Robert Pattinson ~ Titillating, Twilight or just plain Talent…..What do you think?

I brought this over directly from facebook as one of my notes.  I am just going to leave it the way it is.

Well here I am again writing one of my epic notes, or at least I like to think they are epic sometimes. Because I have been in such a pissy mood today this is really going to be nothing more than a major bitch session but I hope that some of you will stick around because as usual I like to think I have something to say whether I am pissed off or not.

After coming here and reading the sweet things that some of my true friends had to say about me and my last note, I decided to run around and check out all the happenings on Twitter because no one was really around here to talk to or interact with in any way. For the life of me I do not know why I waste my damn time going over to Twitter because I always end up in the same places getting pissed off at the same people usually over the same fucking things.

Is he beautiful?  Of course he is, but he's so much more

Is he beautiful? Of course he is, but he’s so much more

This time I actually went to several sites looking at different articles about Rob Pattinson for the Facebook group I am administrator of . I was trying to see if there was anything new to see because I like to try and wade through the bullshit when I can because there is so much of it, so when I saw that a few somewhat reputable magazines had articles, I thought OK I’ll take a peak.

So the articles were alright, nothing I hadn’t really heard before and if there was I went ahead and posted it in our Group for all of my girls to read themselves, God knows I didn’t feel like transcribing anymore stuff or posting anymore notes with the info. I am sure people get a little tired of 50,000 notes from me in one day, so I took Kelly’s advice and just posted the links…Anyway ~

The articles weren’t the problem. The comments are the problem. There

The picture that started this whole thing for me

Is Rob the next Johnny Depp?  Probably not but you never know but this is the picture that started this whole thing for me

was one note that I actually think I forgot to post because it just pissed me off so bad I could spit. Rob was compared to Johnny Depp as an actor and both of them starting their careers as “heart throbs” the site had only posted pictures of the two of them side by side with a tiny little blurb from the article because all they were concerned with was how beautiful they both were and that was all that they compared!

I am guessing that the article was basically saying that he would go far and talking about the choices in movie roles he picked. Because the site only posted a small blurb from the article it didn’t really expound on this or at least what other things that it probably said, but it wouldn’t be a leap when they make a comparison like that, I mean c’mon. Two actors that were/are beautiful when they start their careers. They both decide to choose roles that are more interesting than your average blockbuster type and choose things that they seem to care about in their careers more than trying to fit into the Hollywood box as I stated in one of my other notes.

Can you guess what kind of comments I read? “Oh, Rob is so beautiful just like Johnny was in 21 Jump Street, they are both so yummy and Johnny is still so sexy as Jack Sparrow”. They even went on to make a comparison to Leo DiCaprio (another fantastic actor) and said “Oh, they are both so hot I think my panties would explode if they were in the same movie together”!

Alright, I am sure most of you are thinking what a fucking hypocrite she is for writing this. Well, yes, I DO perpetuate a lot of this kind of behavior here by posting the things I do and writing things with a lot of sexual innuendo concerning Rob. I won’t lie for one second, but if anyone has ever read one of my notes the last one “a sparkly vampire”, you will see that I have a tremendous amount of respect for his acting abilities and find his acting more compelling than anything else he does for me in any way and to make a straight across comparison to Johnny Depp?  JOHNNY FUCKING DEPP???? REALLY???????

Rob as Daniel Gale in The Bad Mothers Handbook

Rob as Daniel Gale in The Bad Mothers Handbook

Yes, I went out and found  out more about Rob because I thought he was sexy, I guess so. I actually am really not sure because it was never really Edward Cullen I was interested in and never has been. There has been something about ROB from the start. I looked him up and watched the first movie I found, which coincidentally was a movie that he was a complete geek in and about as unattractive as they could make him. I still loved him and wanted to see more, because he was a great actor, not because some pretty boy was sexy and I had to see more of his sexiness.

It really makes me sick that all these people claim to love and respect him and they show him no respect by only seeing him for is looks, sexy accent or that he is EDWARD CULLEN. How many fucking times do we need to say he is not and will not ever be Edward Cullen because Edward Cullen is not and never will be a real person no matter how much you fangirls want him to be. Personally I thought Edward was a sappy little pussy in the books but

Ahhh, Edward Cullen. I can't help but feel no matter how grateful he is for the opportunity, this must feel like more of a curse than a blessing at times :(

Ahhh, Edward Cullen. I can’t help but feel no matter how grateful he is for the opportunity, this must feel like more of a curse than a blessing at times 😦

go ahead and hate me for that, I liked what Rob did with the character considering what he had to work with and would much rather see the Edward in Midnight Sun any day that wants to kill everyone within minutes of seeing them 🙂

So do I want to fuck Robert Pattinson, I suppose so, but who doesn’t? Most of us that have any interest in him are lying if we say we don’t but that doesn’t change the fact that I think he is great actor and that should be the first thing we think of. I post tons of sexy pics in our Facebook group because he is sexy, but if I only posted pics of him acting in his films A) I wouldn’t have much to post B) our group wouldn’t be as hot as it is, and would actually be kind of boring and C) I just want to post them and just because I do doesn’t mean I don’t respect him. Let’s not forget that we have a lot of other albums including an album of his other projects, some of the other actors, and other stuff as well. To tell the truth if I was given a choice between spending a day hanging out drinking with Rob or being able to have sex with him JUST once, I would choose hanging out with him any day. I think he is probably an interesting and fun person and all day versus 3 or 4 hours ~ you do the math.

Like I said in my blog “A Sparkly Vampire By Any Other Name” if you want to show Rob love and respect, don’t treat him like he doesn’t matter or like all that he is, is Edward Cullen (don’t treat any actor you are a fan of that way). Don’t go watch his movies because he is gorgeous. Watch them because he is talented, I guess you wouldn’t know this until you let go of the Rob/Edward hang up though. When you see an article, read it all the way through and see what it has to say (except those stupid Robsten bullshit stories), not just scan it and make note of how cute he looks. This is a man with depth and I think a lot of people are just missing the big picture here and it will be the fans that eventually drive him away from this and I for one would just get pissed because he happens to be one of my favorite actors right now if you haven’t noticed…

Peace Love & so damn sick and tired of a lack respect for people we claim to love ~ Nans