Ahhh, the flowery smell of love and Roses in the air…or is that just a pile of BULLSHIT?

 This post is basically about everything I felt over the summer mainly how Rob Pattz was an idiot and pissed me off, Kristen Stewart is a fucking bitch (what’s new there) and how my fucked up life somehow intertwined with it all (sort of).   
 You know something occurred to me last night.  I haven’t written a REAL blog for a long time.  Yeah yeah, I wrote the one about sex the other night but it was just out of boredom and basically mirrored stuff I had been talking about with my friend so it really didn’t count.  I definitely didn’t get any creativity points for that one, I mean all I basically did is write down a discussion I had with a few key points that I think and feel.  So this brings me to what I want to write about tonight.   

this is definitely MY idea of a good time in the summer NOT thinking about Kristen Stewart and Robsten, too bad it just couldn't be that way

I should probably tell you that this will be extremely long because it will basically cover just about everything I have been feeling from sometime earlier summer because I have really just been out of the loop that long and had not written a blog for over 4 months before the other night.  This WILL cover Robsten, crazy sheep and things about my life that fell in between.  If you don’t give a shit I suggest you back on out right now because it will probably bore you to death anyway. On the other hand, I guarantee this WILL piss every Krisbian within a 1000 miles off, so try and keep the death threats to a minimum please.  

Well for anyone who knows me I don’t think it will come as any surprise how I reacted to Kristen Stewarts  disgusting remarks concerning rape but I really thought I was going to just cruise through the summer without having to deal with that OR Kristen anymore if I just turned a blind eye to everything Robsten, after all you would think that Summit would have given Bitchface the smackdown and hidden her away from the public with such embarrassment but how could they, I mean any publicity is good publicity isn’t it? 

For the most part I was really trying to move on from what had really opened up a wound that had never properly healed in the first place, but nooooooo…..of course that just couldn’t just happen.  We all had to have Robsten and Kristen shoved up our asses and that little bitch got nothing more than a slap on the hand once again, no matter who she hurt or disgusted.  She did attempt to placate us with the lamest apology known to mankind but for those of us that are actual victims and not obsessed little sheepies that would follow her off a fucking cliff if she decided to pretend to jump, it just wasn’t enough, so here is how Summit tried to make everyone in the free world forget that little bitch can’t seem to keep her foul little mouth shut about things she has no clue about: 

so much love...can't you see it oozing from their pores?

Earlier this summer when I came back to the whole Nonsten game I was surprised (not really) to find that a million things had happened in Robstenland.  Quite honestly I was starting to get whiplash from all of this back and forth rhetoric bullshit that we are constantly spoon fed from one side or the other.  At the beginning of the summer we heard from Rob how he wanted to go on a date and heard his dads e-mails and  we saw Kris CLEARLY mocking the idea that she has a BF and what do you know ~ the clouds parted, the heavens opened as the angels rejoiced at all that is Robsten because not only a producer of the saga but the director of the last movie (both employed by Summit mind you) all of the sudden decided to just come out and “out” Rob and Kristen as couple right around the opening week of Eclipse.  You know, Rob and Kristen, the two that wanted to keep something to themselves and have been cryptically avoiding answering “THE QUESTION” ???  Well not only do we have sworn testimony but there are also photos of the blessed couple kissing or should I say Kristen kissing what looks to be a limp rag doll or corpse in Montreal.  How is that for deflecting a disaster (the rape comment) of this magnitude? 

Well now that the cat is clearly out of the bag and Robsten has been shown to be fact *rolls eyes* why oh why haven’t either of the epic lovers spoken out about it?  It is not like there is anything to hide anymore or to try to conceal.  Why not just come out and say “Yeah we are or have been a couple, Godfrey and Slade were complete assholes for outing our love affair to end all love affairs but they were telling the truth and did it for the greater good because they knew that there would be a mass suicide of epic proportions of Krisbian sheep if they didn’t”……oh wait, I guess that sounds a little more like PR not to mention……wow all of the sudden just a few short months before filming the abomination that is Breaking Dawn they decide to not speak out but show the world their love, how convenient.

