Did Rupsten break Robsten?? I don’t know but Robsten is BROKEN beyond repair :)

* I am going to post this without the normal amount of pictures and media as I usually do because I am having some issues with my image editing and re-sizing within WP, so I will update it after the fact because I want people to be able to read this before the story goes cold and Kristen’s PR team has a chance to paint her as some  All American Girl.

“KStew in a recent interview stupidly said this: You can learn so much from bad things. I feel boring. I feel like, why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to fucking happen to me. Just life. I want someone to fuck me over! Do you know what I mean?”

Well something tells me she got her wish and then some. So it’s no secret that I have been accused more than once in the past of writing hate blogs about Kristen Stewart; although for the most part , I really don’t think that’s true (until this very moment). I was just exposing her to be the self-centered little brat who is seriously unapologetic for the things that she does regardless of her PR teams ridiculous attempts at making her look like a decent human being with antics like her “forced” rape apology and this last steaming pile of crap that was aimed at the majority of Twifans but was really only lapped up by a relatively small group of people affectionately called the sheep. This apology was supposed to be for her TRUE love…excuse me while I take a moment to laugh hysterically, ah yes,  her true love Robert Pattinson (Not PR or anything because it wasn’t self-serving in ANY WAY). Really, she sends a sincere apology in People magazine?? Riiiiight.  Here is where I try and explain this whole clusterfuck ~

For those of you that have been living under a rock or that just don’t give a shit…wait, scratch that; you can’t escape this shit even if you want to because everyone from the tabloids to NBC to the New York Observer has covered this in one way or another.  You see, the rules changed forever on July 24 for Stewart when salacious pics turned up of her and Rupert Sanders, her Director for Snow White and the Huntsman.  I might add a little detail ~  Sanders is married with kids.  Kristen worked with Sander’s wife AND kids on the movie as well as being invited into their home for a family meal…so to add insult to injury, she is not only a whore she is a self-serving bitch too.  Here’s where it all started:

Apparently Stewart was driving home from the gym because she was working out to get a strippers body (her words) for her nonexistent movie Cali. How she was

Strippers body MY ASS!!! Yeah unless she is one of the UGLY ones :p

gonna turn the body of a thirteen year old boy into that of an exotic dancer, I have NO IDEAMaybe she was referring to when you go down the strip and you see the marquees that say 50 gorgeous girls and three ugly ones???? Wait…I forgot, she bought boobies!!!!  Anyway, she was driving and as usual the paps were following her when she got a call and decided to turn around and go meet Sanders. She picked him up and they drove around moving from spot to spot says one magazine but I’m not sure of the details on that.  What I DO know is they were in her Mini and were feeling each other up and he was kissing her EVERYWHERE and at one point it seriously looked like he was going down on her (those of you that said she never had sex, yes, oral IS sex). Then the pics showed them at a lookout point and her leaning up against a railing while he was grinding against her and I am sorry but unless you are blind there’s NO DOUBT she was enjoying it.

The sheep are trying to sell this as she looks uncomfortable or that it looks forced, yet just days before they tried to say it was Photoshoped and those pics were her and Rob with Rupert’s head shopped on Rob’s body and they had all the photos and red circles as epic proof once again!!!  It didn’t matter to them that Kristen issued her piss poor apology they just knew #Robsten was unbroken (ask Twitter, they got it to trend and the internet NEVER lies). Kristen’s apology:

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

After Kristen gave another pathetic attempt to placate the public (see rape comment and related blog) to try and cover her ass before another movie premier; I won’t even dignify it by calling it an apology because if you are TRULY apologizing to someone you love you do not do it in a fucking magazine. You do it by phone, email or by fucking telegraph if you have to but not in a public forum for the whole damn world to read. THAT was for attention to garner sympathy and try and save her ass after she fucked up royally BUT she forgot something, didn’t she. Someone else got hurt here…Hmm…maybe the wife and kids??? That little bitch said NOTHING!!! Guess what; as soon as her PR team figured that one out, they issued another stupid statement lickity split trying to cover her ass again saying:

“Kristen didn’t feel it was appropriate to issue a public apology to Liberty once the story of her affair with Rupert broke. Instead, she’s going to do the decent thing and write Liberty a private letter expressing her deepest regret for her actions. She was thinking of including Liberty, Rupert and the kids in her public apology – but Kristen was so desperate to save her relationship with Rob she decided to concentrate on that first.

Sooo, they are saying it was important to save HER relationship or whatever she has going on first? I mean that is what that means if she is trying to say she wanted to save her relationship, what about a wife and kids. Doesn’t she feel sorry for them? She is ONLY concerned for herself? Or her “boyfriend?? Did ANYONE every consider that she was telling Rob who is her good friend and whom she knows is disgusted with cheaters and said so in an interview recently, that She loves him, she loves him was saying I am sorry I cheated and broke up a marriage but I love him meaning Rupert?  I mean at this point there is more credible photographic evidence to Rupsten than Robsten…None the less, she STILL should have worried about Liberty and the kids before herself but what Kristen wants Kristen gets and fuck everyone else right? She is one fierce bitch…you all said it yourselves.

