In this section you will find posts about anything Twilight related whether it’s about the books, KStew or her crazy militant fans, Taylor Lautner or any other Twi-tard thing.  All posts concerning Rob Pattinson can be found in the Guilty Pleasures section; I would prefer to think of him as ANYONE else than Edward Cullen and since his career seems to be going hope that will not be the role he is ultimately remembered for or God forbid fucking Robsten…..


Robsten…Am I a hater?? Why yes I am

The Twilight books ~ is it sending the wrong message about love and life to our daughters?

Robstens and Krisbians ~ Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Showing Your Love for Twilight, How Much is Too Much??

Kristen Stewart: Rape as a Spectator Sport?

Darling Nikki and the New Vicki~where has all the Twi~Love Gone?

When Hyenas Attack


Ahhh, the flowery smell of love and Roses in the air…or is that just a pile of BULLSHIT?

Is Taylor Lautner STRETCHING his options too thin?

Did Rupsten break Robsten?? I don’t know but Robsten is BROKEN beyond repair 🙂


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