Scooby Doo and the Case of Why Tom Welling Disappeared


To those of you that read the original post, this is just a little different. I updated since Parkland came out. I apologize but for some reason this particular post seems to keep disappearing and I just don’t know why  😦

First off for those of you scratching your heads about the title, you wouldn’t understand so move on. Just know it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Scooby Doo but anyway….

tumblr_msk8u7enmu1s70bnlo2_250A while ago I had written a blog about Tom Welling and how he really hadn’t been around or anywhere for that matter for quite some time since Smallville ended. The fans were freaking out and we were all sad because let’s face it; Tom on our TV screens makes the world just a little bit better, or at least for us ladies 😉  Somehow my blog poofed itself into cyberspace and was just gone. I’m not sure what happened, maybe it was a sign from the blog Gods that it totally sucked or maybe not but now I don’t really care anymore because things have changed and I have so much more to say that it behooves me to just re-write the whole thing 🙂  After all, I still want to know why Tom isn’t working a lot more than he is, given the amount of talent he has and the diversity of his skills. It’s not every day you find a producer, director and superhot and talented actor with a huge fan base that would follow him anywhere and doesn’t require tens of millions of dollars for each movie or show he is in. So what is the deal?


What Robsten and KStew lovers will do to you if you’re not a believer

Let’s go back a bit though, shall we? My original post came about after I had been terribly depressed and stressed out, so I decided to check out of Facebook, blogging and everywhere else for a while. I was getting sick of people coming here attacking me for my views of Kristen Stewart and Robsten (even though I hadn’t written about her in ages) and leaving the nastiest of comments trash talking me and my children all in the name of “love”, so I realized it was time to shut down and purge all

the way I felt last year....

the way I felt last year….

that negativity. I want to apologize to my loyal subscribers and followers because you all know I love and adore you for hanging around for so long; I know a few people got upset and left but those that stayed I PROMISE I will make it up to you in the coming months and type my fingers down to little stumps if that what it takes to get more blogs out to you.  I know that the Robsten’s and Krisbians  that drop in constantly to spread their vitriol will have lovely things to say about my return to blogging but can you please limit them to the KStew or Twilight sections? I really don’t need to sully this area with anything pertaining to that disgusting little bitch troll…now back to the original subject ~

this is probably pretty accurate

this is probably pretty accurate

Over the last year my life has literally gone to shit, most recently the last few months as some of you know who have visited my blog recently. These last months were scary to say the least, with me not really knowing what the hell was wrong except that I didn’t know if I was going to wake up or not the next morning.  None of the doctors had a clue or if they did, they sure weren’t sharing it with me. The rest of the year I’ve dealt with chronic pain, my ex-husband having a cancer scare (and the feeling he is lying about the outcome), bi-polar, agoraphobia, social anxiety and financial issues, so my life basically consists of waiting around for my friends to text or contact me or post something interesting and funny on Facebook. I have sleep apnea so my sleep patterns are all out of whack and half the time I forget to eat which has caused me to lose almost 30 lbs but this is not really much of a life if you ask me and that is why I just said fuck it and just logged off the computer completely.

After watching everything on my DVR and what was downloaded on my computer, I

this "hottie" made me want to check out what all my friends loved about Smallville

this “hottie” made me want to check out what all my friends loved about Smallville

looked for something different. Because I watch a lot of shows like Person of Interest, Homeland, Dexter the Following etc. I wanted to find a show more fantasy driven; I watch Supernatural, True Blood and stuff like that so when a friend said you gotta watch Smallville, I was like what’s it about again? You see people have been telling me about Smallville for years, just like Vampire Diaries and like they did with True Blood and Supernatural before. It took me awhile to figure out that straight dramas are not the only quality shows on the air BUT I still wasn’t into Superman so I never got into Smallville until about 6 months ago when my world was coming apart.  I guess I saw a picture of Tom and I was like Oh my God, who is this hottie? A friend said he had been on Smallville and I went and downloaded immediately 😉

Smallville had been on TV for like ten years and was the longest running superhero show ever, so on one hand I am not really sure why I resisted for so long but then again I always felt like all the shows on the CW were aimed at bratty little tweens and teens (except Supernatural which I recorded every week) and so I just never turned it on. I set my DVR each week and never looked back.  I DO kind of remember seeing a few episodes in the wee morning hours on cable but they only showed four or five different episodes over and over, out of sequence so I couldn’t tell whether it was a good show or just something to watch to drool over the star who at the time didn’t look all that old and I felt a little skeevy lusting after someone who seemed that young.