 So now that every Krisbian sheep within the free world (and then some) not only is positive that Rob and Kristen are together, but Kristen is fierce and wears the pants in that relationship and now can say with great pleasure that all of us fat jelluz Nonsten hater cat ladies can go suck it, I am still going to “be in denial” because when it comes to Robsten usually things are not what they seem and sometimes, reality is like a hall of mirrors full of illusion, disillusion, distrust and deception. When you enter a hall of mirrors in a fun house, everywhere you turn you see something that seems to portray a different image yet what you are looking at in reality is the same thing.  With Robsten, you are dealing with two people all of the time that each time you look at them you are seeing something different, you are seeing whatever Summit WANTS you to see at the moment but in reality are more than likely just what they said they are…just friends.  This is why I am always calling BULLSHIT on this epic love. 

But let’s take a few steps backwards, shall we?  

Kristen setting such a great example for her young fans but they eat it up and want to be JUST like her

So we all know Kristen Stewart has a penchant for opening her mouth and saying foul disgusting little remarks without regard to how anyone else feels.  She thinks it is cute to act inappropriately in public representing her employers and furthermore encourages her young fans to do the same. 

Of course I wrote about some of the things she does and I have written time and again about her bratty behavior and how she is never held accountable for her actions. Then a little article came out in EW that had a joint interview with Taylor, Bitchface (excuse me, Kristen) and Rob where Rob opened his mouth not only pissing off every blogger that helped him when he was just a little pissant no name actor in a stupid movie about sparkly vampires that no one had ever heard about BUT he defended that insolent little bitches words about rape.  I mean is he really that clueless?  God I hope so, I really do because I would hate to think that foul little mouthed cretin has had THAT much influence on him in the time he has been in Hollywood and has hung around her.  Here are his words:   

PATTINSON: None of those associations came out and gave a statement [criticizing Kristen] without being called upon by the media first — who were doing it specifically to get hits on their websites. That whole system of Internet journalists, where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate. All these people get away with doing it because they have no responsibility to anyone. All they need is to get a salacious headline and people click on it, because it’s easy. And it’s quite good being part of these Twilight films because you have to give so many interviews all the time, you can defend yourself. That’s the only way. All of us stick together, as well. There are so many little nerds behind their computers, on their little blogs. 

Well, there is a fine line between love and hate and I am so desperately trying to find middle ground at this point. It obviously doesn’t come as any secret how I feel about Kristen Stewart or how I normally feel about Rob Pattinson.  I guess you could say that they are both somewhere near each end of the scale.    

After Kristen’s rape comment, the feelings I had for Kristen, which were pretty much just a major annoyance, turned to something more of rage and hate .  To tell the truth there is very little she could do at this point to change my opinion of her except the type of apology I stated in my blog about rape“Kristen Stewart: Rape as a Spectator Sport” .  Her attempt to placate us with that pathetic apology she ended up giving which was clearly written for her that she couldn’t even issue on her own without being made aware that it was upsetting to people is just not enough in my opinion and I have a feeling that it is probably not enough in the eyes of many other victims as well.  I just dealt with it because I never really expected any more from her.  Although this hateful little nerdy rape victim and blogger contacted everyone she could think of to bring what Kristen did out in the open by alerting the media, the rape groups and anyone that would listen (not for clicks on my site but for vindication) I honestly didn’t expect anything at all.  

How can we stay mad at someone this adorable? Yeah I am a total freak...I know

The one thing I was so happy about during the week following this whole debacle was that Rob handled the whole thing with class and never said a word.  I even wrote a blog showing how much some of us appreciate his acting and view him as something so much more than “hot” or especially EDWARD. Then, 2 days passed and my friend texts me while I am on my way out of town.  She told me I will be upset by something that has developed concerning Rob.  I scanned my brain and the only thing I could think of is that he stood up for the little bitch.  I sent a text asking about it and got no text back.  It was then that I got my answer. 

Well, I didn’t get home until 1 AM so I just went to bed not wanting to deal with all of the bullshit of the day and certainly not wanting to know that someone I admire could be such a douche bag.  When I got up after having my normal stuff for breakfast and my meds I decided to sit down and read this article.  All of the sudden I felt the scale tipping drastically towards the hate side and I just couldn’t ever imagine hating someone like Rob.  I couldn’t believe he could call someone like me a hateful little nerdy blogger just writing horrible things for clicks to my site.  OKAY first off, I don’t have ads, therefore no ad revenue.  Guess what?  I don’t give a shit about clicks to my blogsite.  Yeah yeah, I know he didn’t mean all of us hateful little nerdy bloggers but that is what he fucking said.

