Channing Tatum Eye Candy

What can I say about Channing except that he has the most phenomenal body and as the inspiration for Magic Mike, we definitely got to see it up close and personal 😀


If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me??? 111412_tatum_dngla channing_tatum channing-tatum__120530060805-e1338358115116 channing-tatum2 channing-tatum-3-660 -Channing-Tatum-3-channing-tatum-33202373-500-703 -Channing-Tatum-3-channing-tatum-33202381-500-627 -Channing-Tatum-3-channing-tatum-33202387-500-500 channing-tatum-4-660 channing-tatum-6-660 Channing-Tatum-channing-tatum-20369900-1000-1483 Channing-Tatum-fifty-shades Channing-Tatum-Hot-Wallpapers-2 Magic-Mike-EW-Outtakes-channing-tatum-30939921-458-610

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