Tom Welling making Clark Kent and Superman looking sexier than ever

Tom Welling making Clark Kent and Superman looking sexier than ever

One day I was sick (more like depressed) in bed and I decided to watch the show. About 16 episodes later I realized not only was this a really good show and totally NOT what I had expected but that all I wanted to do was get a little sleep so I could get up and watch more.  Now on my behalf, I did say I have bi-polar and I do tend to go into manic states every once in a while…this was one of those times.

I ended up watching all ten seasons in just over a week which is what? 218 episodes??  I had no idea I would love the show, Tom or all of the other actors so much. I also discovered some things about myself that week while watching the show, aside from obviously being obsessive and compulsive.  This show that didn’t have people dying at the hands of the kind of real life villains that walk our

Between you and me, I want to see this ALL THE DAMN TIME, not just once a year or when he is lucky enough to get a movie ;)

Between you and me, I want to see this ALL THE DAMN TIME, not just once a year or when he is lucky enough to get a movie 😉

streets and live in this world, there was no stress from thinking “God could this actually happen”? It was fun, campy and even though it was dramatic in a sense it was always fun and it always seemed to have a message of positivity, so you could walk away from the show feeling good and not stressed out.  It didn’t hurt that the main character was this yummy hunk of man meat 😉 Ha ha, I am just kidding for objectifying this sweet man…But Oh my fucking God, where the hell did he come from?  :O

How could I have missed him on TV all those years and why the hell was I drooling over people like Rob Pattinson when I had a MUCH HOTTER and sexy guy to watch that apparently doesn’t feel the need to be a total tool or a tabloid joke? I guess we will never know but bygones….

some of the characters from the show but no Hawkman...whyyyyyy?? he was awesome AND sexy :D

some of the characters from the show but no Hawkman…whyyyyyy?? he was awesome AND sexy 😀

So YES some people might say I’m a little obsessed with Mr. Welling, I don’t know if I would go that far and don’t worry I don’t plan on going out and stalking him and asking for a lock of his hair or anything creepy like that. I do tend to get a little overzealous when I like an actor and think they have the potential to be something great; I take serious notice of them. By that I mean I watch their movies, go to fans sites and see what’s up and I obviously write blogs.  As far as the movies go, unfortunately Tom doesn’t have that many to watch but I did as soon as I possibly could.  Of course I had already seen Cheaper by the Dozen I & II   before I even knew who he was and honestly didn’t make the connection (yeah another face palm for Nan).

I downloaded The Fog but was kind of dreading watching it praying it would not be

okay this pic really doesn't need words.....but it's Tom playing Nick Castle in The Fog

okay this pic really doesn’t need words…..but it’s Tom playing Nick Castle in The Fog

as bad as the original.  Toms acting made the movie bearable and once again he was good for what the movie was and for being in a horror flick which I normally HATE; I have to say that he was the glue that held this movie together, I am sorry but Maggie Grace is just painful to watch in everything (even in Taken which was a totally kick ass movie), so having Tom and even Selma Blair (which was

Tom looking sexier than ANY secret service agent should be allowed to in the movie Parkland

Tom looking sexier than ANY secret service agent should be allowed to in the movie Parkland

just OK) in the movie made it tolerable to say the least. I don’t think I could have watched had he not been able to act because even his pure sexiness on the screen wouldn’t have been enough to hold my attention.  I was happy he did a decent job because like I said, I wouldn’t have cut him any slack, sexy or not. Actors can be sexy as Hell but they have to have at least some talent to hold my attention or they just need to go away;  Tom seems to have it all :).

