignorant. IF she hadn’t taken the time and paused to think about her answer I MIGHT be able to cut her some slack. IF she didn’t have a history of saying things to get a rise out of her fans and everyone around her, I might as well. IF she wasn’t just trying to get attention in this interview plain and simple (I suggest you read the whole thing) then maybe, JUST maybe I might buy that she made a mistake. The problem is that Kristen is pretty calculated in just about everythig she says. This was no accident and she could have said any number of things like I feel like I am being stalked, they are stalkers etc. Quite frankly even Kristen Stewart is not smart enough to make THAT distinction. She may have had time to think of a come back but not to say OK which context shall I use it in. The girl is NOT a genius, sorry. I stand by my blog and am about 99.999999% sure what she meant and she owes all of us an apology or is that just TOO much to ask of her heiness? I also love your compassion.. Thanks so much, just goes to show what kind of fans she has. They have almost as much class as she does.


  15. Wow.. I’m in shock and in tears. Who says something like that??? Has she any idea what the words she spoke mean???? I can’t believe it. Poor old Kristen, she suffers immensly bcz of fame and fortune. What a joke.

    Nans I’m sorry u had to go through such a horrible thing. And I’m sorry some
    retarded bitch’s words opened up ur wound again…


  16. Nans, I completely agree with you. That sort of comment should never have been made. Such comments are extremely hurtful to those who have been victims of such horrible crimes as well as the families of those people. In my opinion, rape can NOT be compared to anything!

    I applaud you for takng the time to write about your experience and your feelings. It took true courage and strength. I do hope that you can recover from this and be better than ever.

    I’m sending you a message on Facebook.


  17. Kristen Stewart is a worthless, twisted, pig. I’m sorry she said things that upset you. It’s unfortunate that good people can be devastated by the words of such a stupid and insignificant person. She is a boil on the butt of humanity.


  18. Nans i’m sorry you went though what you went though. Its horrible and nobody should ever have to go though that. I myself was raped and 16. It was horrible. And at 17 i was attacked and beaten and almost raped again. Its a horrid thing to deal with and try and get past. I can though see in her eyes why she would make that comment, and how it relates to what she deals with. The press hounds her and chasing her shoving cameras in her face is robbing her of her privacy, not saying thats anywhere near as bad as being raped but to me the comparison makes since. they are taking away her privacy like when your raped you are being robbed of diginty and so many other things that cant be put into words. she could of found better words to describe the way it feels but i think it was just her way of saying how horrible it is to deal with things like that. just because somebody is famous doesnt mean the press should be allowed to follow their every move, shove cameras in their faces and hound them. famous people are just normal people that deserve the right to privacy they should be allowed to walk down the street and not be hounded. normal everyday people drink underage smoke what ever they want to smoke and are not pubicaly hounded about it and stars should be able to lead a normal life to and the press is taking that away from her. her words dont upset me and i’ve ben through rape, a beating attemptive rape and was molested as a child by my uncle of all people. i dont think in any way she was trying to hurt people, she was just expressing how it makes her feel. i could imagine being hounded like she is takes a tole on you. i have been stalked and couldnt make a move with out all my inlaws knowing and its not a good feeling i assure you that. you shouldn’t let her words get to you so much and try and see things from her point of view. i dont follow her or rob and i know i dont read you blogs about them because i really dont care waht they do who they date and all that it just doesnt intrest me. not to be rude or anything but i just barley have time to do things i enjoy ya know i’m a busy girl. i love you though and i’m sorry you are going though this


  19. I’m absolutely enraged at the fact that she gets away with these idiotic remarks and yet these pathetic fans defend her. Neither her nor them know what it’s like to really be a victim. If they had any clue what it really felt like to be humiliated, dejected, and used they’d see the offense in belittling ever single person who was ever assaulted by making such a snide remark to just make it seem like she lives such a ‘hard life.’

    Nans, I truly am sorry you had to live through such a nightmare. It’s that iron will I know you best for that will help you look past all the ignorance.


    • ZachWinLover?? Hmmmm, wonder who this could be? bahahaha, love the name and thanks for cheering me up with it ❤ I love me some ZachWin too 🙂

      Well thank you girls for coming and supporting me in my time of need. You know I love you all and would be right there for you in the same instance. What Kristen has done is deplorable and Sarah, I just wish I could make you understand that she knew exactly what she was saying. You would have to follow Kristen and Rob as actors as much as I do as a blogger to understand what kind of vile, contemptible and ignorant things she has been known to say. She says and does things to get a rise out of people, calls her fans retards one second and the next she is saying how much she loves and appreciates them. She is first class hypocrite on a number of counts, so yeah I really don’t have any doubt in my mind that she meant exactly what she said and if not, WHY THE FUCK HASN'T SHE COME OUT WITH A STATEMENT AND APOLOGIZED??? Oh that’s right, she thinks she is above it all and shouldn’t have to…can we all say self important bitch?? Summit needs to do something about this because a shitstorm is coming their way and they have no idea. The Kristen Stewart Krisbian Army are just a very small faction of their billion dollar chunk of change they have taken in so far. Normal women like me spend a lot of money and WE are the ones who are offended and are spreading the news like wildfire of this horrendous act. She better come out with a public apology, just like the one I wrote about or I think there might be a little boycott coming their way, besides Rob is the main reason anyone sees those films anyway, like I said Pinnochio could play Bella better than she can and even smile more.


      • i dunno nans i just dont see getting that cought up in some famous persons life. sure i followed dave read everything about him watched everything about him. but when it came to his personal life and thoughs and feelings i wasnt concerned. didnt care who he dated or what he ate for dinner. my life is just too crazy busy to be so cought up in theirs…i can see how that statment would upset you. i dont know her or anything she says about anything but i feel like maybe everybody is reading too much into it…


  20. Nan,
    I think as many outlet should be shown this and any others out there to show this was very unexcusable. It really saddens me when someone defends her by saying it was a figure of speech or she didn’t mean it like that. Okay, maybe she didn’t mean it that way, it still does not excuse the comment. She hurt many people that have survived and haven’t survived this type of henious act. I agree Summit, Kirsten”s team, Kristen, and yes Rob Pattinson and his team should all be aware of how this interview has affected people. I do feel bad for Rob because he is being pulled into something he has no control over, but he is associated with her and I would like to see him stand up and comment on this along with Summit. Because in the long run they will be the ones that will be affected in the long run and possiblity the longes time.