With the theory that Kristen is actually capable of loving someone other than Edward..I mean Robert, we Nonstens have always unequivocally thought that this was a showmance that was cooked up by Summit to get more people in the theaters and even Rob made comment to Blackbook about it recently  with this quote:

“The studios marketing strategy is to develop Pattinson’s celebrity as a commodity produced and marketed by the media and publicity industries. The commodification took the form of fusing Edwards appeal to Pattinson’s celebrity…the actors lack of public recognition was used by the studio to fuse REAL people to the Twilight characters they were hired to portray, thus making them celebrities”

Take Kristen Stewart, our “romance” is happily sanctioned by the Twilight industrial complex. As Twilight and the production puts it, fans appear to be willing to accept a romantic involvement that takes Pattinson off the market if it literally translates into their beloved characters, and so we get together almost every day but we are not sworn to each other until death do us part. ~Blackbook

Y’ know It is clear that she cared for Rupert a lot more than she has stated and you sheep can tell yourself that the pics were Photoshoped from pics of her and rob being all lovey dovey with Rupert’s face in them, you can say she looks scared or awkward and that he looks forceful but the truth cannot hide that she looks happy.  It baffles me that for four years the sheep have been preaching the church of Robsten, they even made fucking picture of Kristen in a likeness of Jesus and they have said Rob and Kristen were each other’s first loves (yeah let’s not forget they both had serious long term relationships before meeting each other). We have never seen her in a clear pic with Rob that shows her kissing on the lips or doing ANY of the things she was clearly doing with Rupert. Not ONCE has anyone been able to get the magic couple on camera in a compromising way.  Sure there have been a few sightings here and there but none of them look nearly as happy as the pics of Kristen and Rupert at the lookout and they are a hell of a lot clearer than the (what?) 3 kissing or should I say weird head grabbing pics that we have seen that MUST have been kissing because y’all said so and like I said before if it’s on the internet it HAS to be true!!!!.

Before you all start squawking at me about holding hands or going places, I never said that Rob hated Kristen although some of the pictures taken might be construed otherwise, I mean either this girl is on her period 25 fucking days out of the month or these two don’t co-exist as much as Summit or her PR Team would like us to think.  Truth is these people are followed around constantly, paps hide out like surveillance teams just to get that money shot of the golden couple yet they have never been able to get a picture, whether it was up close and personal or from a very far distance of the two of them.  I really find that hard to believe if they have this epic love, live together in some love shack in LA and have the bond that cannot be unbroken.

None of you can deal with it, so you continually tell yourselves that the pics were Photoshoped and were actually Rob and Kristen and it was a whole big set up and a big fuck you to the media or someway to hide their love from us ONCE AGAIN, them being so private and all….because private people publish apologies crying out and professing their tru wuv…. uh huh. Now for God sakes you are crying out and calling Rupert a pedophile? SERIOUSLY?????? In what universe are you all existing in?  They were both ADULTS and she went to him!! She could have said no, um let’s see what else…she’s a fucking home wrecker who doesn’t give two shits about anyone but herself enough to even apologize to a wife and kids of a family she just destroyed. UGH, I mean don’t you want to come back to reality for even two seconds and ask yourselves…was ANY of it real?  My guess is no, most of you that find your way here are haters that either come here to whine about how much hate that I spread in the name of your beloved or what a jealous bitch I am so whatever.

You know one of the things that I have not been able to figure out through this whole thing is how you sheep have been able to justify what she has done?  Listen, I understand being a fan of an actor and continuing to like their work even if they are an enormous douche, I mean I like Mel Gibson but don’t get me started on some of his beliefs or  personality. But Kristen, I mean you all act like she is the second coming of Christ and she walks on water. She is a one dimensional mediocre actress at best (I am being generous there) and continuously acts like a bitch in her interviews and seemingly the same to the general public. What the hell is there to like? Oh yeah she’s fierce…pffsht.

Do I have to remind you about her calling all of you retards?  Or her rape comment and then that self-indulgent bullshit apology that she ONLY made when she found out people were so enraged that she was TOLD to do so by her team?  Like  “I’m not really sorry just sorry that everyone is pissed off, so I need to say something.” Now she has gone and broken up a marriage. A marriage of a person or people that she worked with, people that invited her into their home and shared a meal with. She issued an apology to someone she CLAIMS to love so much, who has NEVER  actually claimed  her before aside from bullshit written in a magazine for Christ’s sake . What the fuck?

If you love someone and you are such a private person that you have kept your love affair private for four years, then wouldn’t you think she might have called her true love in person and told him PRIVATELY??? This whole privacy thing is getting on my last nerve too. People that are “private about their relationships etc.” don’t drop little clues and hints as often as possible just to stir the pot with their crazy ass fans. They don’t intentionally wear the same clothes as their “betrothed” knowing there will be pictures and speculation everywhere, they don’t crash their “boyfriend’s movie premiers shifting the focus off of the movie and make it all about ROBSTEN oh yeah and they don’t go out in public in the daytime and get eaten out by their lover who is married to a co-worker. Just Sayin…..