Of course then there is Parkland which as we ALL know how I feel about that and quite frankly it is in a whole other league than the previous movies. His acting has grown to the point that had there not been so many award worthy movies right now and such an amazing ensemble cast, I could see Tom getting nominated for some type of award. Even if it wasn’t an Oscar or Golden Globe, really any real recognition that is not just fan voted is saying something and with this movie he deserves that recognition as they all did.

Anyone who knows me knows I appreciate a few actors talents that I either think are already amazing or have that something special that can be amazing with some time and effort. Ryan GoslingLeonardo Di Caprio,and  even Rob Pattinson  are some. Of course there is Tom but at the very beginning I appreciated and was more than likely truly obsessed and oh so in love

my first love and obsession....still love him and all his movies to this day Johnny Depp

my first love and obsession….still love him and all his movies to this day Johnny Depp

with Johnny Depp.  To show that I am not someone who just obsesses over one star for five seconds, then changes their mind and moves on to the next; I want to make it clear that even though he has been exhibiting serious douchey behavior and I can’t stand the way he has acted in the public eye, I still like Rob Pattinson …or at least I like all of his movies.  I own all of them as well as Leo DiCaprio’s, Ryan Gosling’s and of course I have been watching Johnny Depp since I first saw him in the original Nightmare on Elm Street and then in his role in 21 Jump Street (yes, I am THAT old) and own every movie he is in as well, including the TV movies 🙂 I would have to say since the beginning of my obsessive compulsive love of certain movie stars, Johnny has been my main man, just as I have developed respect and admiration for all the above mentioned stars talent BUT I want to go back to talking more about Tom Welling because after watching all ten

This guy just get better and better with age...he is SO much sexier now than as Clark Kent ;)

This guy just get better and better with age…he is SO much sexier now than as Clark Kent 😉

seasons of Smallville, his older movies and now Parkland, I have Tom, on the brain and honestly think that he has the ability to go so much farther with his acting and be something really special with more work under his belt.  Not to mention I don’t feel like a pervy cougar ogling him like I do, I mean he IS only ten years younger than me, which is a damn site better than when I got sucked into lusting after Rob Pattinson with all the other Twilight fans for the 3 or 4 years I have been. A lot of us watched the movie, saw him…hated the movies but thought he was hot and liked his acting, the rest is history but for me, NOW there is Tom 😉

In my original post I talked about how I was pissed Tom wasn’t considered or hired to play in the movie Man of Steel. After further consideration, I am actually glad that he wasn’t or that he didn’t want it in the first place for a few reasons (I saw it against my better judgement). I mean yeah I would have loved to see him actually progress into the Superman character and wished they would have taken it a little further on Smallville but they didn’t so it really was the right move for him to leave the superhero role behind and move onto the next thing.  After seeing it I had wished it had been ALL the actors from Smallville only because they probably would have done a better job with it and here’s why….

I remember this it was hot for  Lois and Clark

I remember this scene….man it was hot for Lois and Clark

My main problem with Man Of Steel were all the actors. I mean Henry Cavill wasn’t THAT bad but he had absolutely NO romantic chemistry with Amy Adams as Lois Lane. While I think she is normally an excellent actress, displaying brilliant performances in movies like Doubt and Trouble with the Curve which are all great roles for her.  Man of Steel might have been an OK role but the rendition of Amy Adam’s

They may seem like they care but there was NO passion or love between them

They may seem like they care but there was NO passion or love between them

Lois Lane and Henry Cavill’s Superman was luke warm at best together.  Lois and Clark are supposed to be in love or Clark is definitely supposed to be enamored with Lois in the movie versions and she just seemed too old but maybe that’s just my opinion. They were nothing like Tom and Erica who had chemistry and were very convincing to the point that fans actually “wished” them together and STILL do to this day.

