First off I thought I would post a few stats about me that I am sure you are all DYING to know.

Relationship Status:  involved

LOOK, more than one for each day of the week!!! Yeah there are quite a few of my favorite hottie right now ~ Mr. Tom Welling, he is just so sexy and perfect in every way that I think I would implode (or die right on the spot) if I ever had the chance to meet him in person, so these will just have to do until that day ever comes :D

LOOK, more than one for each day of the week!!! Yeah there are quite a few of my favorite hottie right now ~ Mr. Tom Welling, he is just so sexy and perfect in every way that I think I would implode (or die right on the spot) if I ever had the chance to meet him in person 😀

Relationship With:  Do imaginary boyfriends count?? I am still technically married and have recently decided its finally time for the big D 😦

Well, I turned 47 a while ago and I have been through more shit than most people have gone through in an eternity. From giant brain tumors that show up out of nowhere, abusive cheating husbands to kids getting struck by lightning, I think I have pretty much been there done that. Mainly I suppressed the “real me” for so long that I almost forgot who I was until it was too late but one day I woke up, I’d had enough and I finally found my voice…whether or not that is a good thing remains to be seen but for now let’s just roll with it and read what I have to say. You might actually find something in this mess of a blog that is useful or at least mildly entertaining 🙂


Favorite Quotations:

~Procrastination is just like masturbation….it’s all fun and games ’til you realize you just fucked yourself~ Unknown

“If God was a woman she would have made sperm taste like chocolate” ~ Carrie P. Snow

“You know the worst thing about oral sex? The view” ~ By Maureen Lipman

“Hey I am a bitch. I know I am one, I don’t pretend to be anything other than what I am and people either love me or they hate me but at the end of the day I am who I am and no one can take that away from me” ~ anonymous 

“When I get down on my knees, it is not to pray” ~ Madonna

“I love the lines the men use to get us into bed. “Please, I’ll only put it in for a minute.” What am I, a microwave?” ~Beverly Mickins

“I am a survivor. I am like a cockroach, you just can’t get rid of me.” ~ Madonna

“Women might be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake whole relationships ~ S.Stone

A friend once asked me if I thought sex was dirty. I told her only when it’s done right ~ anonymous

“Sex on television can’t hurt you unless you fall off”. ~ Author Unknown

“Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done.” ~ Madonna

“Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion.” ~ Madonna

“Why did God create men? Because vibrators can’t mow the lawn” ~ Madonna

“Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most” – Mark Twain

Own who you are because at the end of the day you are still going to be you and nothing is going to change that ~ anonymous

“Everybody loves you when they are about to cum.” ~ Madonna

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can ‘fix’ any situation whenever you feel like it. Some things are bigger than you are~unknown

the last two go together:

I look at people sometimes and think…Really, that’s the sperm that won? ~ Facebook e-card

I SWEAR there are so many stupid people in the world, I really wonder if this is God’s “test planet” or if he just did this one as his constant source of entertainment and all the other ones are the planets with ACTUAL intelligent life  ~ me   😉

Here are some questions that I was asked a million years ago in some online interview I did so I thought I would include them here so you all could get to know me ~ 


Writing, singing, watching TV and movies,  goofing around with my silly teenage daughter, “obsessing” over whatever or whoever catches my eye at the moment, and I try to connect with my fabulous friends on Facebook and Twitter who I absolutely adore!!

