Robert Pattinson ~ Imperfectly Perfect

Brando was a real hottie back in the day

So I think it is pretty safe to say that every woman is looking for the “perfect” man but most of us know that that man just doesn’t exist…or does he?  What is perfection exactly?  Is it Adonis, a

Something about James Dean made all the ladies go nuts 😉

young Marlon Brando or James Dean? Maybe it would be Edward Cullen perfect?? Fuck no!! Aside from the fact that he was beautiful to look at, that dude was a serious stalker and in my opinion a little weird (he was a little bit of a pussy in the books too, sorry).  Sorry girls, I just did not like Edward, I mean Rob did the role as much justice as he could but whatever women saw in Edward I just don’t know.  Now ROB on the other hand,  he’s pretty close to perfect, or should I say he’s imperfectly perfect.  Now as you all scratch your heads and wonder what the fuck I am talking about as usual, I am talking about someone who really is not perfect at all but for some reason everyone finds

wow, he really does look a little like a drag queen here doesn’t he? Sorry BB, you know I luv ya anyway 😉

completely irresistible.  OK for most of the psychos out there it is all about Edward and that is pretty sad because this guy is much more than a sparkly vampire, anyone with a brain can see that.

I remember way back when~ I wrote a blog about how everyone thought Rob was ugly when he first got cast as Edward Cullen and now everyone is completely enamored with him, which I guess in a way does prove his theory that most of these “people” are in love with Edward and not him.  They hated him for no reason because he didn’t seem like the ideal and when Crazy Cathy Cougar was able to turn him into “the perfect Edward” everyone just flipped a bitch and all of the sudden decided that they really didn’t think he looked like a gargoyle (isn’t that what they called him?). Fucking hypocrites. Anyway they “loved” him after all, I mean he did fit the description after all (for the most part), it didn’t matter that he was a human with a personality or anything, he just looked like Edward and was convincing in the role so he was good enough for everyone.  I hadn’t read the books so I kind of thought he looked hot right on the spot and yeah I was kind of guilty at first of being just like them for a split second because he was gorgeous and I wanted to know who HE was.  I could have given a shit about Edward, Rob was good in the movies for what they were but I mean c’mon the books are cheesy and so were the movies…you watch them just as a guilty pleasure, kind of like when I listen to disco music and dancing around the house singing at the top of my lungs…too much info? Ummm yeah, moving right on back to Rob.

I could give a shit less about Edward Cullen…this is the guy I’ll pay to see for years to come

Some of us could care less about Twilight anymore because we are so burnt out on the PR that was Robsten and the psycho fans that went along with it that used to hate on Rob whenever hewasn’t up Kristen’s ass doing everything that they thought he should be doing every second of everyday.  Unlike most Twi-Tards we look forward to his upcoming projects, we appreciate his old projects and we don’t just watch them because he was some sparkly vampire, we watch them because he’s Rob first and foremost and try not to think of him as anything else.  Personally if he would have quit the whole thing and move on with

I’ll take the category “a character in one half of a fictional Romance” for $1000… 😉

his actual career and leave the Twilight circus, I wouldn’t have been bothered one bit (well maybe just a little).  Yeah I wouldn’t have minded some closure to the series but like I said I was so sick of the shit that went along with it, just read any of my Robsten blogs about how horrible the fans are that I was almost to a point that I didn’t want to watch the movies even with him in them and he was really the only reason I went to see any of them and God DON’T get me started on that abomination they made called Breaking Dawn, They stretched it out into two movies and it was rated PG13 JUST to make as much money as possible.  They had to cut massive amount of the book out which yeah was really kind of horrible with weird birth scenes where Edward had to literally BITE the kid out of Bella’s stomach but when the fans wanted to see that for some reason, they couldn’t show a violent scene….why? because it was PG13 and they couldn’t show it to all the kiddies in the audience and still rake in billions of dollars (let’s all hear it for Summit for ruining  Believe me I am not going to them to watch a cross between Pinocchio’s twin sister and Dory from finding Nemo, as his one true love or as he said last week “the lynchpin of the Saga” Damn, Rob how did you say that with a straight face?

