From Baby Einstein to Baby Pole Dancers?

This was so bizarre it was worth posting ~

Well, I am here trying to think of ANYTHING other than my own depression so I will write of other sick and twisted things that I know of and can share with you all.

I was talking to my daughter Sabrina the other day because she was worried about going back to school and starting 6th grade. She has to go to the Middle school now instead of the elementary and it is bigger and I guess a little scarier too, with more kids etc. so she was extremely stressed out about starting Tuesday. I asked her why and she said no one wanted to be her friend because she was an ugly geek. Well if you have seen Sabrina you know she is not ugly and well, she is not really a geek just because she is a 4.0 GPA student and she is definitely not ugly.

So she goes on to say “I don’t even have a clique, mom” and I said, why is this so important to you, explaining that all cliques are, is one obnoxious girl pulling the strings and a bunch of drones who can’t think for themselves following along. Well, she then said, “well, I still want to be included in someone’s group” I said, yeah, like what? And she said “well there is one called the drama mama’s” and “I don’t know why they call themselves that, but they have a group and they won’t let me in.”

I said well what do these drama mamas do? And she said, “well I don’t want

pole dancing doll

Have you heard of this new Pole Dance Doll yet? It rotates, has music, flashing lights, a disco ball, and a pole. WOW! I wonder if it has a spot for money!? We wonder why girls find this kind of thing socially acceptable at this age

 to be a part of their group, they are stupid” I was like ummm, ok? She says “yeah they all dress up as sluts and act like sluts and Say that they can POLE dance (yes you read that right) and then show everyone out on the tether pole!!!”

Ok, after the initial shock, I busted out laughing so hard. All I could think of was the horror of these little girls thinking they could pole dance, don’t ask me why I thought that was funny, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Tether ball? WOW…. My visuals of a playground will never be the same!

Can you fucking believe there are 10 year olds that even think about these things no less go out and do them? My daughter says they go out and bump and grind on the tether ball pole and my fucking god what is the world coming to? Who are these girls’ parents? By the way my daughter did not use the word slut; I had to coax it out of her. She is not allowed to use that kind of language even though every other word I say is practically a swear word.

I begin to wonder as well as my good friend whom I shared this story with already, where is the school involved in all of this, I mean they are supposed to be our children’s protectors during the day. I mean God knows they have given me enough crap over the last few years for my kids being away from school for various reasons stating it is not healthy or good for them to miss too much school.

If this is what they are missing, there is no point for them to be in there in the first place. I remember when they hauled me into court because my kids missed too much school while I was in the hospital and it was not clear whether I would live or die. They just did not find it acceptable for our kids to miss that much school even though they might not ever see their mother again. God forbid they may miss the tether ball show on the playground, what was I thinking keeping them away from that??

When I called the elementary school for info about this I got a lot of denials and we have no idea what you are talking about, trying to point the finger back at Bree, but I know that there is NO WAY IN HELL that even my brilliant and creative daughter could have thought up something as ludicrous as this, not that I would ever take their word over hers anyway.

So once again welcome to a normal day in the life of ME!!! And you all wonder why I am the way that I am….go figure

I don’t know what was more disturbing the doll or 9 year old Noah Cyrus dancing around a pole while her mother watched, may pole my ass, she was one step away from the bump and grind.  This is just NOT right but then again she dressed in a dominatrix style outfit for Halloween this year too so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

Peace, Love, Happiness and pole dancing???? ~ Nans