Stephen Lynch Vids (beware definitely NOT for kids and really offensive to just about everybody)

I made this post to kick off my videos page (aside from the lame Twilight vids that have been there forever) and also because I absolutely LOVE Stephen Lynch!! I have been told I am sick and depraved for liking all of his videos and people ask me how as a mother I can think some of them are funny but I guess being sick and twisted I get them and they make me laugh my ass off not to mention they don’t offend me at all 🙂

Useless superheroes ~ This video has people giving suggestions of super heroes they wish existed in the world today. It is very funny, very offensive and one of my favorites.

My name is Satan ~ call me Beelze

Gerbil ~ what can I say about this video? Stephen Lynch visiting the Bob and Tom radio show, doing a “clean” version of Gerbil if there is such a thing 🙂

Kitten ~ If you love cats, God forbid DO NOT listen to this unless you have a sense of humor. I have a cat but I still laugh every time I hear it but like I said, I am a sick and twisted individual 😉

Craig ~ The story of Jesus’s black sheep partying brother. What more can I say?

Special Ed ~ Offensive and I am really sorry to anyone who is handicapped in any way, especially mentally or knows someone who is but I still find it really funny…..I guess this is where the sick and depraved accusation comes into play ~ sorry 😦

Ugly Baby ~ Once again, as a mother I should feel horrible but I don’t. The song is self explanatory and like I explained in the title to this post; it is probably offensive to just about everyone so don’t complain if it pisses you off.

Halloween ~ this is the one people REALLY get on me about for thinking is funny. Yeah I know there are real sickos out there that prey on kids especially at Halloween but this just like ALL his videos are meant as a joke and that is exactly how I take it.

Talk to Me ~ a song about a father and son having issues in their relationship. I can’t say more without ruining the video 🙂

If I Were Gay ~ I think the title pretty much says it all

Best Friends Song ~ I don’t really know what to say about this song except people will be offended.

Special Olympics ~ another song about being handicapped obviously which I find hysterical. I guess I really am a horrible person; go figure.

Lullaby ~ Probably the most sick and twisted lullaby ever written. I laughed so hard the first time I heard it, I snorted and spit my drink all over my keyboard 🙂

Three balloons ~ I don’t really know what to say about this one

and last but not least

This is called D&D and I imagine this would apply to the current video games like WoW and League of Legends ~ what can I say? My extremely awesome oldest kid used to hang out with total dweebs and actually played D&D 🙂

I hope that some of you enjoyed some of the videos and those of you that didn’t know who Stephen Lynch was; are now fans. He usually tours on the East coast (or he used to, not sure if he does anymore) and if any of you live in the area maybe you can go see a show 🙂

Those of you that got offended…get a grip and get a life, it’s comedy and not the way he really views things nor do I.  Just because I laugh at something doesn’t mean I agree with it 100% so stop leaving bitchy comments because I will keep deleting them.

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