I also hated Michael Shannon’s portrayal  of Zod; he was horrible, didn’t look the part and was unconvincing.  I just thought Callum Blue was so good as Zod on Smallville and would have been a better choice for the movie because he has something about him that just comes across in a credible way; you expect Zod to be from Krypton, not just an ugly guy in chain mail that JUST wants to dominate the world and kill Clark, he has more depth than that even if that is the ultimate goal; Shannon has no personality or realism that you can relate to and that’s the thing about Zod on Smallville, you could always empathize with him yet he was scary in his own right because you knew he was going to be a bastard and do something self serving and ultimately evil. The other characters were really inconsequential at this point but they missed the mark and everyone who jazzed over it just didn’t know what they were missing obviously.  Even IF the Smallville actors didn’t want to come back they could have taken a page out of their book and emulated the characters. The show was on for ten years for a reason, because people loved it and they fell in love with hey guess what?? THE CHARACTERS!!!!!

I am sure Tom was probably burnt out at this point on Superman or maybe on everything. After ten years of acting and also simultaneously directing and co-exec producing and then developing and producing another show for TV has got to take a lot out of you.  Any true fan of Tom wants him to be happy with his work and if that meant taking an extended break then I guess that is what it meant….or did it? Was this a vacation and a break for as long as it was or were people not knocking on Tom’s door for a year? Were they offering him any roles or was he just not interested in them at all?  I know producing and directing have been his thing for a while now, so I am just curious if this was a cognitive decision he has made to stay out of the limelight in the last year or so, or did people just miss out on casting someone who really has so much more to offer than sweet farm boy Clark Kent ? He did play a lot of golf on his downtime though; once again whatever makes him happy 🙂 Finally, it seemed like when it rains it pours because we heard Tom got cast in a movie called Parkland; not a huge role but an important one. Then what seemed like moments later, he got cast in Draft Day mind you BOTH of these movies are staring really big name movie stars. None of these are B rated actors, so to pull someone from TV right into movies with these kinds of actors seems impressive. He must have quite a good reputation and great work ethic besides his talent. We all know he seems like a sweet guy, all his co-stars gush over him, men and women alike.

Then we hear he is trying to get a new project off the ground for USA TV called Blanco County based on a set of books by Ben Rehder.  I have actually never read them and although I usually do my research and would have by now, because I’ve been so sick I haven’t been able to get a hold of them yet. What I DO know about them is they have a male lead and because Tom is not the ONLY producer maybe there is a chance he can star in this too. It would be so nice to see him back on our TV screens once again. I realize he is acting in movies now but there is nothing that says he can’t do both.  I mean look at Mathew MacConahey in True Detective. We ALL know he won’t stop making actual movies but he is also working in television along with more and more big name actors, so I believe Tom can successfully do both. He doesn’t have to worry about not being cast in both as long as scheduling is not a problem. Let’s face it; if he can find the time TV as a whole would be a much better place with him on it  regardless of the role 😉

I am STILL holding out for him to get the role of a villain, I think he could do it justice. Just because he played Clark Kent for ten years doesn’t mean he needs to be stuck in these vanilla roles forever, he can be a badass. He proved that in Parkland in the “that’s my body” scene and he also showed he can be an evil little dick when he played Clark Luthor and the Phantom Bizarro on Smallville.  It would just be nice to see a darker side of him; I mean let’s face it, bad boys are sexy 😉

I actually find all of Tom’s acting quite refreshing and would love to see him take on this role, I also think that from what I read about the character so far it would be a good fit.  As far as his acting goes, for someone that basically had nothing going on or very little acting experience before Smallville, he did a really great job portraying the character with the fluctuations from good to bad that were required and he just got better and better and he grew with the character as he grew up.  I am so glad that I finally discovered Tom but it kind of makes me sad because I did it AFTER he left TV and seeing as how he is just now breaking into movies, I have no idea how much I will see him. God knows I can’t get away from some of the craptastic actors out there that shouldn’t be allowed in Hollywood no less anywhere near a movie set but yet a truly talented and amazing comes around that is actually worth your time and what…..he is almost nonexistent. He is not just another hot bod with a pretty face. He actually can act given the opportunity and material, and if USA is smart, they won’t drop the ball like the CW did and let him slip out of their hands. They will cast him in this new show and directors will put him in a lot more movies as quickly as possible. They will not only get a great actor/producer/director but they will also get a huge fan base without even working for it. Where Tom goes, the fans follow…

