Notice to my readers March 2014


I’ve been a sad panda 😦

I wanted to take a moment to let my subscribers and anyone who stops in and thinks I have all but forgotten my blog that I am sorry. I KNOW I have neglected it and I honestly have no real excuses lately. A few months ago I was ill for a very long time and with that came a deep depression but after that I just found myself with a loss for words.  I have blogs that I want to write about and some of them even started but for some reason I just can’t seem to finish anything I start and I don’t know why. Some of you that come here will probably say no great loss but I KNOW that at least a handful of you actually enjoy what I have to say and feel let down when I neglect this place.  I am trying to get my life in order right now and after I manage to get my shit together I PROMISE I will come back and get back to the writing; I might even have something important to say and if not you might at least be entertained 😉 in the meantime feel free to wander around the site and check out some of my older blogs. Most are found in the Life and Love sections; most of them are worth the time to check out and are some of the best I have written, or at least the most insightful 🙂 until I see you again….

Peace, love and happiness ~


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