Brains vs. Beauty

Once again I am writing because I am extremely bored and well if any of you know me, this is what I do. I was chatting with a good friend and we were conversing about all kinds of things including me coloring my hair. She asked me to take a picture and I told her I have a phobia of pictures. I also told her how my husband said it was probably just because I wasn’t pretty anymore and that I was fat now. Yes, he is the biggest asshole on the face of the earth you don’t have to remind me.


This was taken 10 months ago on my 42nd birthday. Granted it DOES NOT show how overweight I am but I certainly do not think I am a hideous creature like my ex-husband made me out to be.

I just kind of thought to myself, maybe he is right to some extent, I mean after all, we live in a world that solely judges people on their physical beauty. My issues actually go just a little deeper than that. After my multiple brain surgeries, something happened to me that caused a lot of things to change in me and so everything kind of freaks me out including having my picture taken BUT I can’t honestly say that being fat and not being as beautiful as I was before doesn’t play some part in it.

So here is my question, are looks important? Let’s face it; we live in a shallow world, so looks are somewhat important but not to me. Looks don’t make a man, a good heart, sense of humor, integrity, intelligence, those are what make a man and unfortunately as women we are always judged on our outward appearance. If fewer men did that, they would find that they would probably be happier in their relationships than with some bimbo supermodel with an IQ of 12. I won’t lie, I don’t want some ugly dude but it really doesn’t matter if they are not perfect either.


Beauty shouldn’t matter, it’s what’s inside that counts

Well at some point the subject of Rob Pattinson came up (surprise surprise) but not what you would think at all. I said to her “if Rob didn’t have a brain or a sense of humor I would have just passed him over like all the other pretty faces in Hollywood.” You see no matter what you see here, on Facebook or anywhere else and how many pictures and extremely fangirlish type comments I might have, plain and simple, I see him as a human first and a sex symbol second.

*When you see and read all the sexual and love comments, I am joking for the most part.  You would just have to know my sense of humor and know that it is geared more to push everyone’s buttons and piss people off not to mention I LOVE to make fun of the average fangirl (it makes my day) rather than truly reflect my true feelings towards Rob.

So, whatever happened to brains being more important than beauty? I know there HAS to be someone out there that thinks this is an important issue. I used to think it mattered to David Cook who by all definition is uber smart but yet he finds himself dating the biggest bimbos he can find, I still don’t get that one. Hmmmmm…hot body, brains…hot body, brains…well, I guess you can’t fuck a brain, so hot body it is.

I try and teach my daughter all the time that smart is sexy but in today’s


Davie and Idol cast off Kim Caldwell He’s the one with the brain and she the one with the…hot body I guess

world how do I do that? I don’t want her to feel like she has to give up her 4.0 grade average and dumb herself down just to be accepted by boys, not that I have to worry about this QUITE yet. She JUST   turned 12 last week…God, I HOPE I don’t have to worry.

So here we are. What matters to you? I personally hit thought I the jackpot when I picked someone to “obsess” over. He has the whole package. Brain, a sense of humor and last but not least is absolutely gorgeous. I put them in order of importance to me by the way. I am hoping at some point either people will realize that these stars are not just pieces of meat and are human beings with thoughts and feelings like the rest of us but I doubt that day will come anytime soon. Fangirls will stalk and harass them until they go into hiding and normal fans will just never get a chance to meet the people we admire without them thinking everyone just wants a story about Robsten or a picture to post in the next tabloid or whatever the case is for whoever the star it is we want to meet……

rob face

No matter what the fangirls think, there is SO much more here than a pretty face

Here’s to Peace, Love and Happiness and actually having a brain ~ Nans