Someone said Rob is doing all his own stunts?? He looks good doing this here, very intense

The movies I will run to the theater for the second they open will be Bel-Ami and Water for Elephants (and any other project Rob decides to do in the future).  I cannot wait for the day that those open.  I don’t know who I am more excited to see in the latter, Rob or Rosie!!!  Of course Bel Ami will have extremely hot sex scenes, something we have NEVER seen before in any Twilight movie, contrary to what the Robstens believe and well just thinking of Rob in a sex scene without that wooden troll is awesome to say the least 🙂

I think that Rob is a lot of things to a lot of people and he has this major misconception that everyone thinks of him in the same way.  Sure the majority of his fans see him as the “perfect man” Edward Cullen (I still don’t see the perfection there but whatever); some of his fans are going to see him just for being extremely hot.  Some of his fans only see him as one half of “Robsten” and if he is not involved with that whole debacle he is

Rob from this weekends press stuff, this was for the NY Times and probably my favorite pic that came out so far

nothing to them.  I am sure there are some that just think he is the hottest thing since French toast just because he is famous, young, rich and living in Hollywood.  Then there are the rest of us…..

So back to how Rob is actually NOT perfect.  You can’t be imperfectly perfect when you are perfect and of course as I said before there is just no such thing as a perfect man, not even Rob.

Those of us that live in the real world and realize there is no such thing as a perfect man, see a totally different side of Rob. Maybe we are weird for thinking the things we do about him, and see how awesome he is but who the fuck cares they are the things that make Rob who he is, so that is good enough for us.

Rob can be a little Geeky, OK more than a little.  Some of the stuff he does or has done in videos is strange but funnier than shit and adorable if you ask me…Yeah I guess I am weird and a few of my friends are too because we love him for his weirdness.  Rob can look a little gimpy and always talks about one leg being shorter than the other and what a terrible athlete he is.  Who the fuck cares if he can do a triathlon, he is amazing and adorable just the same.

Rob is silly and pokes fun at himself like he did in two of the MTV movie award videos.  Then he says the most incredibly sweet things like acknowledging his make up artist at the BAFTAs on live TV.  He still appreciates and publicly acknowledges the people he thinks helped him get his start here in America no matter what.  It doesn’t matter if he is the only reason for his continued success, he still thanks those who gave him a start whether they deserve it or not.

I guess Rob’s a little bit of an enigma.  How can you be adorable, so good looking, and dorky all together yet so smart, eloquent, charming, witty and a little bit goofy? When you mix that all together you get the imperfectly perfect man and it seems to describe Rob Pattinson or at least it used to.

Rob changed when he was tied to Kristen Stewart and whether they ever ended up being an actual couple remains to be seen. Fans want to believe their Bella and Edward were in love from the get go but I hate to tell them that was not the case and it was for show for a very long time. At some point they ended up spending so much time together that her nasty ways rubbed off on him and he changed into something a lot of us fans of JUST Rob didn’t recognize and couldn’t deal with.

He lost the respect of a lot of us but we continue to follow his work because no matter what he is a good actor and whether he acts like an ass, dates a disgusting little bitch troll or turns into a tabloid joke, it doesn’t change the fact that he has great potential to be a good actor. After all David Cronenberg wouldn’t request him for two movies back to back (Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars) if he didn’t think he was talented and special.

Is he going to win an Oscar anytime soon? Who knows, but I think he will be recognized for his talent and people will finally see him for something other than the joke of Edward Cullen that he has been tied to and persecuted for by critics since his days in the Twilight Saga, yet surprisingly enough Kristen Stewart with her HORRIBLE wooden emotionless dead eyed acting has garnered positive attention from some pretty big critics in the past even though her movies fail to even make back their production costs. Her public relations team HAVE to be paying these people because she is just soooo bad and almost every person except her die hard fans think she is the worst and nastiest thing in Hollywood but don’t get me started, I have a whole section on that little bitch and she’s earned every bad thing I have ever said about her or at least her fans have and she is a close second. Her People must earn every cent she pays them and then some because they get her enough positive press and make her look like the innocent victim and make Rob look so bad but he hasn’t helped that cause at all lately. He has acted like a total tool and just doesn’t give a shit and has said as much. Well Rob, when you don’t give a shit about your fans, they start to go away…good thing I am not a petty little bitch and judge people on their work most of the time not their shitty attitude, unless they do something so horrendous I just CAN’T forgive them, like Kristen did.

Anyway ~ Rob was imperfectly perfect and I believe he can get there again. People don’t change that much when they were raised a certain way and with good values. He was a good and decent person once, funny, kind and goofy. He never took himself seriously and he loved and appreciated his fans. Once he separates himself from the douchebags he has been associating with (Kristen and her friends) and goes back to his core group of friends I think he will be fine and be the Rob we all loved and appreciated for his talent and charming personality.

