Why Today’s Music Industry and Artists Piss Me Off ~ Where Did All the Great Music go??


Well, tonight I thought I would write something a little different from what I have in the past.  This blog basically stems from a discussion I started with a friend on Facebook which actually started with her status. To make a long story short, it is about music and the quality or lack of quality in music today.

One thing about being as old as I am is that I have been blessed throughout my life to be able to hear and enjoy some amazing music. I was born in the 60’s as the youngest child of five and so, needless to say there was always some type of music playing.  It didn’t hurt that in another life my mother had been an aspiring singer with a record contract and had a great passion for music so music of all kinds was always something that was welcome in our house and we were encouraged to find our own musical identities so to speak.

Still rockin after all these years Elton John and Billy Joel still know how to put on a show and don’t need anything but themselves and their pianos to entertain.

I grew up with healthy doses of the Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John, Heart, Supertramp, James Taylor and Van Morrison to name a few and of course I had to have my fill of culture with Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. As I grew into my own, I discovered everything from Marvin Gaye, Kenny G, Queen, AC/DC, Grand Master Flash, Madonna and Led Zeppelin to the Fixx and Boy George and the Culture Club but wait, I also absolutely adored disco too when I was growing up, although in a disco sucks era I could never tell my pals that.  I can honestly say I have probably listened and enjoyed almost every genre of music (even some country) and I can tell you that the difference in quality between today’s music and that of the last century is like night and day.

Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers from Disney’s Fantasia was always one of my favorites and of all the composers, I think I am moved by his music the most.

What I want to know is what the hell happened to the quality of the music that our “artists” put out now days?  Either it is auto tuned into submission,  or like in the case of today’s rap music  it is so over sampled using someone else’s music that there is absolutely nothing original about any of it anymore.

Malcolm McClaren’s Buffalo Gals was sampled in several songs; everyone from Eminem, Public Enemy, Neneh Cherry to Weird Al Yankovich…….

The rappers now call it paying homage to their predecessors when they sample clips of another’s song to make their own, I call it stealing and being unoriginal because you just can’t come up with your own shit.  I suppose there ARE a few exceptions to the rule but not many.

Thrift Shop by Macklemore with Ryan Lewis is one of the more original rap songs out there today and gives me hope that even rap can be saved :p

And PLEASE don’t get me started with the fact that there are fewer singers that can perform on their own without enhanced audio tracks than ones that absolutely have to have them or worse yet just straight up lip sync.  Quite frankly, it is disgusting to me that these artists get paid so much money and they can’t even deliver the product that they are selling without machines and voice modulation.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a very few select artists that can and DO actually sing and they do it without the aid of any backing tracks or having to lip sync but those artists are dwindling as fast as our national debt is going up.

So I am sure you are thinking to yourselves right about now, well how can they sing AND dance without those tracks?? Wellllll, I guess because it is about the music, the floor show is not as important and if they really need to have all the other bullshit, that’s what dancers and performers are for.  I guess maybe I am just a bit puritanical about what I expect from my concerts. I really could care less if someone is gyrating on stage if all you are doing is listening to the track from their album, I mean Christ, I can tune into MTV to see that…or at least I could until they sold out and turned into reality TV with hardly any music but DO NOT get me started on that subject.

Michael Jackson, actually singing AND performing to Billie Jean. It can be done and yeah he seems tired but he is STILL doing what he is getting paid to do, more artists should follow this example of how it is done.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want someone to stand there like a deer in the headlights and sing like they are a cardboard cutout of a human BUT I still believe that you can perform live and not have to fall back on a bunch of bullshit just to put on a good show to please your fans, I mean who is it really pleasing if you can’t sing your own songs live?

I guess I just get a little up in arms about all of this because I have been singing for what seems like forever and although I am certainly not ready to win any Grammys, I don’t need to lip sync when I am performing in front of a crowd so why in the hell should these stars that are making millions of dollars?  Yeah and let’s not even get started on the people who call singing their profession that can’t even sing our national anthem. Whether it is live or not, there is no fucking excuse not to know the lyrics if you are getting paid to sing it and sing it live regardless of the circumstances.

