Robsten…Am I a hater?? Why yes I am

*I wrote this long before my views of Kristen Stewart changed. You will see that I felt a sort of empathy or at least not as much hatred as I do now, she earned my hatred right along with all of her fans. Now that its all over was it ever really worth it?*

Before you all go and get you little Krispian panties in a wad over this, you might want to sit down and actually read what I have to say.  Some of you might hate me for talking this way but some of you that might have one shred of sanity left in your brains might benefit from this post and walk away with some understanding. 

I have been called a lot of things in my life, mainly by my husband or my almost ex-husband.  We just had that kind of toxic love/hate relationship, but to be called a hater by people who don’t even know me is kind laughable….or is it?

This DEFINITELY screams out love and marriage to me

You know when I write my blogs from a Nonsten point of view I always get a handful of people who come in here and have to comment about how I hate on poor Kristen and can’t accept the infinite amount of love oozing from the pores of Rob and Kris or the exalted Robsten.

The point is, I won’t believe much until I hear something come from their mouths, I mean why should I?  Shit, it’s not like they are sitting in my living room making out.  You see a bunch of publicity shot pics where they look so happy and a bunch of pics where they look straight up miserable together so who knows, but this actually isn’t about my hate of THEM; it is about my hate of their followers.

Yeah, I’m gonna finally own up.  I have always stated that I don’t hate anything and I didn’t until the fienders came along.  My God, they just kept shoving their shit down my throat 24/7 it made it impossible not to brew a ton of negative energy that finally formed into hate.

I am sure you are all asking yourselves innocently why I would hate any of you.  Well, it is not because I have a cold blackened heart, believe me quite the opposite.  Actually, hate is a word used  by so many people and is rarely ever meant, so I guess to say I hate you guys might be a bit of an over statement but God you guys drive me fucking insane.  So insane I just feel like going out and killing kittens.

The shit that you spew in the good name of Kristen all the while claiming to love both Rob and Kris (remember the other half of Robsten) and then the shit I read that you guys write is just irreprehensible to me.  You guys call the Nonstens haters, well look in the mirror.  Jesus, I swear we have never once wanted Kristen’s plane to crash into the ocean or made death threats to her co-stars, I mean c’mon guys really?  Don’t you rational fans find that a little sick?  What about the shit I read about Rob whenever they get pissed about him.

Rob and Emily doing a promotional photo shoot for Remember Me and as soon as the pics surfaced the nasty shit began. To say they don’t look cute or she is ugly, just because she is NOT Kristen is just plain stupid

Recently, I read a bunch of crap on X-17 when there were some lame ass pics of her on Valentines Day and she supposedly looked so sad in her car. Bullshit!!! She didn’t look anything except she didn’t have a fucking scowl on her face. Yet the shippers were saying such nasty shit about Rob, launching an all out hate campaign and trying to convince people to not see his movies, the same as the details site. If it isn’t “Kristen fan approved” Rob, Taylor or anyone else can all just go fucking die for all you guys care.  Believe me NOTHING we say can compare to some of the vile things I have read and for no other reason than because you guys are pissed that Rob did not show enough love to Kristen at some appropriate time or he has to do a romantic scene in a movie with another woman. I mean let’s face it, Rob is a big boy and he’s going to be making a lot of movies in the future without Kristen, more than likely all of them.  You guys need to get over yourselves and deal with the fact that the man has a job to do and that will include sleeping with women, because the studios are going to want to cash in on the fact that he is smoking hot and what women want right now.

Back to you guys, what we lovingly call the sheep…..

