My thoughts on everything from Life to Love and a few of my Guilty Pleasures ~


I want to apologize to any of my subscribers that have still hung around to read anything I have to say. I know it has been about 2 years since I posted anything and I really have no excuse 😦 I was ill for a while but it has mainly been out of depression and a total lack of interesting things to say.  I had several people SAY they wanted to be guest bloggers and when I told them how to contact me, they never responded so the site and ultimately you suffered.  I hope to get back to blogging in the near future but honestly it seems like my grandson who now lives with me dominates my computer watching his shows on Netflix, so finding time will be tricky. I hope you’ll stick with me just a bit longer until I can find a solution and get back to my writing. I like to think I have something valuable to add to the conversation that is life but then again that is all a matter of perception…..while you wait for me to get my shit together, feel free to read some of my older stuff in the life section or check out my Eye Candy section of super hotties 😉

So Welcome to my blogging site. I find in a world of video games, TV, surfing the web and texting that no one seems to have the time to read and write anymore.  I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to this stuff but I really try and take time out to both read and write because they are some of the things that I love and the things that are still important to me.  As I have said before, reading IS fundamental and I wish we could pound that into our children’s heads, but if WE don’t read ourselves what example are we setting for them? My site is broken down into several sections about Life, Love, Guilty Pleasures, Twilight (For some ungodly reason I was a fan once), Movies,  and more.  Each section has a tab with links to each post.  You will find blogs about all kinds of stuff just like it says.  I like to write about my take on just about everything.  I write about my views on life, love, sex and relationships which the latter can sometimes be shocking to some people because I do not hold any of my opinions back and I think you will find that is one thing throughout this site that has a common factor. If you have a problem with it you can voice your opinion in the comments, I will always try to answer.  I have blogs about different actors which you can consider my Guilty Pleasures and I have a Twilight section for the thoughts I had at the time as a fan and not so much of a fan of the lead actress.  My Misc. section has whatever crap that just doesn’t seem to have a home and I have recently added pages for Movies and Entertainment because I watch a lot of movies and TV while my health has been so crappy, so I don’t leave the house as much as I’d like to. I thought I might start to review some of my favorite shows soon and I also have a video page of my favorite videos, music and otherwise. I have a picture page which seems to be very popular these days called Eye Candy to display a variety of the extremely hot men that I would like to see A LOT more of 😉


 I like to pretend I can write so hopefully you will continue to read what I have to say no matter what your views are.  Some of these blogs I wrote years ago and had posted over at Facebook or Live Journal so you might see me refer to them as notes etc. It’s too much of a pain in my ass to go in and change each one and a lot of them are kind of outdated as well even though they say they were written more recently. I don’t know why that is but it is REALLY annoying.  You should always be able to find the newest post on the front page of the blog and for those of you that have repeatedly asked me about subscribing, it is in the sidebar.

I really hope people will feel comfortable to comment. I mean real comments not stupid spam ones because I have no time for that shit and those of you that find it too hard to take the two seconds it takes to sign up with an account, just know that your comment made it as far as my spam folder and honestly I don’t check it that often. So PLEASE use your real name (or some username), it’s not that hard or you can use your OpenID from most other blog sites.  When you come from some of these track back sites and comment with names like Viagra Users United or whatever, it’s hard to take your comments seriously. I really TRY and answer every comment if it is not spam but sometimes it takes me awhile. I love my readers so I will never flat-out  ignore you, even the total assholes, which I don’t love so much but are still entitled to their shitty opinions.

Peace, Love and Happiness to you and yours ~ Nan 🙂