The Possession I Value Most:

After going through as much shit as I have in the last 7 years because of a massive brain tumor, I have realized that possessions don’t matter that much and we shouldn’t really value anything but life 🙂

My Favorite Person To Spend Time With Is:

I am the most awesome person I know…Do I really need anyone else? Other than that I would say my awesome teenage daughter 😀

In My Free Time, You Can Find Me:

Because of my agoraphobia that came about after my second brain surgery I am home a lot of the time so I watch tons of movies and TV (not reality TV which is a waste of space), I write at my computer and talk to my friends on Facebook or tweet like a maniac; my boys are grown up and gone and my daughter is busy with school, boyfriend or her life most of the time or I would be doing stuff more stuff with her. When we are together we just act stupid and goofy but have a lot of fun 🙂

Favorite Music:

Too much to list; I love music and have to have it playing 24/7 when I am not watching TV or movies. I love everything from Adele to ZZ Top. I listen to different types with each mood I am in, so one second I could be listening to Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, Elton John or Little River band and the next I could be listening to Marvin Gaye or Sam Cooke. My go to jams range from David Guetta, Sia, Scissor Sisters, Heart, Pat Benatar to Disco  (yeah I said DISCO) 😀 and because I grew up in the 80’s I am kind of prone to listen to any music from that time whether it was hard rock like Ratt, new wave like the Fixx, or even old school rap like Grand Master Flash, I loved it all and still listen to it to this day. When I was younger my mom who had been a professional singer with a record deal before I was born would go around singing songs by Nat King Cole, Nina Simone, Etta James and  Billie Holiday, so I also have an appreciation for that era. Some of the newer people I like are David Cook, Adam Lambert and Phillip Phillips from American Idol and my newest obsession is Quinn Archer who I found on Twitter whose song played in one of my new favorite TV shows 🙂

Favorite TV Shows:

Continuum, Lost Girl, American Horror Story, Scandal, Bones, The Following, Revenge, The Mentalist, Agents of Shield, Sleepy Hollow,  Blacklist and the Vampire Diaries spin-off the Originals, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, True Blood, Homeland, Suits, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Twisted, Glee (yeah I watch the teen shows with my daughter) Dallas,  Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, Hawaii 5-0 (Alex O’loughlin is so fucking hot and I watched him in Moonlight too 🙂 ), NCIS, NCIS LA, Rizzoli and Isles,Vampire Diaries, Beauty and the Beast (another super hot guy),  Oregon Ducks Football,, American Dad, Family Guy, Adventure Time, South Park, Saturday Night Live, and while it was on a few years ago I LOVED Political Animals.  I am looking forward to some new shows that are either in production or at least being discussed as future projects. The new show that Tom Welling is going to Produce called Blanco County if it gets picked up and the new show based on Sylvia Day’s Crossfire novel series could be good if done right. I used to watch some great shows but it seems everything worth a shit is getting canceled for more stupid reality shows……If I see anymore shows about Kimye or Kardashians period, Snooki and Jwoww, or glorifying pregnant teens I might just go postal and kill people.  I recently “cut the cord” and have been binge watching  shows online like Breaking Bad and even Mutant X (Yes, another super hot actor).I really wish I could cut down some of the TV I love and get out and do more stuff but I am sure that will happen in time.  Hopefully like everything else I’ve dealt with, I will kick this in the ass and get better soon 🙂

Favorite Movies:

The Notebook, The Godfather, House of Flying Daggers, Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind, Chinatown, Parkland and Draft Day; anything with either Johnny Depp, Leo DiCaprio, or Ryan Gosling which I have all of each of their movies. I also like all of Rob Pattz’ movies so far and think he has a lot of potential.  I love almost all classic movies especially Hitchcock, I love Nick Cage and Jason Statham and Stephen Segal; I don’t even care how cheesy their movies are because they just kick ass in different ways, for that matter I kind of like cheestastic movies just because, like the Mummy and Scorpion King movies. They aren’t probably going to be up for any Oscars anytime soon but they are fun 🙂 I pretty much watch any and all of the Marvel movies and I was late to the Harry Potter movies but I loved them and have them all.  Most freakishly weird movies or fantasy flicks I will see or at least give them a chance. I love a good  suspense movie, comedy and even sappy girlie love movies I usually download (yeah, I’m terrible like that).  I’ll see ANY vampire or werewolf flick  and well there are just too many other movies to list but  those are just some of my favorites that I can think of right off the top of my head; Oh yeah…I really hate most horror movies like SAW and think they are kind of worthless….