    • I just sent a twilonger thingy to @Twilight but who knows if they even give a shit enough about us to come and read. I mean we spend our money but I am just one little person in the whole scheme of things. I swear if they don’t they are souless creatures that really only care about the bottom dollar and nothing else. I guess it would be asking too much for kristen herself to come and see what she has done but then would she even care?? I may be one person writing it but I speak for many. You know the one thing about being Rob’s fan is that 1) you know he would never say anything this crass 2) If by chance he did say something that was socially unacceptable that WAS HIS FAULT (Details negro quote aside), he would apologize. He has class 🙂


  21. nan, i find it funny how there are no crazy krisbians coming on here up in arms calling you a ‘jelus virgin cat lady h8tr’. maybe your story hit home for them and they realize that they can’t even try and defend her to you?


    • Spoke to soon, look below.


    • There’s nothing to defend – the comment was in poor taste.

      But there’s little that can or should be said to someone who views it as “being raped all over again.” Nan said she’s broken and nauseous and is actually losing sleep over this. The woman is clearly on the edge and struggling to maintain her sanity. I see no reason to help hasten her undoing by arguing with her.


      • Damn Gourd, I was wondering when you would show up. I was starting to miss you. “On the edge and struggling to maintain my sanity“? Wow. I don’t know if I would go that far but if you had ever been through what I had, you would feel the same my dear. Maybe I should have said “I feel like I have been violated once again“. Would that make it a little better for you and not sound like I am so “unhinged” God forbid, we wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea about me. Yeah, I have lost sleep over this remembering what it was like. Maybe I should have gotten counseling when it happened but I didn’t and so now I have to deal with it all over again. I had burried it and dealt with it and was fine for about 23 years (it took me almost 2 years to deal with it in the beginning) and now, it won’t win in the end but it did feel like it just happened all over when I read those words. She had no right to say them and you know as well as I did being the intelligent person that you are that she meant them just the way I think she did. Kristen loves to get a rise out of people and she certainly did this time. It will be something a lot of us never forget even some of her fans.

        Gourd, I want to thank you for your concern but don’t send the men in white coats just yet. I am going to be JUST FINE. I won’t let Kristen ruin me in the long run, this is just a temporary set back 😉


  22. ok I understand the anti-kstew bandwagon. I also understand the rape vic. Rape is one of those overused words, like Nazi, N*gg*r, B*tch. the list goes on and if your are going to single out Kristen then call out everyone for the miss use of these words for drama. otherwise you become the hypocrite.


    • “I also understand the rape vic”

      WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? I mean unless you have been in my shoes before. Have you gone through what I described in blue font in the blog? If you couldn’t guess, it is the toned down version of what I went through. If I read one more person that is defending that bitch saying they understand what I have gone through or they know what I am talking about I swear I will scream. This shit is making me lose sleep. I had to drink and take sleeping pills just to sleep through the night without waking up thinking about something I shouldn’t have to deal with 25 years later. As far as me being a hypocrite? Do you think I reserve all my anger for Kstew on every horrible thing that is ever said in America or let everything else slide? I hold everyone else accountable when they make offensive comments or do offensive things. The only thing that I did not have an issue with that people are now trying to use and the weakest and pathetic defense of what Stew has done is use The quote that was initiated by a black woman Jenny Lumet, in Details by Rob using the word Negro. NOT N***ER BUT NEGRO, so if someone wants to call me a hypocrite based on that one thing than they are not only ignorant but really too blind to see what Ms. Stewart said was so much worse than calling a black person a name that was once considered acceptable for them. Had Kristen even tried to come out and apologize by now I would think that she gave two shits about anything she said and did but it just goes to further prove my point that she is a sad excuse for a human being and she meant the words just as they came out of her mouth. She has no knowledge of the horrors of Rape, she has no right to use it as a metaphore and she is an insensitive cunt.,<—- yeah I fucking went there


      • *coughs* so just because saying negro was once acceptable, it is now too? Even though it’s meant as something demeaing and is associated with slavery and racism?

        It might’ve been negro he said, idgaf about what he said, but I think for someone been angry at another person for saying something out of line, you think before you type and then press submit. She said the words, you had longer time to think of what you wrote, things come out of your mouth quicker than the written word.

        And she has not have the time to arrange a public pressconference, or w/e, to appologize, yet. When the rage for what she had said started, she was practically on the plane to Austrailia!!

        I still don’t think what she said was ok. And I don’t think your blasé attitude towards the word n*gger is any better than her comment.


        • HOLD UP JUST A SECOND!! When the hell did I EVER say in my comment it was acceptable to use the word N*gger? Oh that’s right I didn’t. I don’t have a blasé attitude about racism what so ever as I have friends from all over the world that are different races. Two of my best friends are of Middle Eastern decent and when another person that used to be my friend made a crack about being associated with the jihad I went ballistic. Does that sound like a racist to you? Um NO. What I said AND meant about the situation with Rob that everyone is using as a scapegoat to cover up Kristen’s contemptible behavior is that Jenny Lumet A WOMAN OF COLOR initiated the comment, and then printed it obviously not feeling offended by it. The majority of people that were offended by it and that commented on the Details site were Kristen fans. I read every comment doing research for another blog. That magazine was a top seller for Details and I really didn’t hear about massive movements to boycott the magazine after the comment was made. It was because normal people who are not obsessed with Kristen and weren’t looking for a reason to cut Rob down *how dare he pose with anyone other than Kristen or not mention his true love* what’s the easiest way to do that? Hone into the one thing that would be deemed offensive to everyone IF you forget to mention he didn’t bring it up, he didn’t call someone a N*igger and then he swiftly apologized for it.

          As for Kristen barely having time for a press conference before she got on her plane to Australia. You are full of shit. When my son got hit by lightning not only was every major news organization in the country courting us for the story but the hospital had a press conference set up with in 24 hours. Kristen didn’t leave until when? When did the comment come out? Yeah, she had the time but didn’t care enough to do anything about it because Kristen is above it all. Don’t give me your sanctimonious bullshit here. I really don’t need it. You Kristen defenders NEVER cease to amaze me. You know all it would take is a simple public apology to all of us women and survivors (which she can do from anywhere in the world mind you). One in front of the press which seems to make her so uncomfortable and feel like she is viewing a rape, although she seemed to be loving every second of it yesterday, that’s so strange to me. I guess Kristen must not think rape is that bad to watch anymore.


