Showing your love for Twilight ~ just how much is TOO much?

How much is too much where Twilight is concerned?


Who on Earth would have wanted to see a stupid VAMPIRE love story???

Well anyone that knows me knows I have been a fan of Robert Pattinson and they also know that this stemmed from watching the Twilight movies which I really didn’t want to watch because I was sure it was originally going to be some gay assed vampire love story that could not possibly be good. I had not read the books and couldn’t understand what all the hype was about.

So I went with my kid and watched the movie because I promised to take him because he had read the book and getting him to read ANYTHING is a major miracle and of course I actually liked the movie even with the cheesy acting and thought Rob was super hot but I saw something more. Don’t ask me what it was because I couldn’t tell you at the time but I wanted to find out more about this guy. I went out and found his movies and music and got to work obsessing right away. 😀

So I guess to some, I might seem a little obsessed because my bleak


Once I saw the movie I KNEW had to find out more, not only about Rob but about these “gay assed vampires lol”

existence kind of revolves around writing blogs which a lot seem to be about Twilight and Robert Pattinson although truth be told there are more blogs about on the life page that Twilight and Guilty Pleasures alone but I digress……So writing these blogs requires me to chase down as much info as possible about Rob and the other actors including pics and videos.

Personally I don’t consider myself a fangirl at all because I can still tell the difference between admiring a star and worshiping one. Believe me I don’t have a shrine in my closet or a voodoo doll for those ritual nights when the moon is full and I do my offering to the Twilight Gods and I certainly haven’t purchased any of Rob’s DNA off of eBay 😀 I mean I am fairly sure they sell that on there someplace.

We all know about the obsessions that are out in the open that we read about everyday. Of course there is the stupid Robsten shit that just won’t die and for the life of me I still do not understand why people want this to happen so badly but whatever. There are the girls that “love” Rob so much they are willing to chase him down into on coming traffic for one thing. I just don’t understand how any of this is showing love or admiration. As far as the whole Robsten thing, even if it was true, it is invasive and kind of distasteful of everyone shoving it in their faces every second. I still won’t believe it until they say something or I see a bona-fide sex video (ewwwww) though.


God, let’s hope this girl doesn’t ever get mad at Rob for any reason…this just strikes me as so crazy.

Here’s where things get a little weird though, in all of my searches I have seen some strange stuff . I think the strangest things I have seen to date are the people who are willing to mark their bodies forever in the name of Twilight. I mean I have no problem with tattoos, I myself am getting at least one in the next few years BUT I draw the line when it comes to putting Rob’s signature on my wrist or a full on tramp stamp of the Cullen crest. There are worse than are pictured below but just too disturbing to put on here.

So how far is too far? There are people who are going out and trying to


I’m sorry but this is just plain ugly and was a waste of time and money for whoever got it. Who the hell would want the Cullen Crest right above their ass crack…that’s just WRONG!!

emulate everything about Kristen Stewart as they can and I am sure in a way getting their boyfriends to do the same of Rob. You can even have “Edward Cullen watch you while you sleep or take a shower with Eddie in all his glory on your shower curtain.  Did you even know there is a sperm bank in Los Angeles that promises “look a like” babies? I don’t know if Rob is on that list but I DID find this info on a Twilight related site so one has to wonder….How sick is that?? I like Rob, but damn that is just going too far. If I want him or any other actor to be my baby daddy, then I want it to be in the normal way and for us to have to try and try and try and try and try and try and try……………. 😉

Peace love happiness and a whole lot of baby daddy sex ~ Nans

PS: I can’t have babies anymore, so would it be distasteful not to tell the person you are “trying with” that for a few months? 


Major creepiness…but the funny thing is at one of the main sites that drives me nuts on Twitter, everyone in the forum was jizzing all over themselves about this getting ready to order it.


Jesus, take a show WITH someone (besides the pic of Edward LOL), I guarantee it will be a lot more fun than having this creepy thing watch you :p


So I really like Rob, and even IF this was a more current picture, the is NO WAY IN HELL I am gonna put this huge ass thing on my wall. That is just creeptastic. It would scare the shit out of me every time I entered the room.