Favorite Books:

Anything by Steinbeck because he and I were born in the same town and my mom actually lived in the same house that he wrote about in the book Cannery Row.  I like Sylvia Day’s books which are a TOTAL dirty guilty pleasure, especially the Crossfire, Marked and Renegade Angels series, The 50 Shades books were crap in comparison and I don’t really get what the big deal was about, not REALLY hard-core bondage or S&M if you ask me. For some reason I actually read the Twilight books and liked the concept of sparkly day walkers which actually caused really freakish nightmares that would prove I was insane if I talked about it so I guess it’s your loss; lets just say it had to do with Twilight Ice Capades and/or on Broadway; Hey if it works for Spiderman, why the hell not? God my mind is FUCKED UP 🙂

Favorite Websites:

Basically Facebook and Twitter , I have a few other forums I pop in and out of once in a while to see what’s new;  I guess I come here when I can, so I can write but I try not to be on the internet 24/7 as I work to get my life in order.

Favorite Stores:

I am not much of a shopper and I really don’t have much money to speak of anyway…but I guess I mostly buy tech stuff (for my computers, smart phone, external hard drive for all my movies and TV shows I download and shit like that) 🙂

Three Words That Describe Me Best:

Totally Fucking Awesome~ WELL it said 3 words, didn’t it??

Me on my 42nd birthday taken by my 11 yr old daughter; Yes my face is hidden but I’m NOT a fan of pics and so this is the best you’re gonna get for at least the next few years until I lose all my weight. I’ve lost 40 lbs this summer so far 🙂

Welcome to my site, my name is Nan, some people call me Nans, Spunknan and Sugarlipps (don’t ask, yes there are two P’s but its the only way Facebook would let me use it 😉 ).  I first made this page to post my writing but I had nothing but trouble with it since day one so I will apologize for any glitches or fucked up crap right off the bat.  It seems every internet site HATES me, or at least every blogging site on the web does, I’m here and I ain’t going anywhere.  Love me or hate me, I am bound to post some interesting and sometimes offensive stuff, so if you can’t handle it or like what I have to say, I suggest you move on to your happy place or someone else’s site because this one is more than likely going to offend SOMEBODY.  Mainly people with stick up your ass syndrome and boring, uptight and sexually repressed folks.  I guarantee you will never see me writing about happy little elves skipping through fields of daisies, it is just not my style.

So anyway, when we were young, we were all taught that reading is fundamental. I have always felt that knowledge is power so does that mean if you read my blogs you will be fundamentally powerful?? I highly doubt it but you may actually learn something from some of them and at the very least I am sure that some of them will either entertain you or maybe even piss you off depending on what your stance on my opinion is.

I guess this is the place where I’m supposed to actually talk about myself? Yeah….not happening.  Seriously, I am not a big fan on opening myself up to people except when I write.  I guess a little bit about me comes out in each blog if you know where to look; There are a few that are about me but not many.  As far as just saying “hey this is me” I’m not so crazy about that part and I doubt if I ever will be unless I feel I have something really important to say.  After what they did to me in the hospital after my second brain surgery I can’t even handle being around that many people at once; I don’t go out and do much and never get to go singing anymore 😦 which really sucks because I am actually a pretty good singer, I mean I DO come by it naturally.

Now that we got that out of the way ~ Obviously, I like to try to write, as I said before I used to sing and I even had a DJ/Karaoke business but life and health got in the way of that venture. I have some of the most amazing and best friends anyone could ever have but most of them I have never met in person and I’m a loud mouth opinionated bitch which most of my friends love me for because I am the one person that has no trouble speaking their mind and makes no apologies for anything I think or say.  Oh yeah ~ I absolutely fucking HATE stupid people with a passion and a combination of swearing and sarcasm are pretty much my second language. I probably swear more than most sailors (when I write that is), so deal with it or you know the drill……leave.