          • The part that ticked me off:

            “so much worse than calling a black person a name that was once considered acceptable for them”.

            So please stop being mad at me for something you’re mad at someone else about. I misunderstood you, ok? I just felt that the way I understood it then was a bit hypocritical, but I misunderstood, as said.

            And if you’re so angry at Kristen stop watching interviews and listening to radio shows, or read interviews or whatever. You don’t NEED to watch them, or subject yourself to that. IGNORE her, it IS possible BY AVOIDING THE BLOODY VIDEOS

            It can’t be nice to be so fucking angry, I’ve been angry to the point of trying to take my own life, so I know anger is really destructive. Be the better person and leave it behind you.

            I’m not going to read your whole comment because I probably agree with a lot of it. And I’m a fucking bitch myself, so I’m not going to hate her for it. I don’t hate ANYONE I don’t know. I don’t hate those girls who bullied me, kicked and hit me, those girls who bullied my twin sister who had cancer because she had cancer – because they’re not the same people anymore. I don’t know them.

            You do not know Kristen, you can hate her for that comment, but you cannot hate her as a person. I cannot “love” Kristen, but I can “like” what she stands for. So hate what she stands for, but not hate her as a person.

            And, I think you’re being a bit over dramatical “I guess Kristen must not think rape is that bad to watch anymore”. Really, REALLY? Ok, I think you’re reading a bit too much into this. They were two different statements said and completely different times. They have no relation to each other. They’re extremely contradicting, and I don’t know myself what the fuck she’s doing right now.

            Try to move on from this and deal with what’s going on in your life. I don’t think (my opinion, doesn’t make me think it’s the “truth”) it was simply Kristen that brought this up again, but simply sped up the process and made it worse. Yes, IT’S HORRIBLE TO SAY THAT. But don’t put that blame completely on her, as you’ve said there’s a lot else going on in your life, it’s got to be tough, so tough times makes you remember other tough times.

            Take care 🙂


        • Rebecca this in response to your last commment, I just didn’t have room for it in the tiny little space provided. 🙂

          I’m not mad at you at all. I might have been the other day but i don’t even think I was then, more dissapointed that you didn’t see what I said and you thought I might be a racist because I am the farthest thing from it. My husband is to some degree and it makes me sick.

          As far as watching Kristen in videos, it is hard to stay away sometimes. I try to and I will definitely try harder after this. I guess you could call it morbid curiousity up until now but I just don’t think I can handle it now, or at least until she apologizes and TRIES to become accountable for some of her actions. I still just don’t get why she feels the need to act the way she does. It is not like it really makes her cool, badass or feirce. It is a perception that a very small group of followers have of her. The rest of America kind of look down on her…take for instance the thing on GLEE last week where they called her a bitch. That was NATIONAL TV with millions of viewers. Many more than Twilight I assure you and they were making a fool out of her. I want to pity her but I am just at the end of my rope right now.

          “And, I think you’re being a bit over dramatical “I guess Kristen must not think rape is that bad to watch anymore”.

          Honestly, I can’t help how I feel about this. She opened up that can of worms and for her to say the one thing and act like they torment her one second and then her egging it on the next is just a contradiction of mass proportions.

          I don’t even know what to say about you being bullied except I am so sorry and to know that someone did it to your sister with cancer makes me mad beyond belief. Cancer is something I am very passionate about and a cause I support as much as I can. You can look at my side bar to see the causes I support. I don’t know what it was like to be bullied. I was the girl, even though I was a cheerleader and on danceteam that would not only kick someones ass if they even thought about bullying me but if they would pick on anyone else in school that didn’t deserve it. I liked everyone whether it was cool to like them or not.

          As far as me being too angry, I assure you do not have to worry about me. I am on enough mood stabilizing drugs to kill a horse. They are for my seizures but also have the properties to keep my massive bi-polar under control. This anger I showed towards Kristen was nothing. I am good…trust me. No real anger here, I’m pretty much over that part of it .

          For the record, am moving on, slowly but surely. I wrote my next note as an apology to my friends about this note and it was the first step no matter how small it is. I have decided that life is too short to hate kristen and she isn’t worth my energy to do so, but like I said I will never agian feel sorry for her because she makes the life she is living with all of the obnoxious things she does. You do not see Robert having the same problems as her and he has a much larger fanbase. Thanks for the response and you take care too 😀


        • I am Black and if someone Calls me a Nigger even my family i get fucking pissed Negro does not bother me or any black person i know.


  23. omg nans i’m so sorry!! it just breaks my heart what your going though. kristen’s comment was extremely uncallled for, does she not realize the power of her words? you have to be careful of what you say! she just doesn’t think before she speaks. when she 1st started acting she had to of known that papparazzi were/are part of the package….nothing you can do about it so get over it kristen! she needs to realize that there are consequences to her actions and the things she says. NOTHING compares to rape.


  24. You’re story breaks my heart (toned down. I don’t know how I can handle the full version). This is the generation of rewarding bad behavior. Bad Girls Club, Pretty Wild, etc. We like to highlight the bad behavior in people (we is general, definitely not us). I know people who are put off by her “retarded” comments like others are offended by her rape comment. After seeing her pics of her smiling leaving LAX then acting out in Australia, it enrages me more. You know what’s fierce? Not her being a bada**, those that have survived such trauma. The survivors. That’s fierce. I can’t with her anymore. If she could fall of the face of the Hollywood planet that would be fantastic. Seriously. After Breaking Dawn people will drop her like a bad habit.


  25. I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…


  26. I’m sorry for what you have been through, and I think you, and all victims of sexual assault, are incredibly strong!

    Though I don’t agree completely with your perception of Kristen, but I don’t think I’d agree with anyone there, I agree that she should go out publicly and apologize for that statement. It was out of line, and nothing justifies it.

    I do think she meant it differently (doesn’t make it ok, not by far!), this comment here says sort of what I think she meant the one about Britney.

    It’s still not the same thing, and her comment makes me nauseous. A year ago I was almost raped myself. Rape is… rape. What she goes through is something else, but it isn’t anywhere close to it.


    • And I didn’t mean that I know what you are going through with saying “last year I was almost raped”, I just wanted to say with it that I didn’t think the comment was ok by saying it.

