Ryan Gosling Eye Candy

Anyone who knows me, knows I am totally in love with Ryan Gosling. He is an amazing actor, I’ve seen every one of his movies and he’s sexy as hell 🙂


Those eyes are so gorgeous



450_ryan-gosling-wiki-photos-the-notebook-1259894173 (1)

smoldering good looks, amazing acting and a pretty good musician. is there anything he CAN’T do??


awe cute puppy 🙂


With all these hot men i am posting, I can die happy or at least sleep VERY well and have sweet dreams tonight 😉


can i get wet with you baby????

The Notebook - production still

loved him in this movie and it had such a hot sex scene…what i would have done to have been Rachel McAdams in that scene 😀


not loving the light blond hair but he still looks hot…this is for “a Place beyond the Pines”


I am not sure what this pic is about but even throwing a tantrum, he is cute 🙂

MV5BMjAyMzI0NTU0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODc0MjAwNQ@@._V1._SY314_CR11,0,214,314_ ryan.gosling kinopoisk.ru ?????????????????????? ryan-gosling-300 ryan-gosling-cover-nologo kinopoisk.ru Ryan-Gosling-Toronto-Touch-Down-ryan-gosling-25179996-1038-1222 Ryan-ryan-gosling-1878137-1143-1650 tumblr_luivnexLkt1qc3ni5o1_1280 tumblr_m1giuowqPl1qa3r99o1_500 tumblr_mdeac5DAWm1r43hpwo1_500 tumblr_static_ryan-gosling-workout


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