How does someone go from looking like a Sex God in this pic to looking so damn adorable in the pic below 😀

I don’t know how one man can go from being complelely sexy one minute to being absolutely adorable the next.

This is from this weekends press conference for Eclipse but it is only the first few minutes of this that matter. The first is where he is mistaken about one of the questions and the second part is where he talks about whether he believes in having a soul.  They are both priceless in their own way


And this video is made of all kinds of WIN.  I don’t know what is better the way Rob says Du urt or the fist bump.  What a cutie 😀



  1. I’ve never seen Rob in anything other than twilight lol. I hes not ugly or anything but to me he is only attractive as Edward. Hes not my fave by any means in the movie. TEAM JASPER ❤ I just love how Rob is pale as shit and his eyessssss. I think the whole lets all freak out over Rob and his personal life is a waste of time and it shouldnt matter. Well written though you have a way with words you should write a book of some sort!


  2. yeah the twilight books and movies are sorta cheesy but i love them none the less =D (although i don’t obsess over the characters like edward) …you know me nans lol. but i also like Rob the actor and before twilight i hadn’t seen him in anything else till i watched ‘Remember Me’ and i was and still am blown away by his performance in it. he has alot of talent that’s for sure.


  3. Sara you crack me up. I know you will forever and always be team Jasper ❤ I also know you will never understand the frenzy around his life and sometimes I wonder why in the hell I understand it as well as I do. Maybe because I follow him as an actor and you take the good with the bad as a true fan and unfortunately the BAD are the crazy sheep that feel the need to dictate his life. I am happy that this whole Twilight thing will be over soon and we will be able to see a much more spectacular actor when you watch his other work, that is if you leave Edward at the door and see him as the actual character he is playing 😀

    Krys, I am so glad I talked you into seeing Remember Me, I knew you would love it and yes, I know you don't really obsess over anything. Quite frankly I didn't really know who Rob was before Twilight, I didn't make that Harry Potter connection so I am there with you. I am glad I decided to see that "stupid vampire love story" that I was so against seeing, because otherwise I would have missed out on something or should I say SOMEONE really special.

    Love you guys and thanks for coming and checking out my blog ❤ ❤



    Everything is my thoughts EXACTLY. I couldn’t have written it better myself. I HATE that people only see him as Edward or only like him b/c he’s Edward. SUCH. BULLSHIT.

    Like you, I am so sick of the Twilight nonsense. I’m probably gonna see Eclipse, but not at midnight like I did for the first two. And definitely not seeing the shitshow that will be BD. I’m so done. It makes me do an epic eye roll to see him as Edward. And the fandom makes me sick.

    Here’s to Rob being himself ::clinks beer mugs with Nan::


    • “I HATE that people only see him as Edward or only like him b/c he’s Edward. SUCH. BULLSHIT.”

      Well it is NO sectret how I feel about that. I have written a few blogs on the subject of how a real fan of someone would go to see them because of who they are as an actor NOT the character they once played. I just hope he can live this down and soon. He is much too talented to be anchored to the Twi-BULLSHIT for the rest of his life. I realize it IS what gave him a boost in Hollywood and I am fairly sure he realizes it too and doesn’t take anything for granted like some ungrateful little “fish” *cough*Dory*cough*. I have a feeling as soon as “PRsten is blown out of the water and the crazy sheep re-enact the bizaar actions of Norwegian Lemmings who plunge to their deaths off of cliffs, then and only then we might see things return to some kind of normalcy (or as normal as it could get under the circumstances).

      My daughter has me going to the midnight showing of Eclipse, I couldn’t get out of it BUT aside from the crappy wigs and Kristen’s shitty acting, it could be better than the others. At least there is action. Damn it, why the fuck couldn’t Bella just die already?? Breaking Dawn is making my stomach turn already. The only way I could live with Rob even being associated with it is if they filmed it here in Oregon and the fact he is getting part of the gross, which will give him a big fat paycheck for that worthless piece of shit (or both of them, UGH). Yeah the fandom makes me beyond sick, for the most part. I know some really sweet girls but most of the people are fucking obsessed NUTS.

      As for Rob being himself, I’ll raise a shot or two or three or four…… to that 😉 (I don’t drink beer or wine)


  5. I liked a lot what you said here..
    I can only say my own experience, a coworker of mine was obsessed with Twilight and the books, so obsessed I could not talk to her on any other topic that wasn´t about the saga, so I borrowed the Twilight DVD, that had just been released at that time, and the books, I watched first the movie to have an idea of what they were about and to say the truth, I was about to turn it off and put it back on its box, but then Edward Cullen was on screen, I did not care much about the movie and the books were not good though they were easy (cheesy) reading. But I googled his name and watched his interviews, saw his pics as himself, and watched HTB and LA and I was smitten by him, I knew at that moment I would watch any movie he made or hear any music he would create.
    He is far from perfect but he is this lovely combination of sexy and adorkable, of sweet and wicked, of moody and gent.. how not to like him for who he is??


