Videos I loved when I was much much younger…but still had awesome taste :) Part 1

The first videos are from two of my very favorite bands that I still listen to pretty much on a daily basis. Yeah I am stuck in the 70’s and 80’s it seems but I have to say it was a MUCH better time before the shitfest I like to call a life happened. Oh by the way if you are wondering where Queen is, I gave them their own page because Freddy Mercury was just THAT awesome and deserves at LEAST that much 😉

Little River Band ~ It’s a long way there has one of my favorite guitar solos in it and I keep trying to get my kid to play it. he is a guitar genius but likes to play super hard rock like Pantera and Metalica which are OK but just not my thing

ELO’s Don’t Bring Me Down is just, I don’t know…it’s just awesome because it is ELO. What can I say?

OK, if you don’t know Little River band’s Reminiscing then you are just dead to me…you hear that? Dead, I mean seriously, who on earth has never heard this song and who doesn’t like it? C’mon it makes everyone think of some other time, because you are reminiscing….

ELO ~ Strang Magic is just another example of why ELO is just fucking awesome and Jeff Lynn is one of the greatest singer/song writers ever to grace our presence :p

Quite possibly my favorite song by Little River Band of all time. As I get older I get the song more and I always got the part about being born in the sign of water although I am an Aquarius which is ACTUALLY an air sign but considered the water bearer, seriously the part about being around water….so true 😀

This is my go to song when I am wallowing in heartache 😦 It is ELO’s Don’t Walk Away from the soundtrack to Xanadu which is one of the best soundtracks to one of the cheesiest movies ever that by the way I actually have on my DVR right this second but someone did a really pretty nice job of making a tribute video for the Notebook which was the only decent video for this song I could find 😉

Another song that if you don’t know, I hate you and you need to go and die already!!!! No seriously, I can’t understand why anyone over the age of 30 wouldn’t know all of these songs I am posting maybe even younger if they have super cool brothers and sisters 😀

Ok, This is I’m Alive by ELO from Xanadu again. Now for anyone wondering what the fuck is going on in this video and why the girls on this wall are coming to life, they are supposed to be the daughters of Zeus and they are muses and well I said the movie was a major cheesfest didn’t I?

This has special meaning to me. Happy Anniversary by Little River band is a song that I pretty much call my husband every November 26th and he laughs and says “fuck you” and I laugh and he says “I love you” and I say “I know” and hang up 😀

Last but not least for this page is All Over the World by ELO and it is my upbeat song when I just need to feel good or at least better than I do at the time. It is from Xanadu as well. Like I said, they had a killer soundtrack, mainly because the majority was by ELO 🙂

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