      I have no idea what you have been through, you are unique. I wish you the best of luck in life 🙂


      • I know what you meant, no worries sweetie 😀 and thanks for the nice comments. I understand that people really want to see the good in this girl and I really did once too. Maybe one day she will grow up and surprise us all…I truly hope so.


  27. I’d like to think that she was being the thoughtless immature twenty year old she is, but she’s so calculating in other publicity courting (that ipod “slip” in the same article, WAS SO DELIBERATE!) that it had to be a choice in wording to get attention.

    At best she’s an idiot for it and at worst she’s just scum for belittling women who have been attacked.

    I’m sorry that happened to you and sorry that this flippant comment of hers brought it back to the front of your thoughts.


  28. It’s not her fault you all are blinded by your ~hate or in you case the terrible expirience you’ve made. You don’t even realize what she was actually saying. You just twist the words in her mouth and let her look like the idiot who makes jokes about rape.

    I’m sorry what happened to you. My best friend was raped by two guys when she was 14. I was the only one who was there for her when she tried to commit suicide, when she had depressions and even had to go to a mental clinic after her second suicide attempt.

    I cannot find the words for what the experience must have been like but do you really want to blame her for that? Or other people who are talking about it or even making jokes? I think you know what she actually meant by saying this and your anger for her is not actually for her but for someone else?! Think about it.

    And you can hate me for that but I don’t think Kristen should apologize, I wouldn’t, either. Why should she apologize for people misunderstanding her and twisting the words in her mouth?!

    /Sorry for my English.


    • @Just Me I am getting the impression that you are NOT the same Just Me that commented above seeing as how you both have very different stances on the subject. I am going to call you JM because it is easier to differentiate the two of you IF it is two separate people feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

      “You don’t even realize what she was actually saying. You just twist the words in her mouth and let her look like the idiot who makes jokes about rape.”

      One first quote I think it is fairly apparent to any rape victim exactly how she meant what she said. There are two ways to say rape in the contexts that people are saying. She could have said “it gives you the feeling of being raped“, which could have been taken horribly wrong but also could have been explained in the fact that you could be raped of your privacy. BUT she said “it is like I am seeing someone being raped“. Seeing someone being raped is what it is. It is an act of violence and nothing more. Kristen took the time to think about her words before she said them or I might be able to excuse the fact that she just grossly misused something that is so personal to so many women around the world. She is calculating in everything she does and says as one person above commented her iPod incident in the interview. That was no mistake, it was deliberate. When the interviewer didn’t bite by sneaking a peek at the pictures she basically shoved them in her face so she would write that she was with some one that could or could not be Rob, you know “keeping something for herself”. MY point? Kristen is cold and calculating when it comes to what comes across on paper to her fans because she knows it will keep an interest in her career. This is not the first unacceptable thing she has said or done but it is the worst. No one is twisting anything and no one is saying she jokes about rape, they are saying that she uses the word like it just doesn’t matter and that what we have been through is less important than what her sorry little butt goes through on a daily basis when the fact is, she is less hunted down when she is not chasing all over the world after Rob or calling the papz to draw attention to herself so hey maybe her management should stop calling, stop having her do the photo shoots and red carpet events that she hates so much and she can go back to doing the indie movies that she loves so much that no one really sees.

      “My best friend was raped by two guys when she was 14. I was the only one who was there for her when she tried to commit suicide”

      I am truly sorry about your friend, which perplexes me to no end why you fight for this girl who has slapped us all in the face with her hurtful comment and made no attempt to say one word about it. Summit or her management hasn’t even issued something saying she will address it when she comes back.

      “I cannot find the words for what the experience must have been like but do you really want to blame her for that? Or other people who are talking about it or even making jokes? I think you know what she actually meant by saying this and your anger for her is not actually for her but for someone else?! Think about it.”

      I thank you for your kind words and of course I don’t blame Kristen for what happened to me so long ago. I do blame her for causing me to have to dredge it up. My anger is not misplaced, it is for the right person and I really do try to understand that the ignorant assholes that are defending her (no offense) are just so obsessed that they don’t even take the time to have a clue what they are talking about. One day if it is ever them in the position I was in (god forbid) they may regret their words but until they are put in such an extreme situation they will never understand unless Kristen herself comes out and says “hey rape is not cool, it is serious and not a joking matter. Women do not deserve to get raped because they are not fans of mine“. Even Kristen for as much as I disrespect her right now, would not agree with their thoughts on that matter I am sure.

      “And you can hate me for that but I don’t think Kristen should apologize, I wouldn’t, either. Why should she apologize for people misunderstanding her and twisting the words in her mouth?!”

      JM why would I hate you? You seem like you are a young girl and you just don’t know any better. If you truly believe that she is being misunderstood then you are naïve but you know that is how her PR team is going to play it down so I suspect that the majority of her fans will feel that way except the fans that see what is right before their eyes. Some of which have come here and commented.


  29. Here’s the thing.
    I am in no way condoning what she said, it was irresponsible and I absolutely think she needs to apologize for her words. But all the people calling her a whore and a cunt and saying she should kill herself for that statement are reeeeally no better at all. The thing is, Kristen Stewart is not the first person to misuse the word rape, and the word rape is not the only one to be thrown around in a way that belittles its meaning and impact. I can’t tell you how many times I hear the word rape thrown around almost daily and in MUCH worse context than her, for example ‘I totally raped you in Halo’ or ‘This song is raping my ears’. Does that make it okay to use? No, it doesn’t. But all the people getting upset over her misuse of the word and then reacting to it by using words like ‘cunt’ and wishing suicide on her are just perpetuating our society’s idea of taking words with serious impact and demeaning them to the point that we can use them without thinking twice about it unless we were personally affected. I’m deeply sorry for what happened to you and I know I can never begin to understand what you’re going through, but the sad truth is, she is just a product of society. I have a friend with clinical depression who constantly contemplates suicide, and I live in constant fear that one of these days she will make good on her promises. I would never ever say that someone should just go kill themselves, no matter what they say or do. I admit I am guilty of misusing other words, including murder and probably even rape, but this entire controversy has been an eye opener for me and has made me realize just how much we as a society carelessly use words and I guarantee from now on I will be more careful with my words. The people who are upset over what she said have every right to be upset, but calling her these horrible sexist words and wishing death on her are doing nothing but perpetuating the real issue here.


    • You know I saw your comment a few hours ago and I had to step away and think about it for awhile. I didn’t want to come in and write something and regret it or say something only to find out I was being a complete hypocrite.