  6. Yeah Nan you are so right Rob is imperfectly perfect.

    I have to say when I first saw Twilight Rob didn’t do anything for me, but I did love the story so I read the books and fell in love with Edward. I didn’t see Rob as Edward when i read the books, I had a picture of Edward different than Rob.

    Yes, Rob is a gorgeous man, but there is so much more there. I actually noticed Rob when he was doing an interview for RM and I saw how charming he was. I then saw how he treated his fans and that totally won me over, because he knew what was important.

    Yeah, I’m one of those that is going to Eclipse, not bc of the books anymore, but to support Rob. I really can’t wait for Bel Ami and WFE to be released. I have to say because of him working on these two movies I read both books and loved them. I’ve always been a reader and I am always looking for something good to read, so it was nice to hear that he is an avid reader too.

    He is also very family orientated, he always has at least one sister or his mother close by, which is so sweet. I love how he keeps his old friends close by and they protect him from the unwanted hangers on.

    Yes, I do find him irresitible on so many differnt levels, but I do understand that he is far from perfect. I mean he is a young man, who likes to have fun, plus he smokes which is the one hang up I have about him, but that’s just me.

    So thanks Nan for pointing out how imperfect perfect Rob really is and know that I will be there with you in the future after Twilight is gone still watching his movie or buy his albums.


    • I really wish that he knew that there are people out there like us that are true fans of his and not Edward’s or what he “has”. It has to be hard to be this person who came here with nothing and now he seems like he virtually has everything in such a short amount of time. How do you know who to trust, I mean besides your old friends but how do you let anyone in and it has got to be so hard to be “real” with you fans as well. I think he gives as much as he can but after all of the Robsten stuff and the stuff I am sure he is all too aware about like the death threats etc. it has to be more than unsettling and if you think that every single fan is like that or the majority of them are, how do you decipher which ones are sane and which ones aren’t?

      As far as being his fan, I think you know that as psycho stalkerish as this sounds, right now with all I am going through he means so much to me. I have had so much stress and I am so scared about what is going on with my health that it just helps to write my blogs and have my Nonsten sisters to turn to that keep my sanity intact. I smile all the time even when I feel like crying and he makes a difference in that, at least right now. This is not saying that my WHOLE life revolves around Rob. I do have kids and things I am responsible for that are much more important but in my free time my interest in him helps with my anxiety and stress.

      The other thing I wanted to touch on is about the fans. I am sure I will get a few in here that will be complete assholes because of what I have to say about them but I am just going to say the same thing I have said in more than one of my other blogs. If all you see when you look at Rob is Edward Cullen, you are missing out. If you only go to see his movies because he is that “sparkly vampire”, it’s like you are slapping him in the face. Rob is more than Edward, he is more than one half of your “dream couple” (as in you’re dreaming if you think it’s real) and he is an amazing actor that deserves more respect than to be viewed as that sparkly guy. If you want to see THAT guy go watch Twilight a thousand times or change your attitude, leave Edward in the past where he belongs and go see someone who:

      “has the potential to win major awards for his upcoming work”. <—That isn’t coming from me; it came from his co-star and recent Oscar winner Christoph Waltz. (I read it in an article)


  7. Not gonna lie, it was Robward that first drew me in. I mean, I’d seen him as Cedric and then when I heard he was cast as Edward I thought, “Oh, that’s that cute Cedric kid.”

    But when I saw Twilight the first time (on DVD, couldn’t be bothered to go to the theater), he sucked me in as Edward. I watched it twice that first day. Then I Google’d him and watched a day’s worth of interviews on YouTube and the obsession began.

    I still love him as Edward, but he’s so, so much more than that. It makes me angry when I hear “fans” yell Edward in an attempt to get his attention. He’s Rob. He’s funny, sexy, adorkable, kind, humble, super-talented Rob. Imperfectly perfect, like you said.

    I wish, wish, wish that “fans” would watch him in his other movies. Not only Remember Me (which didn’t get the recognition that it should have, IMO), but Little Ashes (which is my very favorite Rob movie so far), Bad Mother’s Handbook, The Haunted Airman, and How To Be. I wish people would not listen so much to box office returns and actually watch some of his lesser known roles like in the above movies. Each one shows a whole new side of Rob as an actor.