I think Michael Bolton is an incredibly talented song writer and singer but seriously Mike?? Looking at your hand to remember the lyrics….fail

Beyoncé really sold it pulling hear ear monitor out…as if she was really singing it live….

YES, I am pointing at you Beyoncé.  Bad weather or not, she should have just sung the damn song plain and simple and not been so full of herself and felt like she wouldn’t be “perfect” if she sang it live as opposed to lip syncing.  Really?  Who fucking cares if it is perfect, it is a tribute to the country and in this case it was a tribute to the President so it really didn’t have to be perfect.  Were people gonna go out and burn all of her CD’s the next day if she wasn’t perfect?? No, I don’t think so.  Yeah, yeah, I know she went and showed the world she could do it the next day and yippy we ha, we all know she can sing. Yeah we knew that all ready but that still doesn’t excuse her from copping out so she could maintain her rep for being “perfect’.  Betcha Adele could have done it with NO PROBLEM 😉

Back to the quality of today’s music….or lack thereof.  Whatever happened to music with substance or purpose? Don’t get me wrong, I love campy songs just like the next person and a catchy one hit wonder is hard to resist but when just about everything that comes out in the music market today is absolute crap, where do we turn?  I guess in my case I turn back to my past and some of the great artists who actually wrote and performed great songs but when I look to the future of music, it is starting to really look bleak.

M ~ Pop Muzik, the best or maybe the worst one hit wonder ever….you decide :p

Trisha Yearwood singing The Song Remembers When and believe me it truly does….

Worse yet, some of the amazing artists that I loved as a teen are now all dead, so we CAN’T look to them to make more music and the ones that aren’t are much older and just don’t write anything new so we are kind of stuck with what we have or we can reminisce.  I know I can listen to a song and it can take me back to a moment in time like it just happened yesterday, you see that is what great music does. It is not just a bunch of bullshit grunting to a beat (someone else’s sampled beat) that serves no purpose.

Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five singing one of my all time favorite rap songs The Message. This is when rap actually stood for something and had something to say.

Music used to stand for something and send an actual message whether positive or negative it was not only entertainment, it had a point but what can we say about the state of our music industry today?  When people like Little Wayne are revered as Gods but can’t sing, and make me want to kill small children while listening to them?  It is not just rap stars that are a major annoyance either. In a world where everyone can cut a demo or make music and for God knows what reason it sells, we are stuck with performers like Rebecca Black, Paris Hilton and even Kim Kardashian.  I mean seriously, is there anywhere that I don’t have to read about or see that bitch?  She is almost as bad as Kristen Stewart and Robsten, just let them all go die a horrible death and be done thank you very much, and NO I do not mean that literally although my sick and twisted mind can envision at least 20 horrible ways to remove them all from the face of the planet 😉

Rebecca Black’s Friday…one that will surely go down in history as being the dumbest, most annoying yet catchy song ever garnering more attention for this girl than she ever deserved.

For now I guess we will have to wait for something good to come out of nowhere or as I like to call it reality TV. After all, American Idol is responsible for bringing David Cook and Phillip Phillips to me whom I happen to like because they don’t tend to sound like everyone else and in the meantime just listen to the giant pool of amazing music that already exists in our universe and hope that nothing ever happens to it.  If I had to conform and listen to today’s crap that they call music I think I would take the lemur route and fling myself from the nearest cliff as soon as I possibly could.

Below are some of my favorite performers and songs from throughout my life hope you enjoy some of it 😀

The incomparable Freddie Mercury and queen singing Who wants to Live Forever. Who knew just 5 years later one of the greatest male voices would be no more……

I have been a HUGE fan of Sia’s for a while now and I am so glad to see her finally making it in the mainstream markets singing with David Guetta and other artists, she is truly talented and I love all her music, even the new stuff!!