You hear Peter Landesman rave about how awesome Tom was and what a fucking “rockstar” he is, so producers and directors take note. I am still a little baffled by the fact that Zac had a bigger role than Tom in parkland but I guess given the circumstances that the doctor was only 26 and I just can’t see Zac being as imposing as Tom was, so there was no way the roles could be reversed. I guess I get it now, at least more than I did when I originally wrote the blog and blasted the director for even casting the singing boy wonder (I believe that is what I called him LOL) and said something about this being a musical…hey no one can’t accuse me of being a bitter obsessive bitch at times 😀

One great thing that could come of it, would be a role in one of Tom Hanks productions, like his new mini-series for HBO that he’ll be making with Steven Speilberg from the book Master of the Air. It kind of falls in line with Band of Brothers and The Pacific.  Which were huge hits for them and turned out one of my very favorite stars who was then basically an unknown yet brilliant actor named Damian Lewis . We can all see what that did for his career, now an Emmy award winning actor in one of the most popular and one of my favorite shows on TV, Homeland.They have been to work with a few of the same actors on multiple projects (3 in 3 movies that I know of) so I mean this could potentially be a really good thing for Tom.  Maybe just maybe, someone will recognize how amazing we all know he is and he’ll get a significant  role in the upcoming miniseries and be seen for the excellent actor he truly is by everyone else. <– Directors and producers listen up, I am talking to YOU (once again giant fan base=revenue)!!!

Now, for all of his fans that keep posting stuff about Tom being on Dancing with the Stars…no, just NO!!! Although I respect your opinions and the right to have and speak them and seriously as much as a part of me would love to see Tom doing sexy moves and gyrating on the dance floor the sane part of me is screaming no, Tom keep away from the Capezios and Lycra pants!!! To me DWTS has always been a show for celebrities who are not relevant yet or are not relevant anymore and to me, he just doesn’t fit in either category (not to mention, IF he actually dances like he did in the episode Thirst where Lana changes into a Vampire…God, please NO. I just hope and pray he was dancing badly because he was told to do so).

I think that even though Tom has not been affiliated with a ton of

projects, he has enough time invested in the business and enough talent to keep going from here and definitely does NOT belong in the celebrities doing reality TV for the sake of staying in the public eye, I mean didn’t he say something about not wanting to be a celebrity for the sake of being one or something along those lines???  From what I have read, he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to be affected remotely by fame and even if he never got another acting gig he can definitely fallback on his directing and producing skills, although I won’t lie, I am dying to see him on my TV again but I would rather die than see him in ANY reality TV show.  He has way too much talent for that and it would be like throwing away everything he has worked for to become THAT guy who used to play Clark Kent, you know the one from Dancing with the Stars? NO!!!!! People tend to remember you more for the reality show than the actual TV show and real talent you have and effort you put into it, which in my opinion is just so wrong. I would rather never see him on a TV screen and read his name in the credits for producing and directing than have him sell out thank you very much, like I said he is way too talented and why waste it if you have it?

Think about what a great job he did with with the cheerleading show he produced, Hellcats, and was pleasantly surprised after I watched it to find out he was attached to the project, so once again I seriously hope that he NEVER does Dancing with the Stars or that type of reality show anytime soon.because I would rather impale my eyeballs with a cocktail fork than subject myself to watching our precious Tom selling out to Hollywood.

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  1. Aww man, I’m loving your re-write of this blog. It’s perfect, and I whole heartedly agree with everything you said about Tom, about Man of Steel, everything! I swear we’re on the same wavelength! 🙂 It was odd how your original one went poof, but since there was a lot more to say since you wrote it it made sense to re-write it, like you said. 🙂 And omg yes right now when it rains Tom it pours! I love how he dedicates his time in promoting the movies, with Parkland and Draft Day (in which he did COUNTLESS interviews – seriously, I couldn’t keep up with them all lol) I have made a list of them all in the OP of the video thread on our Tom board, so if you wanna watch them again you can. 😀 Here’s the link to all the links of the interviews:


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