March 14th I celebrated my 7th anniversary of life because that was the date of the first of my three brain surgeries. I’ve been through so much in this lifetime, that is probably what makes me the way I am.  I have had knee surgery and re-injured the knee beyond repair and deal with more medical bullshit than any one person my age should ever have to deal with.

As I said before I’ve had a total of three brain surgeries but there’s more…. my husband and I split up after he had an affair and decided he was in love with another woman after 22 years together and 3 kids. This was actually the best thing for me because I was holding on to an abusive relationship because I was terrified of being alone. His girlfriend later accused him of being a stalker which he was convicted of even though there was no real proof (he kinda was…just sayin). Up until now I have done everything in my power to forgive his indiscretions as best I could tand try to keep the peace and keep our kids happy but lately his inner douche has just been showing up more and more and I’ve decided for sanity sake I just can’t do this anymore. It’s not healthy and why the hell should I always have to be the bigger person? Fuck that!!  We’ve been married this whole time while he goes out and does whatever and whoever the fuck he wants and shits all over the whole idea of marriage and love, so I’m done. I am filing for divorce as soon as I can and finally putting my needs first. My kids are all but grown and my daughter supports this so after being his friend for the last 6 years of a 27 year relationship, I decided I need to be a friend to myself more than I need to try to make someone who has no regard for feelings or reality for that matter happy.

My youngest son was hit by lightning a month after my last brain surgery and someone I loved more than life died 3 years ago in the most horrific way; He was way too young and even after all this time I am completely devastated and miss him so much it hurts. My house burned down 2 years ago and I was trapped upstairs in the smoke; my asthma loved that believe me. The fire was due to a faulty fire extinguisher but my property manager made us pay for repairs …I was basically threatened if I sued they’d find a reason to evict me and I couldn’t afford to move if I wanted to. I am now in major debt because I lost everything from the fire but y’know what?  Things could be so much worse, my kids are fine for the most part, I am alive and we are all survivors or at least we try…..

I think if you read my blogs  it’s pretty obvious that I used to like Robert Pattinson and have written a few blogs about him but I also really like a few other hotties that are around these days and talented in their own right. I plan on writing more about them in the future, so stay tuned.

I hope you enjoy my writing, but if not, once again move on because I don’t have time for a bunch of fucking whining little brats complaining about stuff I have no intention of changing. I have no problem with constructive criticism but people PLEASE get over yourselves when it comes to our differing opinions, I am fully aware I can be a bitch, sometimes I post stuff just to piss people off especially when it concerns certain people who I can’t stand that have no talent and shouldn’t have the luxury of working in Hollywood but get a pass because they were in a billion dollar franchise and every teeny bopper in the world is in love with her wooden expressionless acting and sullen bitchy attitude.  I am sure it will take all of three seconds to guess who I’m speaking about but as of right now I am removing the majority of her posts from the site because all they do is bring her attention that she does not deserve and breed negativity by her obsessed insane fans. I don’t need to keep all that negative energy around, it’s toxic and for the last year and a half I have stayed away from my blog aside from a few posts here and there because of that negativity.  I’m done. IF by chance I write any more posts about Bitchy McTroll they will be placed in the Twilight section because now the Robsten/Kristen Stewart page is being removed.….Until my next post ~

Peace, Love and Happiness to you all 😉


  1. Wow, Nans I LOVE the site, haven’t seen it all yet, but I wanted to make sure and leave a comment..I didn’t realize you were so pretty!! (the pic on the me page lol) Don’t ever change, we love u the way u are!!


  2. Wow, thanks Heather, I love you too!! God, do you think you were up late enough?? You keep the same crazy hours that I do…I guess maybe we are taking this vampire thing just a little too far? 😀


  3. Hi Nans! It took me a while to find the link to your site, but I’m finally here and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I haven’t had the chance to do much but kinda browse around. I can tell you’ve spent some time working on it, so I can’t wait to see what amazing Rob stuff you have on here. I’m also excited to read your blog. I promise I’ll post more later.