I hate the shit you say about Rob not being able to get his own jobs and that Kris was his saving grace when he came to America. I hate the way you make comments like he can’t handle himself in an interview but she is like fucking Barbara Walters or something, thus making him out to look like a moron. I hate the way you call her a role model for young girls but completely dismiss the fact that she openly smokes pot for all the world to see, she goes to clubs and drinks, she basically bragged about not getting her diploma until this last summer (what she’s almost 20?) and you make her out to be Einstein because she mentioned reading a few books, yet she thinks you can drive from England to Russia (see video). *I have since been corrected by not only my European friends but also a Krisbian freak that tried to give me the smack down that there is a way to drive to Russia from England, seriously guys do you REALLY think she knew*  We have ALL heard Blinky McStutter in other interview and she is a complete moron with no intellect at all. Let’s not even mention the fact that she made a comparison of Twilight to Romeo and Juliet at one point….PLEASE comparing Shakespeare to Stephanie Meyer?? Just KILL ME NOW………..

When it was announced that Anna was up for an Oscar the IMDB boards went crazy saying she didn’t deserve it, it should have been Kristen.

You give her credit in her music taste when she actually picked a lot of it up from Rob (you know the person she basically “made”) you make comments about her being the best actress of her generation and diss on any other actress that gets nominated for a real award saying she is the one that deserved the award (yes I have read the IMDB comments about Anna Kendrick’s Oscar nom). You act like she is responsible for every fashion trend ever made.

Yeah if we all want our daughters to dress that way cool. My daughter wears converse and skinny jeans, not because Kristen wears them but because she just likes them. I have read comment after comment how Emilie de Ravin copies her style and how Kristen has developed this “new” look.  Please girls. My 12 year old daughter has knotted her shirts since she was about 7 and has worn her dad’s old plaid shirt for about 3 years now. None of this she got from KStew and I am sure a lot of girls went down to Wet Seal or Route 21 and bought what they saw on the racks. I highly doubt that their district buyer went down to the Twilight set and said

Jackie O ~ on everyone’s best dressed list of the century,now THIS is a fashion icon and half the shit we wear today is because she invented it 40 years ago, long before KStew was even a blip on your Twilight radar screens

“hey that girl is wearing converse and skinny jeans, we have never seen anything like it, we must sell it because no one else has ever seen anything like it and everyone will buy it because this one person is the only person on the face of the planet that has ever worn plaid, skinny jeans, converse or has ever knotted their shirt so we must sell sell sell and thank Kristen Stewart for all of our profits and for starting the new fashion trend that will last for years to come” I am sure when we look back on this day in 20 years we will remember this look as the Kristen Stewart look just as we look back on such fashion icons as Coco Chanel, Jackie O, Princess Diana and many others.  Personally I think Kristen would think the whole idea of this is ridiculous at best.

We get called haters for not thinking she is perfect and gorgeous but tell me WTF is gorgeous about THIS??

Just because I don’t kiss the fucking ground that Kristen Stewart walks, think she is the best actress of our generation (or even think she can act at all for that matter), think she looks beautiful all the time or buy into the whole greatest love story of our generation does not make me a hater, what it does make me is someone who just doesn’t really care for or particularly like Kristen Stewart and that is my prerogative. Just because I am a fan of Rob does not mean I have to love Kristen or that I hate her. It also does not mean I am ugly, old, or a shrew in love with someone I will never meet in the first place.

I don’t hate her; I just don’t get why you guys love her so much but hate Rob and Taylor.  The one thing that REALLY has me perplexed is how can you hate one half of something that you LOVE so much?  Now I am sure a lot of you will come in here and freak out over this post and once again call me a hater.  Don’t worry I am ready for it but I am hoping that some of you that actually read this will see that it is the fans that make it next to impossible for some people to even consider liking Kristen.

These two look like they have a really great friendship but everytime he is brought up the most vile things are said by you guys….WHY??

Your negativity, which I think you believe she admires, is what pushes a lot of us away.  Do you really think that Kristen would want her friend/lover/ whatever to crash into the ocean because he didn’t go on a date with her or had a love scene with another woman?  Do you think she would want you to kill one of his friends because she is working with him in a movie?  Do you think she wants to read the vile shit that is written about her close friend Taylor because he is taking her to the Oscars instead of Rob or commenting that her friend doesn’t deserve an Oscar nomination, it should be hers?

