Sex ~ what’s the big FUCKING deal and why is everyone so afraid to talk about it??


Sex ~ what’s the big FUCKING deal?? 

Well, I thought I would write about something that for so many peopleab_sexy2 seems to be such a touchy subject. I, for the life of me still don’t get it, but hey whatever. I think that anyone who has ever been affiliated with me in any way knows that I don’t have a problem with sex what so ever. Does this mean I am doing it all the time and that I am an out of control slut?? Of course not. Just because you like something or you are good at it does not make it a bad thing.  

black,and,white,couple,erotic,nude,photography,sex-1f04da24d9b186674cee4494f3289b85_hWere Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet bad people because they loved to paint and they were geniuses? Of course not but you take that and apply it to someone when you are talking about sex, especially a female and you are talking about the biggest slut on the planet.  

So you ask yourselves where is this all coming from…or then again maybe you’re not, but I have been posting some statuses over on Facebook where I spend a great deal of time, that could be considered offensive to the Disney Set (sexually repressed) and the comments that go along with those statuses have been probably close to pornographic but this leads us once again to the fact that it is my right as an American to free speech, not to mention I guess that some people are just still unaware that I don’t really give a fuck what they think about me.  

I will once again advise people who if you are extremely offended by my status and comments at facebook or anywhere else, you don’t need to read them or even be my friend because if you can’t handle me as I am, I guess you were never a friend to begin with. For the last time I won’t change for anyone and I will continue to be myself no matter what.  

Back to sex….  

So the last facebook status that I had posted, I thought was kind of funny (considering my sick sense of humor) and it garnered a bunch of comments mainly back and forth between myself and a friend or two of mine. I was really surprised that more of my friends didn’t comment being as liberal towards the subject as they are but maybe even for them it was just too much, I don’t know.  

wednesday14So will someone PLEASE tell me what’s the big deal about sex? I mean c’mon the majority of people in the world are having it everyday and if you aren’t having it at least a few times a week I feel sorry for you (let’s all take a collective moment to feel sorry for me, as I am separated from my husband but STILL married so I am NOT getting any *sigh*)…ANYWAY, there is nothing wrong with talking about it and chances are a lot of you that are complaining about this are closet freaks anyway and just don’t want people to know. That’s okay; I used to be JUST LIKE YOU.  

I was taught that sex was not really a good thing, it wasn’t bad either but I was just kind of indifferent towards it for a few reasons. It was only to have kids and I was advised (seriously) never to have kids because we were all a pain in the ass.  

It took me a long time, and believe it or not that asshole I called a husband,kisssing to make me realize sex was actually NOT a bad thing and it could definitely be a GREAT thing. I am not going to sit here and lie and say I was some innocent angel or virgin when I met him, I had been with maybe two or three other boyfriends before him but trust me I wasn’t a fan of sex with them or anyone else, so hopefully if someone reads this and is miserable they can learn from it. 


something tells me I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this picture...that's why I put it here!!

So, why do we make such a big deal out of sex? We act like a blow job or worse yet enjoying giving one is a mortal sin *smack my ass and take away my birthday I said blow job again* not to mention just plain enjoying whatever type of sex you’re into or actually getting into it might cause you death or something.  Hey guess what, I’m not dead in fact I am quite alive thank you very much and I think you all know my position on everything sexually related…or not.  

I think there are definitely differences in how women view sex than men.  We have all been so fucked up towards the subject our whole lives its a wonder any of us can get into it at any point.

When we’re young the issues are there because we are taught that sex is not a good thing. When we are older for some reason we attach guilt to it and are afraid to talk about it. By the time you are my age you finally realize everything you missed in those years and regret not doing what you wished you had all along but thought you might get judged for. I for one was lucky enough NOT to miss that much and to learn a lot about myself when I was in my 20’s from an older man who taught me sex wasn’t evil, so for that I guess I can give my ex-hubby a big shout out. I still have to say I was what you would call a closet freak for the longest time, mortified at the fact that ANYONE would know I was having sex, even though I was married….kind of ridiculous I know, but once again it goes back to the way we are programed from a very young age among other things.  

Now if only I could teach all of you to lighten up and have some fun, I have finally realized throughout my life that sex is  not a four letter word, literally or figuratively. It is not only the way we make life but we show love and affection to the ones we care about. For me it can be one of the best feelings in the world. So go on and do it, you might just find out you like it.  

Definition of a closet freak: someone who enjoys sex but won’t admit it because they are embarrassed.  

For those of you that want to learn more about sex, here is some good reading. Just be aware a lot of it might be shocking to some of you but well worth the read:  

The Orgasm Bible *
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Art of Oral Sex (explicit but informative) *
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Just fuck me: what women want men to know (every male should own this)  

Idiots guide to amazing sex *
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Sexpertise: secrets of total satisfaction (a little clinical but informative) *
The art of kissing (every man needs to read this, because most men suck at it) *  

And if you are feeling REALLY adventurous but not for beginners, any book about Kuma Satra or Tantra  

So I don’t own all of these books nor have I read all of them but I have scanned through some (obviously the ones I have made notations on) and think everyone can learn from them. If knowledge is power then over the last 20 years I have probably learned enough to be one of the most powerful women on Earth.  


For such an intensely epic thing why is everyone so afraid to talk about SEX??