Scientology ~ a religion, a cult or just a long trip on the fucking crazy train? ~ by Nans


IS scientology a religion? Many disagree......

What the fuck is up with Scientology? How did it get religious status and why on earth would anyone in their right mind give people who believe we come from outer space a billion years ago in spaceships money?  When my son brought the Wikipedia site to my attention just to make me laugh ( which it did and still is), I started to wonder how on Earth are people THAT stupid??  Anyway, I am curious about this but I KNOW there are some people who are gonna get all butt hurt over it, I can tell right now.  Y’know I am a really big proponent of our constitution and bill of rights but c’mon people can you really call THIS a religion?  Read on:

Apparently this information is actually the true origins on how this religion was started and was posted to Wikipedia here is what it has to say…….

It is a basic belief of Scientology that a human being is actually an immortal spiritual being, termed a Thetan, that is presently trapped on planet Earth in a “meat body.”(yes you read that right).

The Thetan has had innumerable past lives and it is accepted in Scientology that lives antedating the Thetan’s arrival on Earth lived in extraterrestrial cultures. Descriptions of space opera incidents are seen as nonfiction in the beliefs of Scientology; they appeared in the online Glossary for Dianetics and Scientology, although they were later removed from it. (Gee I wonder why ~ CRAZY!!!)

Hubbard said that the modern-day science fiction genre of space opera isSouth_Park_Xenu merely an unconscious recollection of real events that took place millions of years ago. These events include the story of Xenu, the ruler of the Galactic Confederacy who brought billions of frozen people to Earth 75 million years ago, stacked them around volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs, creating swarms of disembodied alien souls known as Body Thetans. Xenu is only one element of Scientologist beliefs in alien civilizations. Such doctrines have existed in Scientology virtually since its beginning: in the 1950s Hubbard wrote and lectured about civilizations such as Helatrobus, Espinol and Arslychus, and in the 1960s he introduced Xenu’s Galactic Confederacy. He described repeated instances of their using brainwashing implants on hapless beings. He also spoke of alien invasions of Earth, such as that carried out around 6235 BC by the Fifth Invader Force, who were “very strange insect-like creature[s] with unthinkably horrible hands.” (please, can I have what he’s smoking??)

Invader Forces

According to Hubbard, the Solar System has been occupied repeatedly — and sometimes concurrently  by multiple Invader Forces. They were discussed in detail in a 1952 lecture, “The Role of Earth”, in which Hubbard described the conflict between the Fourth Invader Force (already occupying the Solar System) and the Fifth Invader Force (which invaded without knowing that the Fourth Invader Force was already in residence).

The Fifth Invader Force renamed the Solar System as “Space Station 33” but “without suspecting that the Fourth Invader Force had been there for God knows how many skillion years, had been sitting down, and they have their installations up on Mars, and they have a tremendous, screened operation”. The result was a major clash between the two Invader Forces some 8,200 years ago in the Himalayas, when the Third Battalion of the Fifth Invader Force landed about 72 miles (116 km) northwest of the Khyber Pass and attempted to set up an implant station. The battalion was captured, taken to the Fourth Invaders’ complex on Mars, brainwashed and stuck into human bodies. As for the remainder, the Fifth Invader Force, out of its own protection, took over Venus – oh, relatively in modern times – took over Venus and tried to stabilize the Venusian[s]. If you called a Fifth Invader, though, a Venusian, he would probably shoot you out of hand, because it would be a horrible insult. They merely monitor the government of Venus, and they leave Mars strictly alone.  The Himalayas, said by Hubbard to be the site of the defeat of the Third Battalion of the Fifth Invader Force, circa 6235 BC.


Teegeeack...our birthplace??? Give me a fucking break *rolling eyes*

The Earth, says Hubbard, was originally called “Teegeeack” 75 million years ago, by its indigenous population of beings. During this time, it was ruled by Xenu, along with 75 other planets. Hubbard claims the Teegeeack people suffered overpopulation, by about 178 billion people. While most of the OT III material focuses on Xenu, very few details are given about this race of beings who inhabited Earth/Teegeeack 75 million years ago. As with other Galactic Confederacy planets, Hubbard does note that they wore “clothes which looked very remarkably like the clothes they wear this very minute. And the cars they drove looked exactly the same and the trains they ran looked the same and the boats they had looked the same. Circa 1950, 1960.”  (AMAAAAAZING)

When a person dies—or, in Scientology terms, when a thetan abandons theirthetan lies physical body—they go to a “landing station” on the planet Venus, where the thetan is re-implanted and told lies about its past life and its next life. The Venusians take the thetan, “capsule” it, and send it back to Earth to be dumped into the ocean off the coast of California (so NOW we know why the majority of Californians are the way they are!!! J/K I was born there).

Says Hubbard, “If you can get out of that, and through that, and wander around through the cities and find some girl who looks like she is going to get married or have a baby or something like that, you’re all set. And if you can find the maternity ward to a hospital or something, you’re OK. And you just eventually just pick up a baby.” To avoid these inconveniences, Hubbard advised Scientologists to refuse to go to Venus after their death. ( I think they call that KIDNAPPING in todays terminology ~ right??)