  4. You said you’re in love with Sylar from Heroes….no you are not sick…I think that character is one of the most interesting (not to mention easy on the eyes). I like him too! 🙂


  5. OMG, Jodi ~ go look up Zach Quinto in google. the first thing that comes up are image results for him and there is a pic of him in a white shirt with his tie loosened HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! Yeah, he’s hot. Totally do-able 😀 BAHAHAHAHA


  6. Finally somebody with brains 😉
    Now I am going to browse some more on your site ( although I know I should be studying. Oh, and I apologize for my english, I’m from Belgium).


    • Kirsten,

      Thanks you so much for the kind words. I don’t seem to get a lot of them around here due to my stance on the whole “Robsten” thing (I don’t know if you know or even care what that is). People get downright nasty, so it is nice to find someone who obviously also has a brain. As for studying, I can only tell you what I would tell my kids, which is YES, go study first and then come back and read my blog 🙂 As for your English, don’t worry about it, I am willing to bet you speak better English than half of the Americans born here.


  7. I’m finally here! Took me a while, but I am lovin’ it so far! 🙂


    • Shells:
      I’m so glad you came over to take a peek at my blog! I hope you like what I have to say which as you know is a lot since I never shut up 😀 Feel free to comment anything you read even if it is after a nasty Robsten comment. You will find plenty of those around here, the shippers love to come in here and spew their hate towards me and fabricate bullshit, but I think they do that everywhere, don’t they?


  8. Hi Nans, hope you are ok, I know you are angry after the EW interview but I wondered if you had heard the news about Peterpan? I think you two were friends on nonsten…love to you and yours



  9. Dear Nans,

    Hope you read this and reply 🙂 I TOTALLY agree that Robsten is a lie, all of my fellow twi- and rob- lovers have being trying to convince me for years of this and with the most recent photographs, I’m sure you know what I mean but here’s the link anyway:

    my friends think they have won the argument, but I remain adamant that they are not involved and never will be, so OK they were caught having a snog on camera but surely Kristen got him drunk, or snuck some pot in his cookies or forced herself on him, or it was a media stunt, anyway now is the time I need reassurance from you and other Robsten non believers.


    • Thanks for the links to the pics. Quite frankly I had no clue about this but I am working on a blog about it and the Robsten events of the summer that I seemed to have missed. Everyone will have their own theories and I can only tell you that I think that the whole thing seems a little odd but I have been out of the loop for so long I really don’t know what has happened that I might have missed. I did have to laugh about the pot brownie or cookie idea. Just imagining Kristen in the kitchen is like imagining her as an actual actress 🙂


      • Personal jab on Kristen? Classy… Do you know her personally? … Have you visited her house?


        • Why do you people feel so desperate to defend her? God would you look at yourselves? People can’t say something jokingly or funny without being ripped apart and for what? Do you really think she gives a shit about you or that she cares about what you think? As far as me being classy, I am who I am and it works for me, if you don’t like me or what I have to say, don’t come read my blogs.


  10. Hi Nana,

    Love the way you write. Two questions:

    1. How do I get a pasword on your site so that I can view password protected posts?
    2. Do you know an administrator at I have unseccesfully tries to sign up since they changed everything. I used to go there and read the posts but now I can’t get in anymore.


    Tracy Kay


    • I have different passwords for each one. Some blogs are personal and I have actually considered removing them but have not been to the site in quite some time so I haven’t gotten to it but just tell me what you want to read and I will see if I can get you the PW if it is something I don’t mind being read. Thank you so much for the compliment about my writing BTW. As far as Nonsten, I have been out of the loop as I said above so much this summer that I didn’t even know they went private until a few weeks ago. I don’t know how to get you in but if you can give me your contact info somehow I can pass it on to them and see if they will allow you to view the site. I cannot promise anything though.


