Is Taylor Lautner STRETCHING his options too thin?

awwww, our little Tay Tay is all grown up 🙂

So we are almost to the witching hour…what you ask? Well the most anticipated day to almost every cougar within a million mile range of Hollywood.  Yes folks, in just about 24 hours or so, Taylor Lautner will turn 18.  Can I hear a collective squeal from all of you women out there that don’t have to feel like pedophiles anymore for lusting after a baby?  Yes, I think I just heard something.        

Well, as usual my brain started working in overtime, probably because no matter how adorable he is and yes, he did buff up quite nicely, I never quite had the lustful feelings that every other woman had on earth, so my mind has always been elsewhere.  Usually on Rob Pattinson, but not this time.        

Hey look...Kristen and Tay looking adorable together and still people call him Failor for being her friend, ridiculous.

It HAS been on Taylor but in a different way.  You see, I have been watching his career as I have with a few of the other cast members that I felt were worthy of checking out (and a few that weren’t) trying to see where he might take it.  Taylor has been accused of all types of things.  I have heard he sucks as an actor or at least read it in a few places, I have heard him called “Failor” mainly by ignorant Robstenites that for some reason can’t grasp the difference between work and whatever it is they consider reality and so when Taylor was within one mile of Kristen he was evil and earned the nickname Failor, because you know any time that Rob is not breathing the same air as Kristen one of them is surely going to go into cardiac arrest or maybe asphyxiate, and  death will ensue.        

Taylor as Shark Boy...what else is there to say?

Poor Taylor, I just think he gets the short end of the stick all the time.  First he has a bunch of women my age lusting after him and I can surely tell you he wouldn’t have a clue what do with one if they were standing right in front of him.  Then he gets a bunch of hate from anyone else, so there is no in-between.  I read tweets talking about how crappy he and Rob are in interviewers and that Kristen is the only one worthy of speaking in public and the list goes on, so what worries me now is what comes next?       

Regrettably, I think the one movie that sticks out in my head when you think of Taylor before the Twilight franchise  is Shark boy and Lava girl. Now, I know it was a kids movie and was never supposed to be an academy award winner or anything but it’s also not something you want your name tied to forever, so why on earth has he jumped from one ridiculous character to the next like  Stretch Armstrong? For those of you that don’t have a clue who Stretch Armstrong is, watch the video below.       

Taylor having some fun this last weekend and showing off his athletic abilities

What the hell was Taylor thinking?  He’s not a child anymore, which is the beauty of this!  He can find adult roles to play and it is what so many of his key demographic audience wants to see from him because believe it or not his key audience is more than likely made up of more adult women than tweens.  He might not feel comfortable doing raunchy sex scenes but he can do serious grown up parts, he can play bad guys, real assholes that people love to hate and sexy guys or more edgy parts, break out of this movie franchise mold and take a leap into the unknown where few are brave enough to tread and he can take on weird little parts.         

I think he would be so much happier for it and it would teach him to be a better actor.  Look at Rob.  He could have had any role  and probably still can but look at the roles he chooses, they are different and interesting, a little obscure.  He, I am sure does this for a reason and dear Taylor should learn from this.  Taylor may have acted a good majority of his life but he needs to take a step back and look and see what the truly great actors of today have done.  Look at Johnny Depp who is a perfect example, aside from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which I believe I read that he does because of his kids, he has taken on roles that were interesting that he felt he could breath life into and become that character.         

Oh Johnny, he's definitely been one of my favorite actors for about 20 years and Tay could learn a lot from him

Any good actor will be able to do that.  There are a few actors out there that  are being touted as tremendously talented that I have seen only bring themselves to a part and then turn that part into a version of themselves instead of becoming the character.  

Taylor has a chance to learn while he’s young and not jaded or think he’s all that, to do this correctly and end up being that guy who wins the Golden Globes and gets the Oscar nods because he had the chance to define himself by doing the hard work.        

People outside of the Twilight circle (the people who matter in Hollywood) will never take him seriously unless he takes the time to learn his craft and dig into these roles.  I suppose it is too late for the Stretch Armstrong and Max Steele roles and I understand they are franchises but if I were him I would seriously consider cramming in as many indie films as I could in my down time, because sex appeal and likeability are only gonna take you so far unless you plan on running for political office and well then, I suppose He’s got that in the bag.      

Taylor looking quite "official" in his suit before the New Moon premier, all you need is a white smile, a pretty face and a good spin doctor for a life in politics sweet pea 🙂