    I love him. A lot. Well, as much as a person can love someone who they don’t personally know. *blushes*


    • Well I did go to the theater because my kid wanted to see it and I went a week later to take my daughter but to tell the truth the movie was cheesy. I said the movie was pretty good in one of my blogs but I was really just talking about Rob at that point. He really was mesmerizing up on that screen even if that character was the crappiest written character of all time. I know everyone hates me because I think Stephenie Meyer writes like my 7th grader but what can I say, regardless of how much money she is pulling in, she is a crappy writer plain and simple. Starting with her narratives when she had all of her parts of the books written in either Bella’s point of view or Jacob’s etc. I don’t know how to explain it, I am not a professional writer nor am I ready for my Pulitzer prize but for a published author I would think she might be a bit better than she is and I would have thought that the editors of her publishing house would have caught some of the grammatical errors that were left in the book. End of rant sorry had to get that out. Back to Rob.

      When I saw him on screen I don’t think I waited for more than a half hour after I got home that first day to find out everything I could about this gorgeous man. I am sorry to say that is all I thought of him at first 😦 The first thing I found after seeing a few interviews was the Bad Mothers Handbook and at first I didn’t believe it was him but I looked at him again and was like “NO WAY!!!!” and so I watched. I was amazed and that is when I knew that he was going to be something special. I saw the Haunted Airman next and really looked at him in a whole new light, this was before all the little fangirls started watching everything he did and claimed to be fans from the start and know everything about him *rolls eyes*. Sure I still think he is gorgeous and sexy, I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I said I didn’t but I really see him first and foremost as this person that I think is going to be entertaining fans like us, the ones that don’t go threatening his life and act crazy when he doesn’t do what we want, the ones that appreciate his talent FIRST and will watch his movies no matter what some dumbassed biased puissant of a critic has to say. I think he will be here for a long time, winning awards, making movies and hopefully making some music too and I will be right here as his fan watching along with all of you NONSTENS appreciating him for his talents, not for who we think he is or isn’t dating or how he should live his life…just sayin 😉


    • Oh yeah, don’t blush too much. I absolutely adore him whether I know him or not, but I guess I should blush maybe just a little 😉 *blushes too*


  8. Dear Friend Sugar:

    I’m gonna write here the same I e-mailed you.

    I could agree with some parts of what you wrote here, until I read the interview which Robert Pattinson was defendind KS about the rape comment.

    Now I only think that he’s an asshole, and now I believe that maybe he’s dating KS and you know what? THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER. Period. He is worse than her. Because if he dates her, he treats her like SHIT.

    And they deserve all the psycho shippers around them.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen to Robert Pattinson after Twilight, I’m not sure anymore that he will be able to have an sucessful career. Because he’s completely immature.

    To me now, he’s only a pretty face, nothing more to me. I said an officially GOODBYE to him and I will not follow his career anymore.

    And I’m sad, because I feel like if I had lost a dear friend. I was a horrible decepction to me.

    Sorry. 😦


  9. Thank you Ana for being here for me concerning a situation that is really tearing me apart at this moment. Right now I am numb and confussed at how I feel. I feel sick because to me this is the ultimate douche bag move on his part and so disrespectful to his fans and for what? To defend comments that were completely WRONG in the first place? Then to call someone like me that does nothing but write positive blogs about him a nerdy hateful little blogger just looking for hits on their site? Yeah maybe if I got ad revenue, but look around. Do you see ADS??? Nope, you don’t. I barely get any clicks and that is fine with me. I want people to read my blogs because I have something to say. I write when I am pissed, I write when I feel like a total geek, I write when I feel happy and I write about subjects that I know about and might be able to help or inform people about in my own kind of strange twisted way but I am not Perez Hilton or Ted Doucheblanca (Ted by the way is ALWAYS up bitchfaces ASS). I am really pissed(actually hurt) that I can write a blog like this and a few days later get a slap in the face basically telling me I am a worthless piece of shit and not worthy of anything because I didn’t kiss KStews ass and let her gross misuse of the word rape slide so she could get a little slap on the wrist like she does with everything else. Anyway, I am going way off base on what I wanted to comment on and actually writing what was/is going to be in my blog on the subject. Once again thanks for being a true friend and what you said in your e-mail about a pain in your heart?? I get it, I really really do 😦


    • My friend, and now I’m more hurted now, please, read your e-mail. I just can’t believe, I can’t… 😦


  10. Dear Sugar, I’m really happy because I was expelled from the Nonsten site, and I would like to post here the e-mail I sent to the person who banned me and called ridiculous.

