Stupidity ~ Is there a cure?

Tonight seeing as how I am completely and utterly depressed I think I will write. It is after all the only thing besides my friends that seems to bring me any comfort besides doing all the RPattz stuff for our Facebook group but don’t get me started on that, I will sound like an obsessed fangirl and we all know I am the farthest thing from that.

I really tried to rack my brain on what I could write about and I asked my oldest son Derrick because he and I are so much alike. He gave me a few ideas and one of the ideas he had touched on a subject that is near and dear to my heart or should I say is one thing that bugs the FUCK out of me.

It has to do with something we see everyday…they wander the earth and we_stupid_people__by_fangedfem find them everywhere. We can’t get away from them. What are they? Stupid people. Stupidity is like a rampant disease that plagues us and we find it at every turn. It is far worse and infects people more each day than the Ebola virus, SARS and Swine Flu put together. I think you will find that a majority of Americans ARE stupid. If you think I am immune to this vicious disease guess again, after all I AM the one that married a man after his first major words to me were “get fucking serious” Wow, now THAT was a match made in Heaven. I put up with this kind of loving treatment for over twenty years, so call the CDC I must have the worst case of stupidity yet.

STUPID ROBSTENOf course I am talking about many different kinds of stupidity here. There are the people who are so obsessed with the Robsten thing that I just want to go and hose them down with disinfectant to kill the infection of stupidity that definitely plagues them. It is like the Bubonic Plague it spreads and spreads with no end in sight. I say, we just go hit them with a big batch of Napalm and do away with all of them but that might be a little harsh. Then again…

Then there are stupid criminals. I cannot explain how much these people need to just be put out of their misery. For instance, men that do ever so bright things like have sex with vacuum cleaners and picnic tables or put metal washers (16 of them) on their penis, I mean what the fuck man? Haven’t you ever heard of having sex with a WOMAN?? Maybe that is just NOT an option I guess, but a vacuum? OUCH…

Men don’t have the corner on the market where stupidity is concerned andstupidblog where sexual crime is concerned. There are the women that think they can either get away with prostitution by telling police they don’t charge for the services, they charge for their company. Wow, is she a fucking smart one?  As if there is a difference. Then there is the woman who had sex for a box of Fritos, now usually when I am hungry I run on down to the store but I suppose this is another option….NOT!!! She exchanged a blow job for a fucking box of Fritos, OMG. I don’t even know what to say about this one, except she must have really been fucking hungry. Then there is the woman who called police to take her to her ex-husband’s so she could “beat the crap” out of his girlfriend (sounds like a plan to me, except for the police part).

god_loves_stupid_people_magnet-p147408507436006819qjy4_400Well, this has to be the worst yet. I don’t really know what the hell this woman was thinking. I have been accused of getting extremely pissed off and believe me I have wanted to pull a Lorena Bobbitt more than a few times after my husband cheated on me and left me for the vegetarian stick figure skank that he did but, THIS? Even in the worst of my Bi Polar rages I don’t think I could have come up with this ~ A woman was jealous of her husband and felt like his penis belonged to her. Yeah, you read that right. She just wanted to burn it so it belonged to her and no one else; I mean what’s the harm in that?? I mean c’mon, seems rational, right? FUCK NO!!!!! She doused his genitals with methylated spirit and then set him on fire while he was sleeping. A blaze was sparked when he jumped out of bed and knocked over the bottle, causing $1 million damage to their townhouse and an adjacent property. He was obviously killed because she is being charged with murder.

Of course there is so much more I could write on the subject but it could fill up 50 notes or more. Just know that when it comes to stupidity, none of us are immune to this disease no matter how hard we try. If there IS a cure out there is must be as hard to come by as the cure for cancer because we just keep getting dumber and dumber everyday. Sometimes I think it is less of a disease and more of a gene that we are just born with and we will never be able to escape. In that case shoot me now because I would rather be dead that join the ranks of the average idiot.

Peace Love and Happiness to you all with an actual brain that is~ Nans