My BB David Cook singing My Hero in honor of his brother Adam who lost his battle with brain cancer in 2009. I became interested in David and his music from the first time I heard him on American Idol and then to find out that his brother had brain tumors after having one of my own only made me feel that much more connected as a fan…..I credit David with saving my life in one of my darkest times 🙂

The Little River Band one of my favorite bands ever, I still listen to them on a regular basis 😀

My very favorite band ever and ever and ever….Jeff Lynn was a musical genius. Electric Light Orchestra singing Strange Magic

Amy Winehouse…what can I say but what a tragic loss at such a young age with so much potential 😦

Bruno Mars with his tribute to Amy Winehouse at the MTV VMA’s not only showing another great song from Amy but what a great performer he is 😀

Another amazing song by Bruno Mars, one of my favorites. The other is It Will Rain which was for Twilight but I couldn’t bring myself to taint this post with KSpew in the video, so I chose this one instead }:) (yeah I’m a bitch) Back to Bruno, who I think has many aspects of a young Michael Jackson and will go very far in the music business for a very long time if he can keep it together and not fall prey to the dark side of it all like Amy 😦

Another amazing artist that has absolutely NO trouble singing her songs live under any circumstances. Sade, singing kiss of Life

There is no music if it doesn’t include paul McCartney in there someplace.  As much as i love him with the Beatles, I think I loved his band Wings almost as much.

Jamiroquai ~ Virtual insanity, what can i say about this song and video? Amazing :p

Jeff Buckley’s Last Goodbye, just one amazing song from an amazing singer/songwriter who was taken from us way too soon 😦

Adele singing Skyfall from the James Bond movie of the same name LIVE and almost perfectly at the 2013 Oscars, who is probably one of the best female performers and singers of this new generation.  Beyonce…THIS is how it’s done 😉

So the videos and music above is a fraction of the songs and bands that shaped my life and made me the music lover I am today. Tell me in the comments who you love and why or if you agree or disagree with my music choices 😉


  1. I’m also a lover of music. I love all types of music.Yet, generation -Y still have a fair share of good artists.
    Let’s not also forget in the 50’s rock’ n roll was consider the devil music. So the older generation will always have something negative too say, about the new. Just a cycle.
    However, I will agree there’s some really terrible singers out there now, who do not have the right to name themselves an artist. Although, at the end of the day it’s just entertainment.

    I’m somewhat of a Beyonce fan. And, I’m also a perfectionist.There nothing wrong with giving off a good image.The less imperfection you give off, gives people less talk about. And, the only thing people can come up is that “she thinks she’s better”. Pretty smart, keeps them talking less about your private life; and leads them to only gossip. Gossip is better than the truth.

    Tchaikovsky talent is best displayed with his Violin Concerto composition. Beautiful pieces


    • There is no doubt that Beyonce is an amazing singer and I get why she did what she did but I guess I was just disappointed because she didn’t have to. Beyonce on her worst day probably sounds better than most of today’s female artists and I felt like she compromised her integrity by not just talking about it up front and waiting to talk about it until after she got caught. I DO know it is common practice to use backing tracks and pre-recorded tracks in SOME instances, so had she just said, “yeah, I really didn’t want to do it but I felt it was the best for all concerned” right afterwards and not done the big show of ripping the monitor out and stuff trying to fake it, it would have been more what I guess i expected from her. She seems to be one of the few that normally sing their songs and perform with integrity but maybe I was way off base. You are right though, it gave everyone something other than her personal life to talk about so I guess it all worked out for her 🙂


  2. Hi dear Nan! Great post, you need to write more often! IMO Adele was a grateful gift to everybody who loves good music an singers and also Amy Winehouse, who will always be an irreparable lost. 😦
    Love you! ❤


    • Awe thanks so much Ana!! I appreciate it more than you know and you are so right about the artist you mentioned, I don’t know how I could have forgotten them 😦 i was actually planning on using Adele to compare and contrast against Beyonce so i went back in and did that and I am now going back in to change the “dead” vids that have been removed from you tube and I’ll throw in an Amy Winehouse and maybe a Bruno mars who i also love to death 😉 Hope you come back and read more, I promise to post more in the near future, you know what’s been going on and I just haven’t been able to right now….but soon, I promise 😀


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