      You said some things that threw me a little because I am trying to figure out if you were implying that I was saying that I wanted Kristen to die or had called her the vile names that you mentioned in your comment. I won’t lie I HAVE said those names before when I was extremely mad, mainly to my husband about his girlfriend but if the shoe fits. I have however not said in my blogs that Kristen is a c*nt or wanted to kill her. I didn’t even want to kill her when I read those statements. Did I want her to go crawl under the rock I felt she had crawled out from under? Yes, but I rarely wish death on anyone. You know the saying, be careful what you wish for? After my son’s last words before he was struck down by lightning were “what’s the worst that can happen, am I going to get struck by lightning?” I don’t ever tempt fate or anything else. I wouldn’t wish death or actual physical harm on anyone unless I just wasn’t thinking with a clear head.

      As far as the names I actually take it back. I have called her a bitch on many occasions and I don’t think I am alone in that sentiment. I mean common, the TV show Glee mentioned her as a bitch in their opening segment last week. It’s no secret that she is considered a bitch and she doesn’t try and change that image at all so I don’t feel sorry for calling her that. I have also been guilty of calling her a famewhore. I am sure her fans are going to jump all over my shit and try and make a comparison to the rape comment. So I am going to show them the complete difference in a fame whore and a whore.

      Definition of a media whore ie: famewhore:

      media whore
      1.(derogatory) A person who craves media attention; someone who will apparently do anything to remain in the media spotlight. (kind of like show a reporter your iPod when not asked to)


      1.A prostitute.
      2.(pejorative) A person who is considered to be sexually promiscuous (see also: slut).
      3.A person who is unscrupulous, especially one who compromises their principles for gain.
      (<—okay so maybe this one fits a little)

      She used rape in a way that instead of saying I “feel like I am being raped” ie: raped of my privacy, she said “I feel like I am seeing someone get raped” and that is a violent act and cannot be taken any other way, no matter how much you want to believe it or how you try and spin it.

      As far as the word RAPE being used in such an impudent way, I don’t even know what to say except I guess you could be right. I see that it happens but it is wrong all the same. The difference is that the ones that seem to say these things are generally kids (which does not make it right by any means) but she is not a child. The other thing that everyone keeps trying to make light of is the fact that she continually makes these incendiary type of comments and she does it on purpose. She does it to push peoples buttons and the worst thing is that she constantly gets away with it and the children that look up to her think it is awesome and cool when she does this. I can’t speak for everyone in society and I can’t understand why it is so easy to say the things that people do but I can tell you one thing. The people that are going around saying things like rape all the time are number one not in the public eye and they are not saying it to the media. They are not getting their pictures taken flipping people off and showing a lack of respect for not only their employers but all their fans to be forever archived so they can be seen througout history. What this girl is doing to the Twilight Saga, Summit Entertainment and Rob whether they know it or not is a travesty. As far as your friend, I am sorry that you have someone that is still having issues because I know that can be so hard. I have been through more than most people could ever survive, I know I will survive this though because I survived it when it originally happened.

      I can’t tell you why people say and do the things they do. To call Kristen a c*nt and say she should kill herself, is wrong. It’s no secret that I don’t like her but I do draw a line at what is and isn’t acceptable. To say she should disappear as soon as the Twilight saga is done is a whole different story.


      • Sorry I tried to be more broad about that, I wasn’t saying that you yourself said she should kill herself, it was more of a broad statement. I’ve read a lotttt of comments about this whole thing where people are (rightfully) upset at her for what she said but then turn around and say things like that as if it’s any better. What I’m trying to say is that that people saying things like that without thinking are basically doing exactly what she did. We probably have to agree to disagree here but I genuinely don’t believe she said what she said knowing exactly the impact it would have on so many people. Personally I am a fan of her but I can accept that sometimes she says stupid things; this is one of those times. She fucked up royally by saying what she did and I absolutely think she needs to apologize, but to say that she said it knowing fully well what she was really implying and knowing that it would set people off is absurd in my opinion. Kristen Stewart seems to be one of the least calculating people in Hollywood right now; to me, she comes off as someone who was thrown into this worldwide fame basically overnight, and unlike her costars, can’t really handle it very well despite being barraged by it constantly for over two years. She comes off as an awkward person who doesn’t just have the answers to everything right there and has to really think about what she’s trying to say, and because of that she stumbles a lot and says some stupid things. I don’t think she should be faulted for that; that’s just how she is. You’ll have to clarify if there’s anything else you’re referring to when you say that she continually says these types of things on purpose, but in my opinion, the only thing she seems to do in all her interviews is talk the way she would talk to friends or something. While that is one of the things I usually like about her interviews I can see why people would dislike it, because it does come off as really, really informal and therefore kind of unprofessional. No she isn’t a kid anymore but you have to remember that she is still quite young, she’s barely out of her teens. I’m pretty much a year and a half younger than her and I’ve said plenty of stupid things that probably would have gotten me in a lot of trouble if said around certain people.

        In terms of your differentiating between what she could have said and what she did say, I gotta say I don’t see much of a difference. If she had said that she felt like she was being raped she would have gotten just as much flack for it as she’s getting right now. In both phrases I AM seeing her say that she’s being raped of her privacy. She should have just avoided the damn word altogether and said instead that they make her feel VIOLATED, but as long as she said what she did say I can see what she meant. As well, she’s not even the first famous person to make a poor analogy using rape. A few months ago, Natalie Portman did an interview in which she basically compared EATING MEAT to rape, which I’d have to say is still a lot worse and more inexcusable seeing as how she is older and should be a lot smarter about that. I’m not using that to excuse Kristen but what I’m saying is that being in the public eye doesn’t mean that you automatically become a big PR machine that knows all the right things to say. Celebrities are still human, they are still capable of saying stupid things without thinking and while that doesn’t make them right, it doesn’t mean we should be calling for their head on a plate either.

        Sorry if this seems like a lot of rambling, in a nutshell what I’m saying is that yes she was wrong to use that analogy, yes people are right to be pissed at her for it, but I truly think all she’s guilty of is saying something without really thinking; I’m positive she didn’t go through this interview trying to come up with more ways to piss people off.


