Copyright on You Tube

Copyright on You Tube ~ this was written obviously before You Tube decided to unfairly take my account down and not give me a chance to appeal without taking it to court.

Well, this has been something that has plagued me since about my third6492_1219872539009_1294794169_616592_1808025_n video on You Tube I made.  Ironically it started with my first Rob Pattinson video and has happened to me almost every time thereafter.  As always I put in a dispute because I am not one to just sit down and take anything.  I’ll always fight for what I believe in even if it seems like a lost cause.  If I think its right you can find me right in front of the line kicking ass and taking names later so to speak.

Last night at approx.12 am I uploaded my video and immediately received an email telling me there might be a problem but no action on my part was necessary so my video was up and running.  As usual when I went to watch the video as I always do when it is first posted to see how it actually looks online, it said it matched third-party content, whatever that actually means, but this morning I go to check my stats only to find out the video had been pulled.  First off I have seen this song used in other videos on You Tube and for the life of me I can’t see why each time I post a video it seems like I am the personal target of the fucking copyright police

I do this for enjoyment purposes only and have been doing it for less than a year.  I pretty much stay home most of the time due to health reasons from three brain surgeries and other issues related to that, so this is virtually one of my only creative outlets.  I have heard that there is concern that people will “rip” the music from my video, which is absolutely absurd on every level.  First, by the time someone gets it from my video after being uploaded from less than high quality that I originally used to make the video, then downloading off of You Tube to their computer it is going to be the worst quality ever so why would they do that, when they can go to any one of a million different P2P sites on the net and get it for free. 

The way I look at this is that I am exposing a whole new crowd of younger girls who don’t even know this music, in this case the amazing Paula Cole, because they are going to watch anything with Robert Pattinson in it.  WMG (Warner Music Group) should be doing back flips for people like me exposing their older music to new audiences but that is just how I feel. 


The reason I suspect my account was closed for good

Then there is the issue with creative expression.  I realize we have freedom of the press which often times  shouldn’t even be allowed with some of the crap that is printed and said but what about creative expression?  Why is You Tube even here?  So some little moron can sit around and jack off on-screen and look like a fucking idiot, because without our music videos, or other media that is basically what you have.  I also do not understand how I can go and watch a whole movie (separated in parts of course that ironically is owned by….you guessed it Time Warner) with no problem.  They don’t seem to have a problem with anyone stealing their movies or TV shows, just the music.

For some of us, pathetically, it is a main source of entertainment and what we enjoy and rely on to make us happy not only by contributing to it but by watching it as well.  I have disputed the decision to pull my video and I have no clue what they will decide.  So far I have been lucky every time but luck tends to run out at some point so we will see. 

*I just won my dispute but still I have to speak out for the hundreds of other people who go through this everyday.  Personally, I love what I do and I just wish there was some magic list I could go off to know what songs are alright to use and what songs aren’t. 

So this is my note about the way the You Tube handles people like me just trying to do something they love to do and entertain people.  I know that my video “damn I wish I was your lover” has had over   12,000 views and people have requested I make more so that is what I do.  Hopefully I make people happy because that is my ultimate goal.

Since that time, I went to log into my account for some reason (I can’t remember) and it wouldn’t let me log in.  I checked my email and I had received something that said my account had been suspended for a video that  had been posted for several months.

Okay, this is where is get seriously fucking pissed off.  This was one of the


The absolutely fabulous artist Van Morrison. The people at his You Tube channel gave me permission to use his song, I have proof in a message that is magically gone with my account..I HATE You Tube 😦

 first videos I made.  It was to Van Morrison’s “Someone Like You”, a song, I absolutely love and I made a little tribute video for Robert Pattinson because I saw about a gazillion of them on You Tube and wanted to try my hand at making one too.

When they originally took it down, I disputed it and in the meantime, I went to Van Morrison’s You Tube channel and asked them if they had requested that I quit using their song.  They told me no and said I could use it if I gave them credit for the song.  I won the dispute.

I had to make another video giving V.M. credit (I was a newb, and didn’t know I had to credit the artist…duh), so I submitted it and got in trouble again!  I disputed explaining the situation and won the dispute immediately.

It wasn’t 2 weeks before my video was taken down and I basically asked them what the fuck was the problem explaining my situation and telling them I had no nefarious intentions when I make these videos.  I won my dispute and the video stayed up for many months.


Should I really have to go through all of this for a little video on You Tube??

Now, I am asking why on Earth after so long, when I had the artists permission would I lose my account and not be able to just dispute this with You Tube and find out what happened?  No one would talk to me, they just told me I would have to go before a judge in San Fransisco I believe.  Give me a fucking break, I can no sooner go down to San Fran to dispute this than become CEO of Time Warner.

My question is does this happen to a lot of people?  Because I have seen many people use the same exact songs that I use, in fact I check to see first before I choose the songs, and I don’t see the people’s videos getting pulled nor do i see them getting in trouble.  Why me?  Maybe it’s because I am such a bitch and am not afraid to go up against these assholes every time they fuck with me, so they had to make an example out of me…well, I guess they won this round.

Peace, Love and Happiness ~ Nans