Queen videos I loved when I was a kid and still do ~ the amazing Freddie Mercury :)

I felt that Freddie Mercury deserved his own page because the combination of his angelic voice which I have yet to hear anyone as amazing since his death and the combination of May/Mercury/Taylor’s writing defined a whole generation of music that can’t be compared to anything else 🙂 It was a sad day when we lost Freddie to AIDS, I know I cried while my husband sat and made all kinds of gay jokes…..

Who wants to live forever, one of my favorite songs they made 🙂

Bohemian Rhapsody…I mean c’mon who doesn’t love this song??

Killer Queen ~ 😀

Somebody to Love ~

Another One Bites the Dust ~

We Are the Champions ~

The Show Must Go On ~

Radio GaGa ~

Crazy Little Thing Called Love ~

and just because ~ Body Language ~  😉

Obviously there was a huge songbook to choose from but these are just some of my favorites and the better known songs. It is funny, while looking for the videos on youtube I came across a comment on one of the videos concerning Freddie’s death that I had to share…  😀

“Some say his human body could not take the sheer power of his holy awesomeness. On the day he died, he was buried under the stage where he sang his first concert, and after three days, he rose up from the dead, sang a song so heavenly that it raptured all those around when it happened (Murph the janitor), and he imploded in a violent flash of light. He then kicked open the pearly gates, said “Fuck you god, I’m gay and amazing!” and god was like “KK bro, calm down”. He now owns heaven”


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