        • Thank you for replying and clearing up what you meant. As far as the things that Kristen says that are calculating, right now I wish I could think of some. Had someone asked me the other day I had a laundry list. I am just dealing with a lot of things and would like to NOT think about Kristen that much or at least the things she says anymore. (I’ll get back to you with the list later when I remember)

          When I tried to differientiate between the two uses of RAPE…God, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think she should have gone anywhere near the word. The thing is, I am hearing people claim she meant one while saying the other and I was trying to point out the difference in how she would had to say it for it to have been legitimately taken the way they say. Would it have still been offensive?? Of course, but she could have had an argument that “well…this is what I meant when I said it” which didn’t sound like a load of shit to anyone who kind of knows her MO. I have no problem agreeing to disagreeing with people on Kristen. Some people are going to think she should win award for miss congeniality and some won’t. My purpose of blogging about her was never about trying to make anyone hate her or even showing hate towards her. maybe disappointment and disapproval that she shows no accountability and she is constanly given a pass for the behavior she has due to her being so young but that excuse will wear thin soon enough.

          Last thing. I am in utter shock that Natalie Portman made a reference to Rape when talking about eating meat. Did she use the exact word? If so, as much as I love natalie, she just went down a least 20 notches in my book of respect and coolness. 😦

          *There is just no excuse to do it NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE whether I am a fan of theirs or not.


          • Oh okay, sorry for the misunderstanding. I understood you weren’t really saying she should have used the analogy in a better WAY, I was just confused about the difference in meaning between the two. I do agree that the other way probably would have been easier to explain, but how I see it, what she was saying was that looking at these pictures was like watching someone be raped of their privacy. Either way she could say that she did not mean for it to be taken literally, the way she said it might be harder to see but not to the point where the only way she could have meant it to be taken was literally.

            By the way, here’s a link to the Natalie Portman thing:

            It’s the second highlighted paragraph down. Reading it again I don’t think she was DIRECTLY comparing the two, but she definitely could have used a much better analogy, much like miss Stewart over here. I guess what we can agree on is that nothing should ever be compared to rape, by anyone.



              Rape is just not something to take lightly or a word that people should throw around like it means nothing. This why I am so disgusted with Kristen and I guess I will be with Natalie when I go and view this.

              For all you Krisbians, I do not reserve my judgements only for Kristen. I am not a hypocrite when it comes to this, it doesn’t matter who you are…even if Rob said it, I would be disgusted with him too.


  30. I just read your blog and your story really touched me. Rape is such a strong word that most people don’t associate it with anything other than being sexually assualted. So it really makes me mad when people defend Kristen because its clear she meant rape as in being sexually assaulted. Further proof of her meaning rape is when she says and am paraphrasing here “it’s like watching someone being rape”. I mean how do you watch someone have their privacy taken away from them? That’s the excuse her fans are making. Their argument fails them because you can only watch a rape victim not the other defintions they are trying to give to her words. Also everyone has things in their jobs which they hate yet they still deal with it because that’s life. So her thing is the paparazzi and its time she learns to deal. What makes her so special that she feels she doesn’t have to deal with the hard things in life?


    • THANK YOU SO MUCH for making that distinction. I am so sick of people excusing what she did and trying to call it something else. Like I said in one of my comments that had she said “it feels as though I am being raped” even though it would have been very offensive and a wrong choice of words, she could have at least had the defense they are using now and said, I made an erroneous choice of wording…end of story. She did not however and what she said cannot be construed as anything other than what I said in my blog. I am trying to come to terms with what happened to me again. You know I realize that what happened to me happened a long time ago but reading those words just ripped open a wound I was not prepared to have opened or to deal with in this way. I think at this point all anyone wants is a public apology from Kristen but that would mean she has to acknowledge that she made contemptible statement and I honestly do not think she will.


  31. I don’t think Kristen will apologize because right now she is the golden girl and the golden girl in the eyes of the entertainment media can do no wrong. I have only seen two bloggers go after her about these comments, yet nothing in the mainstream media. She has constantly had a bad attitude and every other word that comes out of her mouth is a swear word. Yet people (well let’s be honest her fans) tend to ignore this along with the entertainment media. They keep trying to shove down this shy girl image down our throats. I don’t buy if for one minute that girl is not shy she just comes off as awkward because she acts like someone else in interviews when she is being film. Notice how different she acts when she is giving an interview to a magazine vs. one on TV. If she is so real then she would curse on TV as well but she doesn’t. Because its much easier to continue to promote this shy girl image. She’s a fake because she gives you one face during magazine interviews and another one during TV interviews. At least if you’re going to stand there and give the attitude of I just don’t care then be that person in both mediums. Let’s take Megan Fox as an example now I don’t think she’s a great actress and or role model but at least she is the same during TV interviews and magazine interviews. Megan speaks her mind in TV interviews and in magazine interviews. Emma Waston someone I respect more than Megan and Kristen is sweet and down to earth in TV interviews and in magazines. These girls don’t switch into someone else what you see is what you get with them and that is the definition of being real. Kristen grew up in the business and her parents work in the business so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that she would get photograph. Yet she acts like she just walked into the fame thing and just now realized what it entails. I don’t buy it. Now Robert Pattinson is someone who just walked into it and you can tell because he is the same person in TV interviews and in magazine interviews, yet he manages to act more gracefully. I don’t pretend to know what you’ve been through but I do understand how words can reopen wounds and its just irritating how she uses such a strong word so lightly. I hope you are feeling better 🙂


    • “I don’t think Kristen will apologize because right now she is the golden girl and the golden girl in the eyes of the entertainment media can do no wrong. I have only seen two bloggers go after her about these comments, yet nothing in the mainstream media.”

      I think she has a top notch PR team that keeps her ass just enough under the radar that none of the mainstream media will do shit. Take for instance, I e-mailed every single large newspaper and network in the country about her atrocious comments concerning rape and not one of them has done anything. Now in their defense, she left the country soon after I sent my e-mails but still you would think that they would have at least printed something about it. There is no way of spinning this into what her fans are claiming so she either has some smart PR people or rape just doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things. The Today show can report on John and Cate Gosling and stupid shit like that but let a blatant gross remark about raping someone go just like it was never said.

      “She has constantly had a bad attitude and every other word that comes out of her mouth is a swear word. Yet people (well let’s be honest her fans) tend to ignore this along with the entertainment media. They keep trying to shove down this shy girl image down our throats. I don’t buy if for one minute that girl is not shy she just comes off as awkward because she acts like someone else in interviews when she is being film. Notice how different she acts when she is giving an interview to a magazine vs. one on TV. If she is so real then she would curse on TV as well but she doesn’t. Because it’s much easier to continue to promote this shy girl image.”

