Jensen Ackles Eye Candy

Here is the second 1/2 of the hottest brother duo currently on TV, Jensen plays super sexy Dean Winchester on Supernatural.  I have been a fan since he played Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives  😉


so gorgeous ❤


what’s up with all these hotties having the come fuck me stare???


so cute when he smiles 🙂


OMG, he’s rockin the sexy nerd…..


How I WISH I was that pen….


Lord help me…gah


Well, well, well…looks like he has a nice little present under that towel for us 😉


cold shower time

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  1. Super duper sexy, i will always admire and love him>>> U R My fire the 1 desire!!!!


    • I have been watching him since his Days of Our Lives days as Eric Brady and yeah he was adorable then and sex on a stick now 😉 I love Supernatural and watch him every week. Everyone gawks over Jared and YES he is sexy too but I still love Jensen better 🙂


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