Darling Nikki and the new Vicki ~ where has all the Twi~love gone?

A while back I decided to poke around online on Twitter. Let’s just say some of what I found there makes me disgusted to even say that I am remotely related to the same human race or a fan of the same movies that these Twi-Moron-Fans are.

Twitter is usually where I find a treasure trove of pictures and other crap for all my girls on a Facebook thread I maintain, but there was this huge storm of controversy. It is pretty much a given that ANY Twilight fan knows that Rachelle LeFevre has been re-cast by Bryce Dallas Howard for the role of Victoria in Eclipse. Should I lie and say I am thrilled? NO.

Listen, I think whoever made the call at Summit is a fucking idiot and maybe they should have had a little pow wow before making rash decisions, but because I have not been present through any of this in Hollywood and know exactly squat about the situation, I guess I probably have no place in what I should think except that I am disappointed that Rachelle will not be Victoria throughout what her whole role would have been, although personally I find the way they have treated her deplorable whether she came out and spoke publicly or not. They tried to trash her reputation by covering their asses and to tell you the truth no Twilight fan bought what they had to say anyway.

For some people she IS the one and only Victoria

This brings us to where I guess I would play devils advocate? People are asking why she wouldn’t just drop the other movie in order to fulfill her Eclipse obligations. Are you fucking kidding me??? Give up the chance to work with Dustin Hoffman and Paul Giamatti in a REAL movie??? No offense to Twilight, love the movies but c’mon they are not the most credible work that any actor can do or claim at the top of their resume unless of course that’s all they have. *I’m sure I’m deflecting heavy objects being thrown at me RIGHT NOW*

Whatever the case is, a ten day reschedule for Summit couldn’t have hurt that much. Who’s to say if there hadn’t been overlaps with either Rob or Kristen’s movies? What then? Were they going to have the audacity to even consider replacing one of them? Forget Simi Valley, I can envision the Hollywood riots as we speak, starting at the front door of Summit.

So where is this note actually going? You know I don’t ever just write about a bunch of fluff you can read anywhere else. WELLLL…..While cruising around I read comment after comment after comment about Bryce Howard and what a conniving little snake she was, how she convinced daddy to put her in this movie because she couldn’t get any other parts *OMG, excuse me while I pick myself up off floor from laughing hysterically*. Apparently no one has gone and read her bio or they might have seen that she has actually worked and how in the beginning she tried very hard not to use her name for recognition in Hollywood, thus leaving DADDY out of it.

Bryce Dallas Howard, why don't we just give her a chance~ she's gonna be great

If you are going to attack someone, DO NOT attack someone because they were hired to do a job. I mean, Twilight may be the hottest thing since popcorn right now, but believe me she can get her own work and probably much higher quality seeing as how M. Night Shamalan has had his eye on her for some time casting her in more than one role due to her TALENT, not relationship to Ron Howard.

Ok, on to my next bone to pick. This one pisses me off more than I can say. Apparently, in some magazine Nikki Reed was asked why girls love Rob so much. Her answer? Because he looks feminine and girls like men who look feminine. Was she kidding or did she mean it? Who the fuck cares? They are great friends but Noooooooooo, the Twi Tards are freaking out.

Beautiful Nikki, who was being called an ugly whorebag just a few short weeks ago, is now loved and considered beautiful by all again as if nothing ever happened.  Well, Nikki, there are some people out here that aren't fucking hypocrites and think your great no matter what you say or do.

They are making the nastiest comments of all about her that made me want to reach through the computer screen and rip someone’s head off, had that been possible, we would have had quite a mess that night. First off they said that Rob was ALL MAN, yeah I agree but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t look feminine. I don’t see it all of the time, but he IS pretty to me so maybe that is what she meant and didn’t choose her words wisely.

Then the utter nastiness started. Stuff from “you’re just jealous you ugly whorebag that couldn’t keep him satisfied and now he’s with a real woman like Kristen” *give me a fucking break for once*, to “bitch don’t talk like that about our man all you can do is lay flat on your back and take Paris Hilton’s left overs, you skank”. Yeah, are you thinking what I am right about now?? As I write this I am getting pissed off again.

What the fuck is the deal and what did she do? It’s not like she called him a total fag that needs to go DIE in a fire or anything, my God!!! She said he was feminine which kind of equals pretty to me at least and quite frankly don’t shoot me, but in a few of the pictures I have seen, if you look at his mannerisms he does look a little feminine, but WHO CARES, he’s still super hot and just about every female Twilight fan and a few non fans want to fuck his brains out whether they believe in the sanctity of Robsten or not!!!

ALL MAN or not, Rob looks more feminine is this pic than he should EVER look.  I mean shit, look at his fucking hand for crying out loud!!

What is it with people who make them think that they need to be so nasty? Ten to one it will not make them miss Any of the movies when they come out, this is billion dollar franchise and by then they will all be in love with Nikki once again forgetting anything was ever said and being total hypocrites stating how they have ALWAYS loved her so much and how she is Sooooooo beautiful. *let’s not forget what an ugly whorebag they thought she was*

grrrrrr 😡

As I wrote almost a year ago in defense of David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell, some things are just wrong and you have to stand up for them whether you like the person you are standing up for or not and you have to give them a voice where there is none. I have never been fond of Kim Caldwell and feel she is not a good person but in this case I DO like Nikki and felt she deserved to have someone speak up for her.

Now I am sure that no one from Twilight will ever read this and they probably don’t care what is said about them, but I hope they know that there actually are genuine people out there that just care about people in general. Whether they are stars or not has no bearing on the fact that I will stand up for them anytime if need be. I always try to give a voice to the people who don’t have one and need one at the time. I will continue to do so until the day I die, but anyone that truly knows me understands that’s just who I am.

Peace Love and Happiness ~ Nans