In Between Lives Implants (SHSBC #317, 1963), Hubbard claims to have been on the surface of the planet Venus and nearly run over by a Venusian train. He also ridicules the notion that Venus’ “methane atmosphere” makes it unlivable. (in fact, Venus has an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen).
Hubbard mentions other alien civilizations in his writings, although the descriptions are often incomplete. These include:

The Galactic Fleet. It’s not clear whether this group is related to the Galactic Confederacy. In The Time Track, Hubbard lectured about an implant station that was destroyed “38,932,690,862,933 years ago by the 79th wing of the 43rd Battle Squadron of the Galactic Fleet.” (Hubbard, The Time Track, SHSBC-265, May 16, 1963)

“The next galaxy over”. In Between Lives Implants, Hubbard notes, “Well, I know this: that onto this planet there’s a great deal of dumping that has gone on. Stuff from the nearby galaxy – not this galaxy but from the next galaxy over and so forth, is going on here. I know they take political prisoners and guys who they don’t want around.” The closest galaxy to ours is currently said to be the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy, although this was discovered in 1994 after Hubbard’s death. At the time of the Between Lives Implants lecture (1963), the closest galaxy to us was thought to have been the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Eighth Invader Corps. Volney Mathison, after undergoing Scientology auditing from Hubbard personally, was found to be an inventor of a “Facsimile One” ray machine “developed in the T-8 Galaxy 42 trillion years ago,” and then in another life “20 trillion, two and one-eighth years later”, he and the Eighth Invader Corps used this same weapon “to take over an entire system of planets in the Arcturus Area.” It’s unclear whether the Eighth Invader Corps is related to the similarly named “Invader Forces.”

ray gunsAliens in ancient Egypt. Hubbard maintained that ancient Egypt was “a battleground between two space groups” who infiltrated humanity and become integral to Egyptian culture. (What is Knowable to the PC, 1961) In Responsibility and the State of OT, he claimed that the biblical Moses had a “disintegrator pistol”, and also said: “Ancient Egypt, if you care to look it up on the track, was a combination of Earth and space opera all mixed up as one. As the high Pharaoh stands on the side of the pyramid and blesses the multitude, he has to be careful that his cloak doesn’t blow aside and reveal his ray gun.”  (OMFG Moses and a ray gun?? OK, that’s how he parted the Red Sea, always wondered about that)

The Marcab Confederacy is said by Hubbard to be one of the most powerful galactic civilizations still active.  The capital of the Confederacy is “one of the tail stars of the Big Dipper”, probably Alkaid, a star 108 light years distant from Earth. The Marcabians used to rule Earth at some point in the past but lost control of it due to “losses in war and other things”. Hubbard stated that the Marcab Confederacy was now using Earth as a “prison planet.”  According to author Russell Miller, Hubbard liked to reminisce to his followers about “how he was a race-car driver in the Marcab civilization”.

The views of individual Scientologists were recorded in the 1960 book Have You Lived Before This Life? It describes past life episodes as recounted by 43 Scientologists undergoing Scientology auditing during a conference in London in 1958. The participants in the conference reported having lived past lives including the following: 

(This is the best part, still laughing)

A past life as a robot working in a factory in space, which had gold animals hanging around it which “appeared solid but periodically imploded or exploded”. It ground up discs to make small animals, which were then “inflated after blowing up through a totem and a cat devil” before being sent to other planets. A planet blew up, and the robot was blamed. He was drugged and forced to work the grinder. 

A past life “55 quintillion years ago” in which the being had to do outside


Killed by the manta ray and took over his body...what the fuck do they feed these scientologists? LSD with their food?

 repairs on a space ship. He suffered radiation burns and fell off, plunging into an ocean on the planet below. A manta ray killed him and he in turn inhabited the manta ray. 

A past life as a trouble-making free being on Mars “469,476,600 years ago”. He tried to inhabit a “doll body”, but he was captured and beaten up. The being was zapped with a ray gun by a Martian bishop in front of a congregation chanting “God is Love”, before being run over by a flattenedspitzerlarge car and a steamroller. He was then frozen in an ice-cube and dropped on Planet ZX 432, where he took another robot body and zapped and killed another robot. He took off in a flying saucer, and died when it exploded. 

A past life in which a being went to a planet where the forces of good were fighting evil black magic forces. After 74,000 years of battle, implants and hallucinations, he lost the fight, and joined the black magic side. He went to another planet on a space ship, where he was “deceived into a love affair with a robot decked out as a beautiful red-haired girl.”  Being transformed into an intergalactic walrus


Believe it or not, this is actually a ROBOT they have in Japan that serves as a prostitute (don't ask)

 which perished after falling out of a flying saucer. Being “a very happy being who … strayed to the planet Nostra” 23,064,000,000 years ago.

Scientologists tend to disparage general religious surveys on the grounds that many members maintaining cultural and social ties to other religious groups will, when asked their religion, answer with their traditional and more socially acceptable affiliation. Religious scholar J. Gordon Melton has said that the church’s estimates of its membership numbers are exaggerated.  L. Ron Hubbard stated that in reality, “there is no Heaven and there was no Christ.”

All information was gathered from
and for the best of my knowledge true and correct and gathered from actual Scientology books written by L. Ron Hubbard.
So I guess we now know why Tom Cruise is such a fucking whacko……..

PS:  For those of you that know me quite well, you know that I study just about every religion out there, BUT they are just that religions or should I say, actual things based in spirituality.  Not some science fiction crap shoved down poor depressed peoples throats that are looking for anything to make them feel better about their lives.  I STILL believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity.  The only things I am interested in are learning more about the mind, body and spirit, not alien life and ray guns etc. like these freaks and some of the things I study do not have religious status with tax exemption but now looking upon this they definitely should!!

Holy Xenu, Batman I think I left my ray gun at the Venusian landing station……

Nans ~ peace, love, happiness and spiritual enlightenment without ray guns to you and yours!!!!