Just because Rob says Kristen helped him get the role in Twilight, it doesn’t mean that she got him every other role he has ever done and honestly I believe Catherine Hardwick stated she wanted Rob as well and seeing as how she was the director, I imagine she had final say in that one.

Just because someone dresses up in big girl clothes and takes pretty pic and can flip you off does NOT make them fierce. Looking fierce and acturally being fierce are two VERY different things

You guys have put her so high up on this pedestal that you can’t see she is a human being anymore that has flaws which makes a lot of us nauseas. Kristen is not an Einstein because she has read East of Eden, hell I have read many of Steinbeck’s books, he actually is my favorite author and I was born in the same town as he was. I am sorry but Kristen is definitely not someone to emulate either.

Does she seem to have appealing qualities that a lot of you seek?  Yes, of course she does, who doesn’t want to seem like they are a rebel and not care what people think of them.  Everyone wants to be fierce and a non conformist yet at the same time she is scared, she’s not fierce, seeks approval and is a conformist.  Just because you can act fierce (I can’t believe I just said she could ACT) doesn’t mean you ARE fierce, there is a difference in trying to come off as and actually being.  She does things that are not acceptable or shouldn’t be but yet they are just tucked under the rug and not mentioned because of the above mentioned traits you all want to accept as fact. By the way, doing unacceptable and illegal things does not make you fierce. 

Kristen, just hangin around tokin out for the whole world to see on her front porch in broad daylight

Smoking pot is NOT cool girls, especially not in public.  Underage drinking is stupid and acting like the poster child for lung cancer at the tender age of 19 is not something to copy.  In her defense Rob smokes as much and maybe more than her, so it might be a race as to who wins the coveted modeling gig for that one.

The hypocrisy I read in comments about Robsten photographs is ridiculous at best.  You all accuse us of forcing the paps on Rob and Kris, yet it is you that go and search for, post and dissect every single picture taken and if the picture is not exactly how you want it to be or there aren’t enough Robsten pics, well that’s easy…just open up Photoshop and make one.  You talk about respecting their privacy yet you do some of the most intrusive and disgusting stuff through “photos” I have ever seen.  If and/or when Robsten is revealed, wait for real pics to come out.  Do not fabricate an existence that is not real just because you so desperately want one to be.

Then there is the whole “Kristen doesn’t give a shit, she doesn’t care what you think, she hates all the attention etc etc. OK, this is where I call BULLSHIT.  Some of these statements might be true but they sure as hell shouldn’t be.  Kristen may not care what we think but she fucking should.  It is us little irrelevant peons that put her sulky bratty ass where she is right now (that and a huge helping of nepotism) and instead of not giving a shit about what we think maybe she should be kissing the fucking ground that WE walk on.  Just a thought.  She claims to hate attention so much yet you could find her all week at every fashion show in London’s Fashion Week strutting up and down on the red carpets to be photographed and interviewed, looking like she fit RIGHT IN.  You guys wonder why some of us think that Robsten is more of a PR stunt than anything else?  Because the only one it ever seems to benefit is Kristen where the press is concerned and believe me she does reap the rewards.

So girls, women, even men it is not Kristen that we hate or even dislike all that much (We dislike some of the things she does, stands for and the media machine she is engulfed in). It is your attitude against anyone who does not fall in line with your perception of what should be concerning Robsten.  No one is allowed to speak out against anything, not even Robsten believers and God forbid if you don’t accept in the fairytale, or think it is just about sex.  There is a fucking lynch mob at you door waiting to string you up.  Seriously, even if it came out that they were having sex; I would take it at face value.  It is what it is and until they say we are IN LOVE and getting married, the point is really moot to me.  Take it or leave it…….For now I will sit back and wait for you to sharpen up your pitchforks and tend to the coals you plan on raking me over, then post your shrill comments and when I read them it will once again remind me why I can’t stand the whole Robsten phenomenon, because you cannot listen or read someone’s differing opinion without ripping into them and labeling them to make yourselves feel better about something that is still an unproven myth.  I think I’ll go back to finding ways to kill kittens.