      • Hi Nans,

        So sorry for calling you Nana on my last post! Me and my kluge typing :). My username for nonsten is “trayham” . Ca I send you my email under separate cover? Thanks so much for offering to help me get on nonsten. I appreciate it. Aside from your site, that is the only other one that I have found that makes sense. Do you know any other sane sites that you can recommend?


        • I don’t mind you sending an e-mail or whatever but I can’t post mine on here because of the crazy sheep. They would bombard my e-mail with all kinds of vitriolic and hateful messages and I just don’t or should I say can’t deal with that right now. Maybe you can send me something through Nonsten I think there is an e-mail option in the messaging there and my user name is Sugar Lipps. I haven’t been to Nonsten in so long only because my life is hectic and at this time I can’t direct you anyplace else that might have what you are looking for although I know a few exist out there 🙂


  11. HI Nans,

    Thanks. I hope all is well with you and yours.



  12. Precisely what I was searching for, thanks for posting .


  13. Only wanna state that this is very helpful , Thanks for taking your time to write this.


  14. 43 years old woman, having daughter… and poking her fingers into private life of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.. dedicating blog to prove something she has no relation to…spending significant amount of time writing crap about them..enchanting… BTW, being NOT in the inner circle of Rob and Kris – do you think you have moral right to to pollute cyber universe? and you are raising daughter… well, good example..


    • Jesus, I come here because NAN IS MY FRIEND and I like what she writes, and she writes about a lot of things. This time, I just can’t stand it! Why you CRAZIES come here to harass her??? TAKE CARE OF YOUR LIFE, IF YOU HAVE ONE!

      Nan is not involved in all this SHIT anymore for MONTHS! In all the HATE that this DISGUSTING Twilight fandom spread wherever they go (thanks Stephenie Meyer, as if it was not enough to create a BULLSHIT like your books, you helped to create the most nasty, disgusting and crazy fandon in the world!).

      STOP COMING HERE TO TALK SHIT!!! GET A LIFE! LEAVE IMDb, Twitter (Why in the HELL you tweet all day long? Twiiter is the most stupid thing I have ever seen in Internet), all this useless SHIT and live in the REAL WORLD! Take care you your FAMILY, your FRIENDS, do something to help the PLANET, to help you COUNTRY, stop being so futile!


      PS: Sorry my friend Nan, I have been reading so much SHIT, that I simply cannot follow Rob’s career anymore! And this pisses me off! I have to wait two more years! I feel for him!!!

      Hugs to you.


  15. And specially for YOU Ellen. How old are YOU? 13? 23? 33? Well someday YOU will be 43,53,63 years old and you will regret the precious time of your life that you wasted reading SHIT in Internet and caring about the lifes of ppl that doesn’t know that you EXIST!!

    I am sure the Nan regrets the time she spent writing about this shit (and I regret the time that I spent READING! – not talking about you Nan), but we all make mistakes in life. But she is very talented to write and she has greats points of views about IMPORTANT things!


    • Ana ~ I am not sorry for anything I have written about them. Like I said before, I write my opinion of what I am feeling at the time and to go back and regret what I have written in the past would just be unproductive. Do I regret getting so wrapped up in what the little asshole sheep think or feel about me? Yeah, I must say there was a time when it really affected me and it shouldn’t have, I can honestly say it doesn’t anymore at this point.

      I am so happy that you enjoy my writing Ana and you are smart enough to recognize that my life or blog does NOT revolve around Robsten or Kristen. When I started the blog it was to post my feelings about these subjects but others as well. Anyone that has a brain can see that I have written many more posts about life and love than I have about Kristen or “Robsten” . I HAVE written several blogs about Rob but once again he does not dominate my life any more than Robsten and Kristen don’t. I haven’t written about these subjects because to me they are not relevant any more. There may be a day when I choose to voice my opinion on the subjects again but right now, I don’t give a flying fuck what they are doing and had to actually ask someone what was so special about this last week that my site would be bombarded by so many sheep. There is nothing that interests me what so ever about Kristen Stewart or her sick fandom that would cause me to waste my precious time writing about them right now so haters move on over to somebody who has something current to say and who just actually gives a fuck in general.