      Well, I am not defending her but I have to say I swear like a sailor so I can’t say anything about that BUT I am not a role model to hundreds of thousands of young girls either and I don’t sit around advocating smoking cigarettes, smoking pot or underage drinking among other things. She has a shitty attitude and she knows it. The whole shy girl image is a joke and for her to even try and play that off is an insult to anyone with a brain but somehow she gets away with it. I just can’t believe that Oprah tried to sell that load of crap to us. Just because she shrunk down in the presence of Rob (on Oprah) because he is superior to her in every way does not mean she is shy it just means she feels inferior and she didn’t dare pull her shit of trying to make him look stupid or like a pussy whipped bitch like she does the rest of the time because she has that middle child spoiled brat syndrome and has to have all the attention on her at every moment.

      As far as her trying to pretend to be one thing and then being another, I completely agree. Why hide what you are? If you want to be some badass fierce bitch, be it. I was talking to my landlord yesterday when we were together and we were actually talking about my almost ex-husband. He was saying he didn’t understand why he didn’t just act one way all of the time and not have to pretend to be something sometimes when he was actually something all of the time. I whole heartedly agreed and just said “hey I am a bitch. I know I am one, I don’t pretend to be anything other than what I am and people either love me or they hate me but at the end of the day I am who I am and no one can take that away from me”. I don’t understand why Kristen doesn’t just apply that same way of thinking to her life. Own who you are because at the end of the day you are still going to be you and nothing is going to change that. Her fans love her so much that way anyway, so own it. Oh that’s right, her fans are only such a small part of the Twi fandom because the majority of people are fans because of Rob NOT her and the parents will absolutely NOT let their daughters watch something with someone like her in it if Summit and her PR team don’t put her in check. Like I said in my blog, she is going to take them all down and sink that ship faster than the Titanic if they don’t muzzle her and put the reins on her quickly.

      “Kristen grew up in the business and her parents work in the business so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that she would get photographed. Yet she acts like she just walked into the fame thing and just now realized what it entails. I don’t buy it. Now Robert Pattinson is someone who just walked into it and you can tell because he is the same person in TV interviews and in magazine interviews, yet he manages to act more gracefully”.

      The whole photo thing with her is a load of crap too. She has seen how it is her whole life. Anyone who says they don’t want that life when they go to Hollywood and just go their for the art of making movies is full of shit and there is a small theater in middle America waiting for them somewhere. Kristen could stand to do some theater, it might actually teach her the fundamentals of acting which is something she is surely missing. This whole BULLSHIT story yesterday they concocted yesterday while leaving Oz about the papz harassing her, to try and justify her rape comment just makes me sick. Did you see the pics? Her with her pained face…awwwe poor Kristen. The problem was she was surrounded by police and every other pic that you could find there were absolutely NO PAPZ anywhere to be found. Can we say PR to cover your ass? Then the rumors of Rob flipping someone off a day after she pulls that shit on her balcony. God when are these fucking people gonna learn. DON’T USE ROB TO MAKE HER LOOK BETTER. It will never happen except to such a small faction of sheep that all you do is shoot yourself in the foot. Summit should be really careful how they broach this because when it all plays out, Rob will be the actor that they will want to call back for projects. Kristen couldn’t even draw enough people in the theater to make back the gross production costs of The Runaways. She is not going to be a headliner, as where Rob will. With each movie he makes, he gets more and more experienced and works with better actors that only sing his praises about how talented and pleasant he is to work with. He has no PR team to filter this through and he hasn’t been in Hollywood his whole life so you know it is actually the truth not some PR BS or nepotism and family connections.

      “I don’t pretend to know what you’ve been through but I do understand how words can reopen wounds and it’s just irritating how she uses such a strong word so lightly. I hope you are feeling better :)”

      Thank you I am feeling better every day although I am still pissed that she is just never ever held accountable for anything she does. I have blogged about this for I don’t know how long. Even in my blogs that were aimed at the crazy fans and were more empathetic towards her life I talked about accountability. I think it is an important part of being a grown up and for the fans to give some bullshit excuse that she is young and still growing up…please. My 12 year old daughter is more accountable for her actions than Kristen so what is that saying? That’s saying that Kristen is pretty fucking pathetic if she can’t own up to her own mistakes and act her age. All she does is set the example to all these girls that it is OK to be a piece of shit that doesn’t have to answer for anything in their life. It’s everyone else’s fault. Wahhh fucking wahhh K, grow up.


  32. I agree with you about accountability and it looks like the comment has picked up major steam and she finally apologize. Whether or not she means it or if she just apologize because everyone was asking her to only she would know. I really hope she thinks before she talks next time. Am glad you are feeling better 🙂


  33. You are just overreacting the whole thing. I don’t see why she needs to apologize for this. It is just ridicolous. I actually too see it as a photographic rape, every time they harass that much somebody. Is an analogy. So stop that whining argument, and send all your frustration (understandable) to the rapist that did it to you, not to the rest of humanity. And so you get it, you are not the only one, being in that situation and survive. You start to cry, is just so ridicolous.


    • They are not the only person you took offense to Kristen’s comment, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network also critized the comparison stateing that it’s a violent crime rather than just an intrusion. I guess that means that they are taking out their frustration on the rest of humanity as well I have to give Kristen credit, she realized the huge difference between rape and what is what the paps do and had the class to do something she never does when she makes a remark that resuklts in backlash…she apologized. Unfortunely, the clas that she displayed doesn’t appear to be a quaility some of her fans like you have. Critizing a rape survior for crying over Kristen’s comparison and accusing them of taking their rape out of the rest of humanity is disgusting and tacky.


      • I just had to comment again. I find it really funny how Kristen fans want to get mad at you for FEELING angry about her statement. Yet Kristen is allow to say and FEEL what she wants. Can we say HYPOCRITES. Thank you case close!


    • Who are you to say when someone is overreacting? People will feel what they feel, depending on the given situation. All people (especially those whom have gone through traumas) heal in their own time.

      Your comment shows your ignorance and general lack of understanding of the world around you.


