The words we say

Have you ever had something to say and it just totally came out the wrong way? People don’t think about the impact that our words say often until it is far too late to take them back. Words can be used as a tool and a weapon,


Confucius said "Words are the voice of the heart."

 depending on the circumstance. Words can be a source of education and entertainment in books and magazine articles. They can be beautiful at times and come across showing love to the ones we care for. They can cut like a knife and be used to verbally abuse someone making them feel small and unworthy of love. Confucius said “Words are the voice of the heart.” As we all know the heart is a tricky thing causing us love, happiness and great pain at times.

I read somewhere that words differently arranged have a different meaning and meanings differently arranged have a different effect. After the other night I definitely would have to agree. I wrote a message to someone. I am fairly sure the message will hurt their feelings and/or offend them if it gets read. I am really not a mean person but sometimes (most of the time) my brain gets ahead of me and I speak without thinking about the impact of my words. I am usually to the point, which also gets me into trouble most of the time.


People don't think about the impact that our words say often until it is far too late to take them back

The other night I had enough; everyone around me was radiating negativity about things concerning this person and their life, so I guess I set out to just tell them what I thought. It really just started out as a note to let them know how upset and ashamed I was that people I knew acted the way they do, but somehow my words ended up seemingly having a completely different meaning and the sentiment of the whole letter changed just like that. As I wrote I got angrier and angrier at the situation and somehow I started adding things that had bugged me, although I don’t know why, I like this person just the way they are and have no business judging anyone, but still I had the audacity to do it. You know how you just get angry at everyone one else and go and take it out on the people who least deserve it, well this was the case and I said some pretty nasty stuff, so I want to publicly apologize to this person if they get a chance to read this. If they DO read this, hopefully they will understand I am really not the horrible person I came off as, in fact quite the opposite.

What I do want to say or the point that I am trying to make here is that the power of our words are greater than anything else in our lives, watch what we say and we should use them wisely.

Words are alive; cut them and they bleed ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

No man means all he says and yet very few say all they mean for words are slippery and thought is viscous ~ Henry Brooks Adams