    “I received this message from the Nonsten site:

    You have been permanently banned from this board.

    Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

    Reason given for ban: Because you’re being hysterical and just blantantly ridiculous. Skeeter (the nonstenshipper – I invented this now funny isn’t it? :D)

    A ban has been issued on your IP address.

    Now my answer:

    You called me ridiculous? I never offended you. Sorry, but this is not fair. I now I don’t even have the right to explain what I meant to say there.

    Don’t say to me that I’m too involved in this issue, because everybody there is. If not, why create the site?

    Everybody cursed KStew about the rape comment, I think that you are being biased, sorry. If I was saying this things about Kristen, I don’t know If I would be banned. No, I would not, for sure.

    You said you feel for my sanity.

    But, do you think it’s sane to follow shippers twitters, like most of the members of the site do?
    To keep looking for robstens manipulations to post at the site?
    To write 40 pages in just one weekeend simply because a suposed photo of KS and Rob in her Ipod?

    Look when I joined the forum, in january this year I a wrote 100 posts I think. If i was a crazy nonsten obssessed about Rob’s life, I would have written more tham 3.000, like some people there.

    Yes, because like the shippers are crazy, there are crazy nonstens too.

    I know that you won’t let me go back. And you know what? You’re right. It will be better to me. I have really lost my respect for Rob. What I’m going to do there?

    I think that if you were a sane people, you would never called me ridiculous, expelled me the way you did, and specially, you would never be a moderator of a nonsten site. There’s a life to live and you’re losing every second of it, while you’re busy calling me ridiculous. If you can (you, I say, ALL of you) are so in love with a man that don’t even know that you exists,and can even read any person critizing him, you are the insane people. Maybe, as crazy as the robsten shippers.

    Look in the mirror before you jugde somebody.

    And please, never again use the word “fucking”. It makes you look like Kristen Stewart.

    I really thank you from banning me. Now, keep wasting your life there. I’ll have more time now to live mine now. A real life.

    See, Sugar, I think our friend of a crazy shipper blog that we know it’s not so alone.

    I read a million times that the shippers are crazy,because they are obssessed about

    Well, I see the same on the other side. 😀

    Thank you Skeeter! You were shittym but you made me a favor. 😀

    PS: Don’t forget, it’s very ugly and impolite to say “don’t fucking scream at me”, it makes you look like KS, ok? AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


  11. And trust me Sugar, the same person who banned me and called me crazy, because I don’t think that Rob is a GOD, it’s saying the same thing about you.

    You have a blog to write about this, if I was banned just for giving my opinion, imagine if you write on what you write here.

    Bunch of hipocrites, you sent me a lot of private messages wanting to know what Sugar would wrote in his last post. You stink.


  12. Ana i asked to have my account deleted last night. there was so much two-facedness going on there. ppl on twitter were shit talking ppls opinions. like i told mskat in a PM i was SHOCKED bc that place prides itself on ‘all opinions are welcome’. ppl were apparently ganging up on another poster there last night or whenever bc she believes that rob and kristen are in some form together and instead of LETTING her have her opinion they responded with ‘well they aren’t and this is why and this and this and this…’ person was like ‘ok i needed to step away bc i was irritated’ WHY?! over someone else’s opinion?! PLEASE. after that i haven’t been back.

    again, like i told mskat if i wanted mind numbing drama, backstabbing and shit talking i would go back to HS or junior high. and some nonsten ppl on twitter were saying some mean things about other posters on nonsten. i was truly baffled. one even made a comment about ‘i wanna kill that loster’. smh.

    after the rule change i took a break for quite a while and when i went back i was like WTF is going on here? i won’t even be back to lurk at that site anymore. some people, robstens and nonstens are WAY TOO invested in robert pattinson and what goes on in his private life – this is proven bc they SAY you can express that you are disappointed in rob but take to twitter to bitch about others personal opinion. heaven forbid someone say something negative about the great Robert Pattinson. it’s one thing to be pissed off at an asinine comment or a fucked up comment that he makes. sure, his defense of kristen was shocking and absurd but it’s entirely another to be so invested in every single move that he makes, analyze every picture that him and kristen appear in together (again a thing they make fun of the shippers for and do themselves constantly), and to turn on and shit talk ppl who should be their peers; ppl who were brought together under the same belief!! i can honestly see why outside ppl label that sight as they do. they make fun of the shippers for their behavior when some of them act exactly the same way.