Well I posted Rob’s main quote at the top of the page but maybe I should post part of the small conversation that led up to that quote so you all can make an informed decision as to whether Rob was defending Kristen or just making a blanket statement about bloggers and what-not.  People I know were trying to give him a pass because he is Rob and to me it is like slapping me in my face in a way. Hell he could spit in my face and it would be better than him defending her because spit washes away, defense and justification for her equating her poor pitiful life in front of the paparazzi to a heinous crime doesn’t.  As dramatic as that all sounds, it is true when you are a fan, you admin groups and websites not to mention write numerous blogs about someone you can’t help but get somewhat emotionally invested on some level and when we are talking abut a subject like rape that is so personal to me as a victim I feel like just about anything he could have done would have been better than defending her odious remarks.

When questioned about her ever so phony apology concerning her rape statement, this is what Kristen had to say and believe me, had I even forgiven her one tiny bit it would have all gone out the window after reading this article. Really, how fucking stupid is this bitch? 

It's amazing what good airbrushing and photoshop can do for a picture, eh??

STEWART: I’m so sensitive about stuff like that. That is the one subject that means a lot to me. I made one movie directly concerning it [2004’s Speak], and I made another one where my character has a horrible history of rape [2010’s Welcome to the Riley’s]. I talked to a lot of people about it. I used the wrong word. I should have said “violated.” But I’m young and emotional. It’s just the way it goes sometimes. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I just feel like people got so excited once they saw that it was me. It was like, “Sweet! Let’s get her!” And then for the people to exploit it under the guise of being morally upstanding is disgusting — and it embarrassed me because I was a part of it. 

Did you see it all unfold and then think, I have to issue an apology?

STEWART: No, I was in Korea when it all got bad. My publicist called me and said RAINN had issued this terrible statement.


STEWART: You know, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

I just want to take a moment to say a few things here about Kristen.  Just because she played those roles in movies doesn’t mean they are “very personal” to her. It means she got paid to pretend (and not very well) that she had been violated. She doesn’t have first hand knowledge or know how that statement impacts a person.  The whole idea that everyone is out to get her is pretty fucked up in this particular instance.  Is she really THAT full of herself that she thinks that every rape victim was just waiting for the fucking day that she Kristen Stewart would talk out of her mother fucking ass and say the most vile thing and attack her because we hate her Kristen Stewart, so much that we would never ever go after anyone else saying these words, we would only attack poor Ms. Stewart and then we would turn it around and pretend we were morally upstanding actual rape victims.  God we are so disgusting, isn’t that what you said Kristen? BTW, Kristen was that you I just heard revoking your apology? You know the one, the apology you never intended to give on your own until your PR people informed you of the “terrible” statements and people picking on poor little Krissy.  Everyone in the blogging world and media world hates her so much that all of us nerdy little bloggers were alerting the media (which doesn’t do Ms. Stewart a service by keeping her untalented ass in the spotlight or anything) and then people like me (actual victims with experience in the matter) as well as the media alerted the Rape groups so they could come after Stewart in the most horrendous ways all because she is Kristen Stewart and we said “Sweet! Let’s get her!”  You saw Ms. Stewart was even alerted to the terrible statement that was made against her (her own words).  Funny enough I have a copy of the “horrible statement”

“Stewart’s comments are regrettable. Portraying a rape survivor in the film Speak should have led her to use a more appropriate metaphor to describe the intrusive nature of the paparazzi. Rape is more than an intrusion; it’s a violent crime, that causes serious long term mental health effects for victims.”  <– Brutal, isn’t it?? 

I don't give a crap HOW gorgeous he is, there was no excuse for his comments OR for his defense of the little bitch

Now for Rob, to call everyone (whether or not that is what he meant) that sits behind their computer and blogs, a hateful little nerd really kind of pisses me off. Did he even take the time to fucking read the “horrible” statement from RAINN or did he just take his cue from that dumb bitch and start talking out of his ass…yeah the latter one I suppose, I doubt he’s dumb enough to call that perfectly appropriate and much more decent statement than I would have ever given her a “horrible statement” and act like the whole fucking world was out to get her. 