  34. So everyone is talking about this apology and I have to weigh in because I am having a hard time with it. I suppose I should just be happy with what I got but I don’t understand how hard it would have been or would be for her now that she is back in the states to make a formal PUBLIC apology in front of the press. This statement seems watered down and a little forced. It also seems like it was written for her so that rings hollow for me. Does someone know her well enough to mirror what she might say? Yes and I am not convinced she actually took the time to write or come up with this statement herself and therefore feel that to rectify the situation she should still be made to give a formal apology in front of cameras etc. Of course what I want as a victim and what most women that are not obsessive fans want really doesn’t matter because once again Kristen has managed to get a slap on the hand for something so offensive and hurtful no woman in their right mind should ever want to see one of her movies again.

    Here are her quotes and you tell me if they do not sound like a person from her PR team just answered each complaint with a little quote:

    “I really made an enormous mistake – clearly and obviously,” Stewart, currently in Korea to promote the new installment of the Twilight series Eclipse, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “And I’m really sorry about my choice of words.”

    To me this is just pandering to kiss everyone’s ass and is not a heartfelt apology.

    “I’ve made stupid remarks before, and I’ve always reasoned: ‘Whatever. They can think what they want,” she says.

    Here she shows her true self, that it is always someone else’s faultnever hers, not even this time.

    ” ‘Violated’ definitely would have been a better way of expressing the thought,” she notes.

    Funny how she picked that word up after we all basically told her PR and Summit what words might have been more acceptable. Couldn’t she just think for herself instead of have to be told by her PR that was the appropriate thing to say?

    “People thinking that I’m insensitive about this subject rips my guts out. I made a big mistake.”

    She only acknowledges she made a mistake long after people freak out and it takes her days and days to recognize this until massive pressure is put on her AND Summit with threats to boycott the Twilight Saga if she didn’t apologize. A forced apology is NOT what anyone wanted. They wanted a sincere one.


  35. oh boy
    like i said earlier, i just discovered this blog tonight
    I am so sad that you were assaulted…my sister in law was beaten and raped at 16(she was a virgin). he followed her into the elevator in her apt. bldg, pushed the stop and beat and raped her…she is 30 years old now . I am only telling you this so you know that someone very close to me was raped.
    I think that Kristen is a very immature and ignorant girl. As we all know now she has apologized….although it was too little too late. The more I learn about her the less there is to like.
    I dont understand how she still won Best Actress at the MTV thing….i guess it is because all of the Twilight people. It is really sad and shameful.
    I feel like i am in the twilight zone though ( pun intended) I have learned a lot of sad and depressing things that i would have been better off not knowing about (robsten fanatics etc….)
    Anyway, it really has no importance to my “real” life and I hope that people can get a brain and are able to see what is right in front of them and stop making crap up (robsten crap )that doesnt exist!!!!


    • Thanks for stopping by! I am really sorry for waht your sister in law went through. Mine was similar but I was not in a familiar place. Kristin is an ignorant girl and someday she will understand the weight of her words. Some little forced apology isn’t what anyone wanted or needed. It was an effort to try and keep people from seeing a tragedy unwind before their very eyes. This girl has issues, clearly and I hope that whatever they are she can figure it out because between what she said about the Papz and rape and her famous hand genstures in countries that are only trying to welcome her, she is losing respect fast and believe me, it is NOT just from Nonsten or as people like to say “Kristen Haters”. Summit can only do so much to clean this girls image up at the expense of their other actors. There is going to come a point where she needs to FINALLY take responsibility for herself….ummm, gee. Isn’t that the only thing that “haters” have wanted all along? BTW, I’ve gotten over the initial shock of this whole thing and I am moving on, just as I knew that I would be able to but I am having a really hard time accepting that apology or as I lkike to call it ~ a pathetic attempt at placating the public to try and cover her ass before a major movie premier.


  36. Cool post. Thanks!


  37. Huzzah! New update! You’ve clearly been working on your writing skills. Very well done 🙂 Thank you so much for the originality of well – you!


    • Well thanks,vut I wrote this a LONG time ago. You must not come here very often so I will have to try and write more so that you will come check the site more often!! I am trying to work on a blog right now but it is taking me a little longer than I wanted it to, keep a look out for it in the next few weeks 🙂


  38. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re amazing! Thanks!


    • I assure you this post was written by me and any info that I get from anyone else or in my research I ALWAYS give credit because that is what I expect from people that come here and take info from me although people have come here before and stolen info and placed it on their sites just to attack me because of my points of view differ from theirs so maybe you have just seen MY writing someplace that it should not be. Thank you for the compliment though 🙂


  39. I just found your blog on Ask Jeeves, a really good read.


    • Thank you so much, it was a difficult subject to write about but important to me and cathartic in the long run 🙂


    • Thanks!! 😀


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  41. […] Kristen Stewart: Rape as a Spectator Sport? […]


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    • Thank you, I appreciate all the nice comments. I try hard to provide quality material for my readers and hope to get back to writing full time very soon 🙂


  44. At times it’s easier to only take a step again and also understand that not everybody shares your own values


    • I am VERY aware not everyone shares my values or opinions especially when it concerns Kristen Stewart but seeing as how since this article was published she has not done anything to better herself as a person or even try to and has now gone into full on blame everyone else for her mistakes mode or in other words don’t blame the “young innocent girl” who was obviously taken advantage of (BULLSHIT) with her latest scandal. As far as I am concerned she is a waste of human space and needs to go and crawl under a rock until no one remembers her shitty acting, horrible antics or her name.


  45. This site truly has all of the info I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.


    • I am not sure exactly what info you were looking for in particular but if it pertains to Kristen Stewart or Robsten (the non fairy tale reality of it all), I Do have info and have no problem sharing it with the world and exposing her, her crazy fans and all of the vitriol that is spewed all in the name of Robsten :/


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    • Alright, I am not really sure how to respond to this but i will give it a go. Are you “shiny and happy because I raked the little troll over the coals? If so, then we are all good because she is a bitch troll that can go die in my book and I really wouldn’t lose sleep or anything else for that matter but hey whatever, the acting world would probably be cheering the day she is no more. The “greatest actress of our generation” and her British boy toy can go wait for their next tabloid cover story someplace away from here and I would be MORE than happy. I am so sick of Robsten, the great love that never was or maybe was but who the fuck cares and the Robsten followers that they have made it to where I genuinely cannot stand to hear about what is coming up for an actor that I really admired his work and acting ability but they sucked the life out of anything good with this actor and his normal fans and now whats left is a joke that is not even worth my time writing about anymore 😦


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