  13. Did somebody write ” ‘i wanna kill that loster’.???????????????????? :O

    Ohhhhhh!!!! How disgusting! The same kind of thing that the shippers says! What a shame, Nonstens! 😀

    And they talk about Rose and her blog!

    Rose is better than them. At least she assumes what she thinks.

    Losers. 😀


  14. I’m sorry that Ana and Natalie felt the need to air their problems w/Nonsten on your blog, Nan. And after saying that, I’ll post here since Ana has decided to slam us here and Natalie has asked to be deactivated and unfollowed me on twitter waaaaay back. I kinda feel the need to answer them.

    I’d really like to know who said they wanted to kill you Nat. I obviously don’t follow that individual, and I’d like to know what member would threaten violence against another member – that certainly wasn’t part of your PM to me.

    I don’t like when people refuse to say to our “faces” what they’d say elsewhere. Just like your new friend Rose, Ana. Your quote of what your response was to your banning is NOT what you posted here. I won’t embarrass you by quoting it here. But let’s not be disingenuous.

    Next time you all get on your high horse, you start your own forum and try to keep the peace. It’s not as easy as you’d like to think. Being “fair and balanced” means that sometimes people are going to have differing opinions – shocking, I know!

    Let’s try to keep some perspective – no one’s opinion about ANYTHING really means anything to anyone else. It’s just an opinion.


    • Hey MsKat ~

      I wanted to respond to you personally because I didn’t know if anyone else would. I can answer a few of the questions that you asked. No one threatened Nat, they threatened Ana and it was Carolina Sachi. Nat has screen caps. I was shocked and it really made me feel sick because I follow her and I used to talk to her all of the time on Twitter. It also saddens me to know that people are talking on Twitter about other members when they don’t agree with things they say on the board, I kind of felt like some of us that have known each other for awhile were friends. I understand there are much stricter rules on Nonsten now but to go to Twitter and say things is kind of hurtful and I was afraid to go and see what was said about me because I have a temper and might have said things back that I would have regretted later. I am sorry that people felt the need to air their emotions out on my board. I was actually going talk to both Ana and Nat, then come and delete the posts because I didn’t really feel they should go here. I understand that tempers have flared and to tell the truth I wrote a post on Nonsten trying to explain that and explain the way Ana felt, also explaining the Hitler remark but she had already been banned at that time I guess. I am sure now all these comments are a product of her lashing out from being banned. For several months Nonsten was like a home to her and I think it really hurt her to just be kicked out like that. It would devastate me to just have someone say…hey you’re gone after I freaked out over Kristen’s Rape comment and now Rob’s defense of it. Do I feel the same way as I did the first day? I don’t know but we all handle things in different ways. Believe me; I lashed out just in a different way. It will be posted here soon. Please try and understand that both Nat and Ana are good people no matter how they reacted to a situation. Sometimes you just come to a breaking point and need to step away for whatever reason like Nat clearly did and for Ana, she was defending me very passionately and defending her strong feelings that had just been devastated by someone she admired greatly and basically felt could do no wrong. IDK, maybe I am making no sense but I understand both sides. I also understand that running a forum and/or webpage can’t be easy at all, so I empathize with you when it comes to having to deal with so many strong and differing opinions and having to make your site work. I hope to be at Nonsten sometimes but I am having health problems so I’m just not sure how much I will be there.



    • Nan,

      I’m going to piggy back onto what Kat said, I’m sorry this was brought to your board. And after reading Ana’s post here, I was shocked to see all those extra paragraphs. Wow, none of that was said to us. Nothing like someone going around the internet making up wild tales to make themselves look/feel better. Once again proves to me that I made the right choice in this situation.

      And I agree, again with Kat, running a forum is not easy. And sometimes if we feel people are too involved. We all know people on BOTH sides are too involved. And sometimes extreme decisions have to be made. Not everyone will like them, but so is life. It is instances like this that make the fandom not fun.

      I hope you feel better, Nan.



  15. Anna. I need to talk to you. E-mail me right now please 🙂


  16. Just an FYI, I completely deleted my twitter a long time ago where I followed a bunch of ppl on nonsten and reactivated a new one and followed, literally 5-10 ppl then celebs and other random things. I no longer have that twitter as well.

    I was only made aware of the threat to Ana after my PM to you mskat. if you want to see the screencap of that Nan knows where to get it from. I however did offer to show you other screencaps of the shit talking on twitter in my PM but was not inquired about it, figuring maybe you had already seen them.