He needs to realize that these little nerds are his fans and he makes it seem like these people are so “little” and “insignificant” but in all actuality a lot of them kind of helped launch him to superstardom. To say what he said in the context that we all blog to show our hate for Kristen Stewart?  Give me a fucking break…PLEASE.  Do I rag on Kristen, like ALL THE TIME??? Yeah, because she needs someone to call her out on her bullshit that she constantly gets away with but up until her little rape stunt and her attempt to pacify us with her lame attempt at an apology that was clearly written for her by someone else, I never had a hateful agenda towards Kristen.  Did I think she was a little self centered brat, with massive self entitlement issues who thinks her talent rivals all Oscar winning actresses that ever walked the earth?  Yep, so what now? If I showed any hate what so ever it was for her vitriolic fans that spew more hatred than I could ever imagine not to mention incite more violence towards Rob and anyone who is not a fan of hers or of Robsten.   

Here’s the thing ~ Kristen is full of herself, she berates her truuu wuv every time I see them in an interview together, she has perpetuated this PR Robsten nightmare to a point that it is beyond the control for either of the actors.  Up until Kristen truly deserved my hate she didn’t get it, I was annoyed by her and disgusted by her obsessive fans.  I did write about my dislike of her but nothing so hateful that she could just say I was “out to get her”.  Paranoid much honey?

So the question still comes back to where and how do I find a middle ground in this?  Do I listen to everyone else and say well, it was Rob he probably just meant something else?  Well, in all fairness I would be a hypocrite if I did that.  Honestly, I am having a hard time just feeling the love for him at all after those statements and what about this whole Montreal thing and other recent “sightings”?  Do I tell myself yeah it’s all PR or do I jump on the Robsten Truuuu wuuuuv band wagon?  I think you know me well enough to know I am never gonna jump on THAT crazy train.  I think all of this is a little too convenient.  I just question why Rob didn’t have his arms around her?  If they love each other so much then you would think they would be all over each other but she was the one with her arms around him and obviously going in for the kiss and he was just “hanging around” for the most part.  I mean couldn’t he at least put her purse down?  How romantic.

for someone that is Rob's best friend, he sure looks surprised to see that kiss between this EPIC couple

I am a staunch believer that Kristen is a famewhore and would do anything to promote her career that is pretty much failing miserably aside from Twilight.  Robsten sells and she was kissing him (or at least trying to for the cameras) and he was not really into kissing her back, so do the math. It only takes about 3 seconds to text or call the media and papz if you already have them in your contact list. (The media/tabloids on speed dial???) 

Someone on my blog asked me if I thought she drugged him or got him so drunk etc. and with all of the sarcasm that I am sure was in that comment (or maybe not) I have to say that I am fairly sure that she did not do any of those things to the degree that were implied.  Rob knows how to drink by himself, he doesn’t need help with that and I have never met a man that was a little tipsy push away a somewhat attractive woman from kissing them (yeah I actually said she looked somewhat attractive at the moment <– go figure) but generally when they are really into each other they are all over each other and I am curious why they weren’t.  Don’t even get me started with the look on Tom’s face…..

I am also curious why these pics were the only pics that were so grainy?  These photogs have seriously high dollar cameras with telephoto lenses that can take really clear pics from 1/8 mile away but these pics taken from right outside a window are about the shittiest quality I have seen and you could have taken better ones with a cell phone camera. What the fuck is up with that?

Listen I am not saying that this is one thing or the other.  I am NOT in their heads but then again neither is any Robstenite, Krisbian, the media or anyone else.  I have not heard them speak and I am one of those people that kind of likes tangible evidence coming STRAIT from the horse’s mouth before making a judgment call (At least a credible one not a pot stirring famewhore).  I suppose we are halfway there if you want to accept the pictures as concrete proof.  We can all just keep saying “oh look at the epic love, now we have real proof ~ suck it Nonstens” or “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, it’s all PR Summit sucks once again” OR “I am just too busy for this shit right now and I say Robsten wasn’t real then I doubt it is now but if it is I don’t care and it won’t change my life one bit and those pics??? WHO.GIVES.A.FLYING.FUCK. I fit in somewhere between the last two.

As for the statement in EW, I am not going to say I didn’t care about it because I think it is evident that I did and still do.  I just can’t forgive her and probably will never be able to.  She is just so clueless as to how the real world and real people operate and what it means to act like a decent human being.  Her excuse of being young and whatever the fuck she said is a cop out and just makes me even more angry because all it will do is make all the little girls that look up to her and emulate everything she does feel that making excuses for every mistake or bad thing they do in their lives is perfectly acceptable…and it is NOT.