Is it coincidence that the majority of her non/post twilight pics have her playing extremely sleazy and trashy sexual roles and Kristen herself had always said that she never wanted to be type cast and this is why she preferred doing the indie type movies as opposed to the big block busters? My guess is that the majorities of studios just didn’t see her in blockbuster type roles until she got the roles of Bella Swan/Snow White and then when she played them luke warm at best and had this scandal I doubt anyone will touch her with a ten foot pole unless it is to be a “star” on some reality show like VH-1’s Where Are They Now or Dancing With the Stars  (or the porn industry).  Then again for some reason she always seems to come out on top whether she deserves it or not…and NO I did not mean on top as in the reverse cowboy 😀

So I also read this line of bullshit they are trying to sell for more sympathy for Stew that seems to be working on the sheep and anyone else without a brain :

“she is heartbroken and that she is not eating and can’t function without him, she “dropped” out of Cali and is rumored to be out of next snow white and they said giving up source quotes through PEOPLE and Gossip Cop, mouthpiece outlets for publicists: “Kristen is absolutely devastated,” says one source. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment.” “She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened,” says the source. “She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice”

Hmmm, I would say that having a man go down on you in public AND daylight when you are constantly hounded by the press MIGHT be a lapse in judgment, and yeah I guess you could call it a mistake that she got caught grinding against the railing but heartbroken, not eating and can’t function? I highly doubt it, more like hiding in shame. I just saw pics today and she didn’t look any thinner unless that is what you wanted to believe (she is already tiny to begin with).

I have a feeling  photographers all over the world were fist pumping and high fiving when the original pics came out for the way this little bitch acts towards them in front of the camera. Queen Fierce Bitch or not she is a little cunt to the people just doing their jobs and to tell the truth she deserves everything coming at her right now…being raped my ass.  Her team is doing everything they can to spin this but to their dismay it is not going as well as they would like, looks like they are working triple time on this one.

The only problem is she is playing the victim AGAIN.  She is always the victim and it is never her fault.  I read an article today that says that Kristen Stewart is pissed that she is the fall guy for her getting all the backlash from the affair…waaaah cry me a fucking river Krissy. Sources say that even though she gave a public apology  (if that’s what you want to call it) in private she is furious that he isn’t getting more of the blame because Rupert is 19 years her senior and in a position of power??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Stewart was the one with all the power AND the connections in Hollywood even after Snow White. He only had one film under his belt.  She is saying it is a bigger deal that Rupert cheated because he has kids…yeah dumb fucks, she knew he had kids too. Do I have to remind everyone AGAIN that she worked with them (she actually took them out for ice cream) AND she worked with his wife, who also invited her into their home for a family meal.

For the record I doubt he was the one that would have made the decision on keeping her for part 2 of Snow White, it is the studio. They rarely change lead characters mid saga unless the actor/actress really sucks or they do something really REALLY stupid and unforgivable…geez, I wonder which applies her. Maybe BOTH??

there is love and tenderness in this picture that we have never seen with her and Rob and ALTHOUGH this is technically a work function it is a little more relaxed so I would say this is not just a last minute”lets cuddle up for the camera and act like we are in love because we are in a movie togeth….oh wait that’s ROB 🙂

This has obviously been going on a long time probably since they started filming the movie together.  The one time affair report is bullshit, they looked way too comfortable with each other in those pics not to mention unless you are a raving whore you just don’t let a guy go down on you the first time you go out driving around making out at the park. The argument about and him lording over her and being older and having powers over her as the boss is ridiculous.  She didn’t have to say yes. Like I said before the studio hired her because of her “star power” thinking Bella would translate to Snow White and bring the sheep with her, so saying her job depended on HIM??? NO. more than likely she had more power of whether HE had a job with the next movie had the movie done as well as they had originally expected it to BUT it didn’t so when this scandal happened it was the ideal opportunity to dump her. Kristen is a brat who is used to getting everything she wants and she wanted Rupert and got him with a big fuck you to his wife, she just didn’t think she was gonna get the shit storm that came with it. Also I am so sick of people saying she is only 22, I (or most people) didn’t cheat on my husband at 22, especially with a married man. What is so special about her that makes it any different? She is hiding behind that because she and her PR team can’t face the reality that she’s a stupid slut that screwed up so bad that there is just no coming back from this fully unscathed.

You know if by chance Rob did come out tomorrow and proclaim his love for her and they showed epic proof, and I mean proof as in a marriage and babies etc., not something that was clearly PR strategy to save a movie, you could all come back here and say hahahahaha you were wrong!!! Suck it you Nonnie!!! Robsten is unbroken and Kristen is still our queen!!

Y’know what I would say? OMG, what the fuck…seriously? Man, he is a fucking moron. I would face palm and have a WTF moment again and say did he really marry that piece of shit no talent actress?  Wow, OK. I was wrong. Then I would go back to whatever TV show I was watching and wait for Rob’s next movie that was coming out because regardless of whether I can’t stand his personal choices, they are HIS personal choices and I am still HIS fan NOT hers. In the whole scheme of things Rob Pattinson will never know me or care about what I write, so I can say whatever the fuck I want.

I think this should be the “RUPSTEN” theme song 😀