    The only reason I said ANYTHING here was b/c I saw Ana upset and had no way to contact her otherwise so sorry Nan :-/ However, I didn’t say anything that I regret or take back and I expressed in a very detailed PM to mskat why I wanted my account deactived. It was the backstabbing and shit talking going on on twitter about other members that did me in, witnessing ppl have their opinions squashed b/c they differed from other people and blatant disrespect towards others.

    And as for not saying certain things here that weren’t said on Nonsten? Maybe that’s b/c if one thing is said that is deemed inappropriate, PM or in public, even if it REALLY isn’t all that bad, it could possibly result in a ‘warning’ or a ‘ban’. Just a theory.

    I’m not on any high horse and have no need to get down from such, thanks. I call it like I see it and that’s what I see and when I don’t like what I see, I leave. I saw favoritism and egos and blatant disrespect towards other members by numerous ‘regular’ members. This was not there a few months ago. I don’t know what happened. No, not everyone can be pleased unfortunately, but there is such a thing as treating everyone equally or ‘fair and balanced’ which I think includes not publicly talking down to other members when maybe it should be taken to a PM and letting others get away with a wee bit more than other members get away with on a regular basis.

    There comes a point when people get frustrated with hearing people say one thing and do another. Being told it’s ok to have an opinion by someone and then that person going elsewhere to bitch about others opinions? Hypocrisy at it’s finest whether one can admit it or not and numerous ppl on nonsten are guilty of it.

    Sorry again Nan but a response was warranted. You know how to get in touch with me.


  17. Sigh and eyeroll in one – Sighroll?

    Last time I checked, nonsten didn’t control the universe or people’s thoughts or other sites.

    But wouldn’t that be fantastic?


  18. No nonsten does not run the universe (thank god for that) however it does not need to condone unfavorable actions by board members that take place on said site towards other board members. The wrong people tend to be called out, edited, and talked down upon while the ass kissers never get such treatment. YOU may not personally do it but others do and that is what is wrong with your beloved website.

    That’s my final say on the matter.


  19. I forgot to write my name, so I’ll post again. 🙂

    To Kat:

    Kat, like I said, I REALLY APOLOGIZE for the rude, impolite and gross comments I made here. It was not mature of me to take things personally. I was mad, because of a lot of things, but I should have tried to contact you. Not write in here, where everybody can see. You know what I mean. 🙂

    Well, I wrote this to you, and ,because here is a public site, I think it’s better not to say anything else.

    I wish you the best, thank you. 🙂



    • Well I am so glad all this is finally settled. Hugs to you both 😀


  20. HI Nans
    I love your blog. It is fun and thoughtful and funny and touching.
    great job!
    i love this post about Rob…he is adorkable one minute and smokin’not the next lol
    well, that is what makes him…HIM.
    I saw the funniest videostoday…one was at maximotv. Kristen was on the ‘black carpet” flipping the bird (the same double salute that the Austrlian paps got) and saying “Do whatever the f*ck you want, f*ck everybody, be healthy and live your life” and then a SUMMIT ( think it was a summit pr person) said something to her and she said ‘ok yeah can i do that again?’ “just live your life and dont let anyone tell you what to do” Anyway, i thought it was funny because she has such a potty mouth and I couldnt helpo my laugh and think “hmmm were those the type of hand gestures that Rob was talking about on Leno? hahaha

    anyway. thanks for makling me smile .. I do love that picture i of Rob in the hammock 😉


  21. Love the article Nans, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten over here before now, and I hope you aren’t done writing on the blog, because I don’t want to miss any more of your greats posts!


    • Heather I am not done but I have been so busy that I just haven’t had time to keep up with my blogging. I will get back to my writing on a regular basis as soon as I get all moved and settled in my new place 😀


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    • I appreciate the vote of confidence. Although I do write a lot about Rob (or i used to) I also have a lot of other things that peak my interest and write about as well, so I don’t know if having a targeted blog of only Rob or Robsten is what I would be good at. There are so many sites already doing that and I just like to do my own thing. I do appreciate your opinions and want to do whatever I can to make this site as popular as possible without compromising my sole purpose for starting the blog in the first place. I do hope you will come back in any event and read what I have to say. And Rob has more projects starting soon, I suppose I will be writing more about him, as he is in my list of one of my favorite actors 😉


  29. Lucky me I ran across your website by accident (stumbled upon). I’ve bookmarked it for later!


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