I think this is from the Eclipse Premier but like I said I didn't watch

Then there is Rob.  I couldn’t even look at video, pics or even go to the normal forums I go to after the article first came out and I didn’t even bother to watch the Red carpet Eclipse premier bullshit, he just wasn’t worth it.  As far as his statement goes, I just pray that it was just out of sheer stupidity and ignorance and not because he actually thought that it was right to defend that little idiot against a rape victim’s advocacy group. The only thing keeping me from hating him outright is Rob had to ask who or what RAINN is, which to me means that he had no idea who these people were just that they had been harassing poor little miss sunshine and flowers, so being uninformed he spoke before thinking.   

I have not said I am done with Rob, I did think that with the words he said about us hateful little nerds he was the biggest douche bag on Earth at the time.  Who knows, but at the time, his words had me feeling raw. Clearly they had others feeling the same way. I just felt a little shocked and disgusted with it all and I still pray for his sake and career that he really didn’t mean the things he said in a malicious way and that what he said was just out of complete ignorance.  I mean his fan base needs to know that he does not advocate her words about rape in anyway.  He definitely should have had a mouth filter this time because we can’t

Rob and Reese on set film the movie Water for Elephants, an actual movie worth watching staring Ocsar winning actors. Rob actually has a chance to break out and has skills, what the fuck does Kristen have, oh yeah NOT A THING

forget the fact that it’s highly unlikely anyone even knew anything about Twilight (the movie) until bloggers started writing about it and fan sites started popping up all over.  Without those nerdy haters, Rob wouldn’t have a job or be able to make actual movies that don’t suck with leading actresses that actually know how to act.  I am thinking no matter how long ago it was he should address the whole thing at some time.

So now we are back to the pics not only from Montreal but others from this summer too ~  

so we have all of these normal photo ops that Kristen looks so devastated, nasty (hygiene) and pissed off to be in but why now days is Kristen all made up and ready to be photographed?  She never used to get all dolled up to go to the concerts or anywhere any other time?  Is it because of all the speculation and comments about her looking too butch and her possibly being gay, so she wanted to actually look like a female while out with Rob rather than a 12 year old boy or is it that she needed to look good for the cameras that her PR peeps called to keep the Robsten train alive?    

Rob,Kristen AND Nikki at a concert but all any one saw was Robsten on a date, I think Nikki and Kristen came AND left together...hmmmm, but where was ROB??

My question is why does rob go along with this whole thing?  So maybe he does love her *shudder the thought* maybe they are great friends but still why put up with this circus that is clearly dragging you down and making you look like that vampire pussy whipped boy following Ms. I don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything because I am so fierce everyone must bow down to me Stewart.  The problem with this is that Rob’s career is clearly going places for now but that could all change.  Rob has a solid fan base of people that are NOT all about Edward and Bella.  Women like me that appreciate him for the actor he is but the one thing we DO NOT appreciate is the dog and pony show that he clearly is involved in perpetuating at this point.  There was only so long I could tell myself that he was this sweet innocent victim of Hollywood and all the big bad PR teams but he is NOT stupid and damn it it’s time to fight back at all of the stuff making him out to be this pussy whipped fool following Spewie around like a lovesick dog and so far up her ass that she could spit on the ground and he would gladly lick it up just to be in her presence.  The $64,000 question is does he even want to let go of the spectacle or is he embedded up to his unmanicured eyebrows by choice?  Sometimes I wonder. 

I really want to believe he is better than that but every time there is a major event or things start to die down in the Robsten world and people stop caring what do you know there is a heavenly and miraculous sighting of epic Robsten proportions.  Sheep call it love I call it great timing and I would love to say that Summit is pulling the strings to all of this and maybe they are to some degree but honestly I have to come to the realization that Rob is his own man and does make some of his own choices take for instance being friends with that horrible revolting little bitch but I guess everybody has to have that one friend that no one can figure out what the fuck you were thinking when you decided to befriend them.