      As for Ellen to imply that I am polluting the cyber universe with my opinions makes me have to laugh just a little. God forbid the cyber universe is not already polluted with porn, bigotry and hate and just plain idiots (sheep) with their fapping over non existent love relationships on a daily basis, my little blog is gonna be the one that rips through the whole fabric of morality and destroys everything good in the world??? *rolls eyes*

      Get a grip people, I mean seriously. I don’t go to your freaky little sites and go off on why I think Kristen Stewart is an ignorant little bitch for the things she says and does, I keep it right here. Keeping everything in in your own front yard hardly constitutes polluting anything and stating your opinion ON YOUR OWN SITE is hardly a crime. If you don’t like it, I have a simple solution. Go someplace else.


  16. You know I am just now seeing these comments today and for the life of me I DO NOT understand why you people feel the need to be such staunch supporters of someone who has said before that she doesn’t give a SHIT ABOUT YOU. To Kristen you are just one of those “retards” or feinders that she so affectionately talks about. She could care less about what I write about her as well I am sure. I don’t write for Kristen Stewarts pleasure, I write for mine.

    Something that a few of you need to keep in mind here…a blog is a place to write down your thoughts and opinions. Yes, opinions which I don’t expect everyone to agree with but then again everyone is entitled to their own…um except me I guess or at least that is the way that you sheep would have it if you could. You say I “pollute the cyber universe” with my kind of “sick press” but ironically that is actually what you are all doing each time you post your comments and jizz over your pics of the greatest romance that never was spreading vitriol towards anyone who does not fall in line and board the love boat.

    I never said anywhere on this blog that we were waiting for the second coming of Nancy and that you all needed to read and spread my words as though they were the Gospel of the almighty. I stated some opinions and some facts, letting you the reader draw your own conclusions. I KNEW the vast majority out there were going to be haters towards me and I don’t care because once again these are only my OPINIONS for what they are worth. Each time I write I hope that some things I say will resonate with the reader and at least TRY and make them think outside the PR bubble and I suppose I might be successful once in a while.

    The ideology that so many of you feel the need to defend someone who doesn’t need or want your defense is such a strange thing to me. I don’t personally know Kristen Stewart nor do I ever want to but I would guess that no matter what a brat I think she is or my other opinions of her, I really doubt that she wants people to turn so vile and hateful towards each other making threats of violence to defend her honor or to do and say some of the shit that you “fans” do. I have been called so many things because I did not follow the party lines when it came to my feelings for Spewie,. Everything from a maniacal bitch to a bad mother…why? Because I don’t love or for that matter like ANYTHING about Kristen Stewart.

    Someone even said something about me not being classy. These types of comments coming from people who tell me that my brain surgeries didn’t work because I don’t believe in Robsten, people criticizing my children and my parenting abilities for not being in love with Kristen and not being afraid to write a post that doesn’t fall in line with what is popular.

    You know the thing that baffles me the most is that fact that I have not written about Kristen OR Rob since earlier this fall and I am STILL getting blasted for writing what I feel. We don’t live in a police state people and no one is holding a gun to my head saying I HAVE to love Kristen’s acting or her shitty attitude. When the day comes that we DO enter that pathetic state then I will gladly let someone shoot me before I ever just fall in line with what is socially popular. I have a brain, I use it and maybe people don’t always agree with what I have to say but I certainly accept that. It is called freedom of personal choice and thought, freedom of speech. I myself am a human who likes to think for herself. I am not a sheep or a lemur just waiting to take the plunge off of the next cliff I see because everyone else is.

    Anyway, I hope I have made my point.


  17. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this excellent blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!


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