Kristen on one of their famous "dates" Robstens jizzed over the fact that they touched legs but somehow didn't notice Kristen was reaching towards (or possibly maybe holding) the hand of the WOMAN next to her NOT Robs, or at least that is what it looked like to me 🙂 Can we all say ~ HER GIRLFRIEND??? Bahahaha

Then there are the Montreal pics and up until they showed up, there was no actual proof of a relationship aside from the sheep orgasming over every little imagined glance or eye fuck and matching/sharing clothes that actually weren’t the same clothes at all, just what the Robstens so desperately needed to see. I certainly didn’t believe in one and I am still skeptical but if there is, I have just lost every bit of respect I had for Rob as I type these words because that bitch is not worth the air I breathe no less someone as smart and seemingly as good as Rob is whether he was dumb enough to walk into that whole situation of defending her disgusting remarks by making it look like once again she was being picked on.  Poor Stewie, God I wish I had your life for even a day.  I would show you how it is done with just a little bit of grace and class.

I may SWEAR UP A STORM IN MY BLOGS and even around the house but there is a time and place for it, certainly not when representing your employer or even your family in a public event.  You do not encourage young girls to do outrageous unacceptable things under the guise of rebelling and being cool. What are they rebelling against?  Family?  Society? Just being a mature responsible human being that is accountable for the actions they take and decisions they make that impact others?  Oh that’s right; she wouldn’t know anything about that. 

Kristen minus the bitchface and looking comfortable in her own skin for once. Noooo this is not the latest tomboy look girlies, this looks like full on lesbian butch right here 🙂

So here I am a nerdy hateful little blogger still wondering why these two “superstars” don’t just come out and say whatever it is that they are.  What is it that makes these two “stars” (if that’s what you want to call them) the epic couple of the century and why is it that the fanatical fans just can’t let go of the Edward/Bella dynamic of the two of them?

In all reality, what I think doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things and my opinion only matters to a select few.  I really don’t know why the Krisbians and Robstenites feel the need to come to my blog site and tear me a new one but I am ready for it.  I am certainly not the first and will not be the last to show disdain for Ms. I have my head so far up my fucking ass I think the world revolves around me Stewart and I am fairly sure I won’t be the last.  I know I am not the first to speculate that she has been showing serious signs of being a lesbian as of late and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, something tells me that the whole world would have a real problem with a gay Bella, so what do we have ~ all of the sudden some hot “proof” of the epic love that is or isn’t a reality at just the right time.

As far as my life has been I guess I could say it has gone from horrible to fine to really nice to stressful to all of that mixed into one.  We know what the rape comments did to me and although I thought I was pretty much over them, somehow they have managed to rear their ugly head in the form of horrible nightmares and memories I shouldn’t have to live through.  For awhile everything was great though.  We had a guest at our house that was really sweet and gave me someone to talk to besides my family which was definitely a refreshing change of pace.  I do have to say that there were some down falls to his presence though (I am actually just kidding about this) somehow I got talked into watching anime, which I swore I would never do and I started watching the boys playing video games which was actually quite enjoyable I have to admit.  THIS actually kept me from my nightmares so for this I have to be immensely grateful 🙂

The stressful parts are that I have been waiting to move forever and the move just keeps getting put off more and more because the maintenance crew working to get my apartment ready for me to move in, apparently has a bunch of injuries and so it is literally taking forever to get done.  I was supposed to be in there over a month ago but between the last tenant not moving out for 2 ½ weeks after she was supposed to and now this, I feel like I won’t be in there forever.  So now I guess I can quit whining, move on and survive which is what I do best…I guess there is nothing else I can do.

The man of my dreams? Nah, great actor and gorgeous but I will leave the obsessions to you sheep thank you very much 🙂

In closing, I’m a survivor who wants to rip her hair out due to stress, Kristen is still a raving bitch who only cares for herself as she clearly showed in the EW article, Rob is an ignorant asshole for defending her but is also still as adorable as ever and will probably make us all fall in love with him again at some point, at least those of us that aren’t so burnt out on all of this bullshit that it appears he perpetuates almost as much as she does. As usual the PR train is probably up and running to keep everyone happy (and Kristen in the closet) and every Krisbian and Robstenite in the world will come here and tell me I am a fat jelluz hater bitch who is in love with Rob and wants to have his babies and go live happily over the rainbow with him where unicorns and fairies frolic……..oh yes I dream of it every single day…..GET FUCKING SERIOUS.